What to Consider When Investing in Building an Amusement Park?

What matters should be taken into consideration when the investors decide to build their amusement parks? Beston will teach you that the answer is three matters: the funds, the site selection and the security. All the above three are indispensable.

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As for the funds of building the amusement park, there are two items to consider when investing in creating the amusement parks: the upfront investment fund and the later stage investment stage.

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1. Funds of the Initial Investment Include the Following Parts:

  • Site rental fee and simple decoration fee;
  • Funds of purchasing amusement park equipment;
  • Funds of advertising investment, ticket investment, member cards investment and so on;
  • Handling fee of business license and related business procedures;
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2. Funds of investment in the later stage:

  • Regular cleaning fee: do cleaning weekly or regularly
  • Maintenance fee of amusement park equipment: generally, a supplier will offer the after-sales service for a certain time. When purchasing the amusement park rides, you should make a contract of purchase and service to avoid some unnecessary trouble;
  • Funds of purchasing new theme park equipment: without introducing the new equipment, the feeling of freshness will be lost for customers and the flow of visitors will definitely decrease;
  • Funds of water and electricity, firefighting and maintenance: if you can afford, it is very necessary to install the camera in the site to manage easily and avoid stealing.

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Site Selection:

Take everything into consideration and think twice:

Location is primarily important;
Then the comprehensive consideration of the flow of people, people’s consumption capacity and so on; Except for the large or thrill amusement park equipment in amusement parks, the main equipment in most parks is small and medium size for children and the youth, such as the inflatable bouncy castles, carousel rides, water amusement equipment and so on. |The children’s amusement parks are often located in a housing estate, shopping malls, malls, or densely populated places.

  1. 1. Factors needing to consider when selecting the sites: Stream of People, Land Prices, Government Policy, Surrounding Environment, Citizen Needs, Competitor, the Funds (most important).
  2. Position the style of your park combining the facts of people flow and consumption level: theme park, children’s amusement parks, civils’ recreational playground and so on.
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Security must be the primary issue to be considered. Quality must be guaranteed to ensure the riders’ safety.

  • Amusement park equipment must be qualified.
    1. And maintain and check the equipment regularly. Amusement equipment in parks must conform to the safety and quality standard and tested before leaving the factory. It is forbidden to use the equipment which is under repair, unqualified, exceeding the service life, and free-inspection.
    2. Staff of management, maintenance and operation must be trained strictly and with certification. Before using the recreational facilities, it is necessary to be registered to the local and municipal quality and technical supervision and administration departments.
  • The emergency plans are indispensable, such as power failure, equipment failure and other unforeseen accident factors.
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Beston group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various amusement park equipment. Beston supplies different types of amusement park equipment, large and thrill amusement park rides, small and medium-sized kiddie and family rides, inflatables, water amusement rides, rides for shopping malls and playground.

All types of Beston amusement park equipment is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), which is excellent quality, environment friendly, corrosion resistance and long service life. It is also equipped with gorgeous lights, great music, updated cartoon figures, non-fading and durable painting. It can be customized not only on the colors but also on various models according to requirements of different customers.

Beston amusement rides can be applied to different amusement parks, theme parks, children’s parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, kindergarten, shopping malls, residential community, grocery stores etc.

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Main products in Beston group:

  1. Thrill rides and attraction: giant/big Pendulum/Frisbee rides, chair swing rides, pirate/Viking ship rides, UFO Disco rides, speed windmill rides, top spin rides, jump and smile rides, surfer up rides, rockin’ tug rides, frog hopper rides, Ferris ring car rides, roller coaster;
  2. Spinning rides for kids: carousel rides, bumper cars, swing rides, teacup rides, samba balloon rides, human gyroscope rides, rotary octopus rides, fight shark island, happy jellyfish rides, disco tagada rides, spray ball car rides, space walking rides, ocean walk rides, kangaroo jump rides;
  3. Jumping series: frog hopper rides, kangaroo hopper rides, kungfu panda rides;
  4. Carousel rides series: luxury/grand double-decker carousel rides, simple carousel rides, top-drive carousels, imitation top-drive carousels and the bottom-drive or under-drive carousels, mini carousel rides, Fiberglass Carousel, ocean/seahorse carousel rides, Christmas carousels, coin operated kiddie carousel rides;
  5. Train series: trackless trains, backyard track trains, miniature track trains, elephant train, ocean themed train, Christmas trains, party trains, mall trains, smiling face train, fiberglass trains, solid wood trains;
  6. Tourist Rides: trackless trains, ferris wheel, kiddie ferris wheel, double face ferris wheel, happy car rides, space walk rides;
  7. Self-Control Rotary Kiddie Rides: self-control rotary/spinning plane rides, Self Control Rotary Bee Rides, Kiddie Flying Elephant Rides, Flying Sheep and Bear Rides;
  8. Water park entertainment: water bike, pedal boat, bumper boat etc;
  9. Inflatable series: mechanical bull rides, inflatable bouncy castle, inflatable playground, inflatable slides, bounce house/jumping house, inflatable obstacle course, inflatable twister, inflatable pools, inflatable camping tent, inflatable wedding party tent.

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