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Where can I buy a waltzer for sale? It is a matter of some concern to most of the amusement investors. These investors mainly concern where and how to purchase a quality and suitable fairground rides or equipment for the amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds, and so on. Please check here to find what you are looking for!

Beston Rides is capable of manufacturing and supplying a large variety of fairground waltzer for sale for amusement and theme parks, funfairs, carnivals, outdoor and indoor playground and so on. You can choose to buy waltzers for sale from Beston company in China with the competitive price.

Waltzer Manufacturers

Beston Rides, as a professional manufacturer and supplier producing various funfair equipment for sale, has our own producing factory in China with an areas of more than 63000 square meters and has several workshops and our company is in Zhengzhou City, the heart of Henan Province, with convenient transportation and rapid development. And Beston offers high quality fairground rides with lower prices.

And the fairground equipment in Beston factory mainly includes waltzer fairground rides, twister fair ride, vintage fairground equipment, fairground carousel rides, fairground dodgem cars, octopus fairground rides, swing fairground rides, children’s fairground rides, pendulum fairground rides, chair o plane fairground ride and other types of fairground rides.

All fairground attraction is produced with fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and stainless steel conforming to national standard with superior quality. What’s more, Beston group takes pride in the high quality, unique design, attractive appearance, a great amount of varieties, covering thrilling rides and kiddie rides, environmental protection, easy transportation, corrosion resistance, competitive price and so on.

Fairground Waltzers Details:

Fairground Waltzer rides are the kind of mechanical rides that passengers can ride on and move with them to entertain passengers and create great enjoyment. It mainly refer to a kind of amusement park equipment that mainly used to celebrate the fair and are mainly applied to the fairgrounds (typically referring to a permanent place to host fair).

The main categories of the fair ground equipment are composed of flat rides, vertical rides and gravity rides. And as for many people, the fairground is now defined by the thrill and spectacle of the riding machines. In order to host the funfair successfully and make the fairground more spectacular and thrilling, choosing the high quality, attractive, unique appearance and interesting fairground equipment is of great importance. Therefore, a professional fairground rides supplier is vital to investors and customers.

How to find the best funfair rides supplier? Where you can buy the cheap waltzers for sale? You can consider the Beston Rides – the top manufacturer of various amusement park rides with the lower prices.

How to choose waltzer carousels for sale
Fairground Carousel Rides For Sale in Beston Rides

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Pendulum waltzers for sale

Pendulum fairground ride is also called Frisbee amusement ride or gravity carnival ride, and is a kind of pendulum thrill rides. And this pendulum amusement park rides mainly contain several parts: the main support, hanging device, pendulum rides, circular gondola and electrical system. Moveover, the game can swing back and forth, while the circular itself can spin around the vertical axis at a certain speed. The gondola can swing fairly high and the swing angle can reach to the 120° at most. Sometimes, you may feel you are flying in blue sky and can touch the cloud. Sometimes, you will feel you are almost falling down on the ground. It is very thrilling for everyone, especially the thrill seeker. Many people will be insisting on riding the spinning pendulum ride even though they are afraid of this extreme rides.

It can be classified into the top drive pendulum rides and bottom drive Frisbee rides according to the position of transmission system. As for the top-transmission Frisbee thrill rides, the electric motor where the power of transmission part is coming from is in the upper place of the swinging pendulum ride. So there is no big shake during the rotating process and the greatest ability can be brought into play, which means more thrilling, compared with the under-driven pendulum rides. However, as for the bottom driven rides, the electric motor is in the bottom and swinging power is coming from the friction. Thus, the swing angle is not too big and is also can be 60°. The obvious advantages of this entertainment are safer, widely recognized excellent stopping capacity and less expensive, which is suitable for small investment.

spinning pendulum fairground ride
spinning pendulum fairground ride

giant pendulum thrill ride
pendulum carnival ride

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Swing Waltzers For Sale

As the classic and the most welcomed thrill rides, the chair swing fairground ride is the variation of the carousel merry-go-round rides. It has a suspended chair on this fairground equipment, which can be flying in blue sky when it is spinning. With the development of more than 100 years, the categories and functions of this swing ride are almost beyond our imagination. It has some other popular names in the world: chair swing ride, swing carousel, wave swinger, yo-yo, Chair-O-Planes or swinger, flying chair. There are three main components of this chair ides, including the central supporting column, top umbrella roof and chain chairs. Also, some wave swinger fair rides can tilt when the top of the fairground ride is rotating, so we call it tilting or shaking head swing ride. Some can not tilt.

In BESTON, our factory can supply 10 seaters, 12 seaters, 16 seaters, 18 seaters, 24 seaters, 32 seaters, 36 seaters and other customized swing rides for people around the world. Manufactured with qualified FRP and stainless steel, our flying chair funfair rides can have high quality, environmental friendly, safe, corrosion resistance and lasting long. What’s more, our yo yo swing ride can have different themes according to different demands of our customers to satisfy all their requirements. You can check our website to know more details about our swing carousel rides and mini swing rides.

customized chair swing rides for sale
customized chair swing rides for sale

how much does carnival swing rides for sale
Swing Waltzers For Sale

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Beston Waltzers For Sale in the World

spinning tea cups ride for sale
Waltzer Rides For Sale
Fairground Waltzer Rides For Sale Project in Moldova

Beston Rides designed and provided the amusement park rides for this park which opened for business on June 1, 2021. In addition, there are various types of fairground park rides for sale in the park. Such as fairground chair swing ride, fairground teacup ride, mini Ferris wheel, and other fairground rides for sale.

Customer Review

We recently purchased a new roller coaster from Beston Rides and are extremely happy with the results of final effects.

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