Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

The Wacky Worm Roller Coaster is a popular and iconic family-friendly roller coaster found in many amusement parks around the world. The design can accommodate a large number of people, has rich themes, and can make customization with a unique appearance. It is suitable for children from 3-14 and parents. Despite its small size, it boasts high capacity, minimizing guest wait times and providing a fun and memorable experience that adds to the charm of any amusement park. If you want to buy wacky worm coaster, contact us for details!

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Popular Types of Worm Roller Coaster For Sale

If you want to buy a small roller coaster suitable for families, then the wacky worm coaster is a good choice. With its cute caterpillar car, bug-shaped body and green color, the caterpillar roller coaster is very popular among children. If you’re interested in acquiring a Wacky Worm roller coaster for your venue, reach out to us at Beston for sales inquiries and further information. Let us help you bring the joy and thrill of this beloved family-friendly ride to your amusement park or entertainment center!

Wacky Worm Roller Coaster
Customizable Worm Roller Coasters
Worm Roller Coaster Parameter
wacky worm coaster for sale
Wacky worm coaster for sale

Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

Beston Rides wacky worm coaster for sale is a delightful family-friendly attraction,  worm-themed cars traversing a track with gentle hills and turns. Designed with younger children in mind, this kiddie amusement ride provides a fun and exciting experience while maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment. Its colorful design and playful theme appeal to both children and parents, making it a popular choice for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and other venues catering to families. With its cheerful ambiance and thrilling yet accessible ride elements, the wacky worm roller coaster for sale promises hours of laughter and enjoyment for young adventurers and their families.

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Buy Fruit Worm Roller Coaster For Kids

Customizable Worm Roller Coasters

Beston provides customization options for our worm roller coasters, allowing operators to choose from a variety of colors, themes, and features to create a unique ride tailored to their park’s needs and preferences. Whether it’s through themed decorations, custom train designs, or interactive elements, customization allows for creativity and personalization. We can also design different animal themes for small roller coaster, such as horses, cows, dragons, etc., to bring you different experiences.

wacky worm coaster for sale
Wacky Worm Roller Coaster For Sale in Amusement Parks

Worm Roller Coaster Parameter

  • Voltage:380V
  • Power:20KW
  • Area size: 16m*25m
  • Track size: 140m
  • Track height: 2.78m
  • Area size: 25*16m
  • Equipment size: L23*W16*H3.5m
  • Cockpit: 4 cabins + front and rear
  • Crew: 20 people (10 adults + 10 children)

Worm Roller Coaster Running Video

The caterpillar roller coaster will have sound effects and music when running, and you can also choose. This is about Beston Rides’ caterpillar roller coaster test and case video. Compared with large roller coasters, the roller coaster caterpillar requires less investment and a faster payback cycle. Come and buy it for your business!

Beston Green Wacky Worm Roller Coaster In Nigeria
Slide Worm Mini Roller Coaster for Kids
Wacky Worm Roller Coaster Running Video – Beston Amusement

Advantages of Beston Rides Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

Beston Rides is a well-known amusement equipment manufacturer and park solution provider, and the Wacky Worm Roller Coaster is one of our classic best-selling products. Our wacky worms for sale have the advantages of high quality, customization, exquisite design, safety and reliability, and full service.

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Quality Assurance

Beston Rides provides high-quality amusement equipment and strictly controls and supervises product quality. The Wacky Worm Roller Coaster is designed and manufactured for safety, durability and reliability.

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Strict Production

Beston Rides adopts strict production processes and quality control measures to ensure that each Wacky Worm Roller Coaster meets high standards of manufacturing requirements. From material procurement to production and assembly, everything undergoes strict inspection and testing.


Beston Rides provides customization services to customers to customize the Wacky Worm Roller Coaster as per their needs and requirements. Customers can choose colors, themes, special features and more, making each device unique and a perfect match for the venue in which it is located.

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The Wacky Worm Roller Coaster has a beautifully designed appearance and uses high-quality painting technology to ensure bright and long-lasting colors, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Careful painting makes each device attractive and visually appealing.

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Our Wacky Worm Coaster features a high-quality LED lighting system to provide visual effects at night or in indoor venues. Lighting effects can be customized to enhance the ride experience and add visual appeal.

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All-round service

Beston Rides is committed to providing customers with a full range of services, tracking and supporting every aspect from equipment purchase to installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. Customers can purchase with confidence knowing they will receive complete support and assistance.

Where Worm Roller Coaster Can Be Used?

Worm roller coasters, such as the Wacky Worm Roller Coaster, are versatile attractions that can be used in various entertainment settings to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Here are some places where worm backyard roller coasters can be used in Amusement Parks, Family Entertainment Centers (FECs), Shopping Malls, Indoor Play Centers, Zoos and Aquariums, Carnivals and Fairs, Resorts and Hotels, Outdoor Events and Festivals.

Famous Cases of Caterpillar Roller Coaster

As a professional roller coaster rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has numerous cases of worm coasters for sale worldwide. Wacky worm coaster for sale could apply to many different scenes. The following are introduction of some global cases of Beston amusement park rides.

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Customer Feedback of Beston Roller Coaster

Family Roller Coaster Amusement Project in Тамбов, Russia


Upon receiving the inquiry on May 26, we engaged in detailed discussions with the customer regarding their personal investment project. The objective was to establish a recreational park primarily catering to the leisure needs of local residents, with a portion dedicated to generating revenue through amusement equipment. Following careful consideration of the client’s requirements and budget, we curated a selection of attractions including a small roller coaster, kiddie excavator, bumper cars, VR Games, and various other equipment.

Customer Review

We are very pleased with our work with the team. They understood our needs in a professional manner and provided practical solutions. They did an excellent job throughout the entire project and delivered results that exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with them in the future.

How Much Does Wacky Worm Roller Coaster Cost

The cost of a Wacky Worm roller coaster can vary significantly depending on several factors such as size, features, manufacturer, location, and additional customization. Generally, a new Wacky Worm roller coaster can range from $13,000 to $25,000 USD. However, this price range is approximate and can fluctuate based on specific requirements and market conditions. Additionally, factors such as shipping, installation, theming, and ongoing maintenance should be considered when determining the total cost of ownership for a Wacky Worm roller coaster. Contact us to get worm coaster ride price list!


Size and Scale

The size of the roller coaster caterpillar, including its track length, number of cars, and overall footprint, directly impacts its cost. Larger and more elaborate designs typically require more materials and engineering expertise, leading to higher prices.

Customization and Theming

Customization options such as themed elements, color schemes, and special features can significantly affect the cost of a Wacky Worm roller coaster. More elaborate theming and customization typically require additional design work, engineering, and materials, contributing to higher prices.

Manufacturer and Quality

Different caterpillar coaster manufacturers offer Wacky Worm roller coasters with varying levels of quality and reputation. Established manufacturers with a track record of reliability and safety may command higher prices for their products compared to lesser-known or lower-quality alternatives.

Location and Installation

The location where the wacky worm roller coaster will be installed can also influence its price. Factors such as shipping costs, import/export taxes, local regulations, site preparation, and installation labor can vary depending on the geographic location, affecting the overall cost of the roller coaster project.

Beston Rides– Reliable Wacky Worm Ride Manufacturer

Beston Rides is renowned as a reliable manufacturer of Wacky Worm rides. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, Beston Rides delivers high-quality amusement park attractions that prioritize safety, durability, and thrilling experiences. Our Worm Coaster is carefully built to ensure smooth operation and rider enjoyment. Wanna buy wacky worm roller coaster? Beston Ride is you good choice!

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Quality Construction

Beston Rides prioritizes quality in the construction of wacky worm coaster for sale. We use high-grade materials and employ advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that amusement rides are sturdy, durable, and built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in an amusement park environment. Moreover, by maintaining stringent quality control standards throughout the production process, Beston Rides delivers rides that meet or exceed industry safety regulations and provide riders with a safe and enjoyable experience.

Beston Professional Construction Team

Innovation and Customization

Beston Rides specializes in innovative ride designs and we are willing to customize our rides to meet the specific needs and preferences of amusement park operators. Whether it’s incorporating unique themed elements or adjusting ride dimensions to fit a specific space, Beston Rides works closely with clients to bring their vision to life. This total project control ensures that each Beston Rides Wacky Worm ride is unique and tailored to the requirements of the individual park.

Customer Support and Service

Beston Rides understands that purchasing and installing new rides is a significant investment for amusement park operators. Therefore, we provide our customers with comprehensive customer support and service every step of the way. From initial consultation and planning to installation, maintenance and more, Beston Rides’ expert team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth, worry-free experience for customers. Whether it’s technical assistance, spare parts supply or ongoing maintenance support, Beston Rides are willing to to providing excellent customer service and building lasting relationships with our customers.

Why Should You Buy Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

Buying a Wacky Worm Roller Coaster can be a wise choice for amusement park operators and venue owners. It helps to attract families, maximize space, and provide a thrilling yet accessible ride experience for their guests. Here are some reasons:

Family-Friendly Fun
The Wacky Worm Roller Coaster offers a thrilling yet safe ride experience suitable for riders of all ages. Thus it is an ideal attraction for families.
Compact Footprint
Its compact size makes it perfect for amusement parks and entertainment venues with limited space, allowing you to maximize your available area.
Easy Operation
Wacky Worm Roller Coasters are simple to operate, requiring minimal staffing and training, which can save on operational costs.
Low Maintenance
These roller coasters are known for their reliability and require minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring consistent operation.
Compared to larger roller coasters, Wacky Worm models are more affordable to purchase and install, making them a cost-effective investment.
High Throughput
Despite their size, Wacky Worm Roller Coasters often have high throughput capacities, allowing you to accommodate more guests and minimize wait times.
Theming Options
Customizable theming options allow you to tailor the roller coaster’s appearance to fit your park’s theme or branding, enhancing the overall guest experience.
Proven Popularity
With a long history of success in amusement parks worldwide, Wacky Worm Roller Coasters have a proven track record of attracting and entertaining guests, ensuring a return on investment.

Maintenance and Care for the Caterpillar Ride

Maintaining a Caterpillar ride involves regular inspections of its mechanical components, such as joints, bearings, and hydraulics, ensuring they’re properly lubricated and functioning. Regular cleaning of the ride’s exterior and inspection of safety features like seat belts are crucial. Routine servicing by qualified technicians helps prevent malfunctions and ensures rider safety.


Equipment Management: Operators should effectively manage, utilize, and maintain the equipment. They should be able to inspect, maintain, and troubleshoot the equipment, while daily maintenance and regular upkeep are the responsibility of the manager.

Daily Inspections: Before starting work each day, necessary inspections of equipment components must be carried out, including lubrication and correction of any abnormalities. You should run it at least twice before starting to make sure everything is working properly.
Regular Maintenance: Typically, maintenance should be carried out every three months, involving thorough cleaning, oil replacement, gap adjustments, replacement of vulnerable parts, and inspection of primary load-bearing components and welds for normality.
Motor Adjustment: As the equipment is used over time, screws on the motor may loosen or slip, affecting speed. Regular adjustments should be made to ensure proper functioning.
Site Cleanliness: Maintaining cleanliness of the site is crucial. If fiberglass shells accumulate dirt, they can be cleaned with soft cotton and a little detergent, followed by applying car wax for shine.
Inspection of Wheels and Tracks: Regularly inspect wheels and tracks to ensure they are intact, minimizing the risk of malfunctions due to wear and tear.
Safety Belt Inspection: Check the adjustability and effectiveness of safety belt buckles daily, ensuring they are intact and capable of withstanding a force of 6000N. Safety belts should be replaced annually to maintain safety standards.
Electrical Safety Inspection: Regularly check the electrical safety performance, including insulation resistance and ground resistance, ensuring compliance with safety standards to reduce the risk of electrical faults.

FAQ of Wacky Worm Roller Coaster For Sale

What is a Pendulum Ride?
Wacky Worm Roller Coaster also called caterpillar roller coaster, wacky worm ride and worm roller coaster.
The Wacky Worm roller coaster is a type of family-friendly, compact roller coaster known for its whimsical and colorful design. It typically features a train of worm-shaped cars that travel along a track with gentle hills, turns, and dips, providing a mild yet enjoyable thrill for riders of all ages, especially children and families. The ride experience is characterized by its smooth and gentle movements, making it suitable for younger or less adventurous riders. Wacky Worm roller coasters are popular attractions in amusement parks and are often themed with vibrant colors and playful elements to enhance the overall experience.
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Beston Wacky Worm Roller Coaster for Sale

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Beston Kiddie Roller Coaster – Wacky Worm

How much does a wacky worm roller coaster cost?

The cost of a Wacky Worm roller coaster can vary depending on several factors such as size, features, manufacturer, location, and customization options. Generally, a new Wacky Worm roller coaster can range from $13,000 to $25,000 USD. However, this price range is approximate and can fluctuate based on specific requirements and market conditions.

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Wacky Worm Roller Coaster For Sale in Indonesia

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What are the safety precautions for worm roller coasters?
Wacky Worm has many safety precautions. Such as height and age restrictions, secure restraints, regular safety checks, operator training, emergency stop systems, clear rider instructions, maintenance schedules, emergency evacuation procedures, and guest education. These measures collectively ensure the safety of riders during the coaster experience.
wacky worm roller coaster for sale
Quality Wacky Worm Roller Coaster for Sale

wacky worm small roller coasters for sale In Saudi Arabia
Buy Wacky Worm Mini Roller Coaster In Saudi Arabia

How to ensure safety during wacky worm roller coaster operation?

Restraint devices on worm roller coasters primarily utilize either leg presses or safety belts to secure riders during the ride. These mechanisms ensure that riders remain safely seated and restrained throughout the duration of the coaster experience.

fruit worm small roller coaster for sale In Saudi Arabia
Fruit Worm Kids Roller Coaster Rides In Saudi Arabia

fruit worm roller coaster for kids In Saudi Arabia
Popular Fruit Worm Roller Coaster for Kids In Saudi Arabia

How long is the production and installation cycle of Worm Coaster?

Generally, the production phase may take several months, typically ranging from 2 to 6 months or more, depending on the complexity of the ride and the manufacturer’s workload. Once the production completed, the installation process typically takes several weeks to a few weeks. It depends on factors such as the site preparation, transportation, assembly, testing, and regulatory inspections. Overall, from the start of production to the completion of installation, the entire cycle could span from 3 months to half year, depending on various factors.

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Fruit Worm Small Roller Coaster in Beston

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Beston Apple Worm Mini Roller Coaster Rides

Kiddie Amusement Rides For Sale in Beston Rides

If you’re looking for a wide range of kiddie amusement rides, Beston Rides is your one-stop solution. From thrilling roller coasters for sale to exhilarating drop towers, swing towers, and indoor playground equipment, we offer an extensive selection of attractions suitable for both adults and children. As a renowned amusement rides manufacturer, we prioritize safety, quality, and innovation in our products.

Whether you’re planning to build a new amusement park or looking to add exciting rides to your existing attractions, Beston Rides is your best choice. Contact us today to buy wacky worm roller coaster for sale and explore our diverse range of amusement equipment!

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