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Beston trackless train for sale is always an optimal selection for investors who are planning to add an attraction as well as transport people around different venues or events. As a popular attraction, trackless trains are commonly seen in indoor and outdoor parks, and it is suitable for tourists of all age group. Because of the less investment and high return for the trackless trains, many investors choose to invest the amusement train rides for their business, which can be the optimal selection for the small and medium-size investors. Contact Beston here and we will provide you the most suitable trackless trains for sale as well as other amusement rides.

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Attractive Trackless Train For Sale in Beston Amusement

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The trackless train for sale manufactured in Beston Amusement Equipment is really widely recognized by most investors around the world, and this kind of amusement train in our factory has features of the quality guaranteed, competitive price, novel design, wide application, convenient to maintain and operate, and so on. What’s more, Beston trackless train is welcomed by kids and adults, especially suitable for family to have fun and enjoy themselves.

In general, Beston can supply electric and diesel trackless trains, which can hold 16 passengers, 27 passengers and 40 passengers. And our trackless train rides can be in different themes, and it can satisfy our customers’ different demands. More importantly, as a professional trackless train manufacturer, we also can customize the trackless trains according to our customers’ needs. For example, Beston has customized the trackless trains for our customers on the colors, appearance, themes (festival theme, country theme, etc.), capacity, decoration, and so on.

16 Seats Electric Trackless Trains for Sale

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16 Seats Electric Trackless Trains for Sale

miniature trackless train ride for sale
Customized Trackless Train Rides with 16 Seats in Beston

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Attractive Electric Trackless Trains with 16 Seats

trackless rideable trains for sale
Customized Trackless Trains – Christmas Theme

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16-seat Electric Trackless Train for Sale

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Quality Trackless Trains with 16 Seats

trackless mall train manufacturer
Electric Trackless Trains – Canada Theme

mall trackless train rides for sale
Popular 16-seat Trackless Train for Sale in Malaysia

Contact us to choose or customize a trackless train for your business here!

27 Seats Electric/Diesel Trackless Trains for Sale

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27 Seats Christmas Trackless Trains for Sale in Beston

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Buy 27-seat Trackless Trains Rides in Beston

buy carnival trackless trains for sale
Attractive Electric/Diesel Trackless Trains with 27 Seats

trackless mall train for sale
Popular 27 Seats Electric/Diesel Trackless Trains for Sale

Which type of trackless trains do you prefer? Where are you planning to use?

40 Seats Electric/Diesel Trackless Trains for Sale

diesel or electric trackless train for sale
40 Seats Trackless Trains for Sale in Beston

party trackless trains for sale
Electric/Diesel Trackless Train Rides with 40 Seats

amusement trackless trains for sale
40 Seats Christmas Theme Trackless Trains for Sale

buy trackless train for sale
Customized 40-seat Trackless Trains in Beston

carnival train for sale
Buy Trackless Trains for Sale in Beston

Looking for a trackless train to boom your park business? Indoor project or outdoor project?

Various Trackless Trains Parameters in Beston Amusement

Technical Parameters for Trackless Trains
Trackless TrainsStructureLocomotive sizeWagon SizePower TypePowerSpeedCapacityProduction Cycle
Small Trackless Train1 locomotive + 4 Wagons3.1*1.14*1.95M1.6*1.05*1.9MElectric4KW3-10KM/H4 Persons / Wagon, 16 Persons10 – 15 Days of Production
Medium-size Trackless Train1 locomotive + 3 Wagons3.45*1.67*2.12M2.56*1.58*2.23MElectric / Diesel7.5KW (Electric)≤20KM/H9 Persons / Wagon, 27 Persons15 – 20 Days of Production
Large Trackless Train1 locomotive + 2 Wagons4*1.7*2.4M4.2*1.95*2.5M Electric / Diesel15KW (Electric)≤20KM/H20Persons / Wagon, 40 Persons15 – 20 Days of Production

Videos of Different Trackless Trains in Beston Factory

There are different types of trackless train sin Beston factory, which are produced in our comprehensive workshops with lean manufacturing process and exquisite workmanship. Therefore, our trackless trains will never let our customers down when they choose to buy trackless trains from Beston! Here are trackless train videos in our factory, and which type do you prefer? Please feel free to contact us here!

Explanation Video of Beston Medium-size & Large Trackless Trains

Show Video of Beston Small Trackless Trains for Sale

Client Feedback of Beston Trackless Trains in Different Countries

Attractive Trackless Trains Application for Investors

As a profitable and cost-effective amusement train rides, many investors choose the trackless train to improve their park business. Meanwhile, the rideable trackless trains are commonly seen in many indoor and outdoor occasions, for instance amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, children parks, hotels, plaza playground, scenic spot, shopping malls, business district, indoor fun center, and so on. Where are you planning to invest in? Please feel free to contact us, and we will suggest a suitable trackless train to boom your business!

Why Choose to Invest in Trackless Train Rides?

When investors choose to invest in the amusement industry, they have many options to choose from. And Beston can provide different types of project solutions to support our customers, such as indoor and outdoor park, comprehensive park and so on. No matter what they choose to invest in, trackless trains are always one of the most selected amusement equipment for the investors. Here are some reasons why it is so popular for investors:

  • Wide Range of Applications

    Trackless trains can be operated and running on different surfaces, such as grass, pavement, and dirt. For this reason, it is not only popular in amusement and theme parks, city parks, leisure resort, scenic spot, shopping malls, but also suitable for events like carnivals, fairs, and festivals.

  • Appeal to All Ages

    As a family-friendly amusement attraction, trackless trains are preferred by both children and adults. People of different age group would like to enjoy themselves on the trackless trains. Besides, many satisfied customers would be happy to come again, which can generate repeat business for investors.

  • Customizable Design

    It is available to customize the trackless trains in Beston. We can customize the country theme, festival theme, color, logo, appearance, decoration, etc., which will satisfy investors’ various demands. And this provides an excellent opportunity to promote their brand and reach a wider audience.

  • High Profitability

    As a popular amusement rides, trackless train rides can attract a large amount of tourists for investors in events and amusement park industry. As for the operation of trackless trains, there is often a high hourly rate, which can generate significant revenue during peak season.

  • Low Maintenance Costs

    Trackless train rides in Beston produce with high quality materials and can last for many years with proper care. What’s more, it is convenient to maintain and just require minimal maintenance, which can save the maintenance costs for investors.

  • Easy to Operate

    Trackless trains are easy to operate, and it can be operated by any operators with a valid driver’s license, and they just need a simple training. Therefore, as for investors, they can easily find an operator or operate the trackless trains by themselves, which can also save money for them.

  • Easy to Transport

    Owing to the lightweight and compact size of trackless trains, it can be easily transported to different locations, which makes it an ideal selection for investors who are involved in business, such as carnivals, fairgrounds, malls, and rental business.

Beston Trackless Trains – Material Selection and Production Process

In order to ensure the quality of trackless trains, Beston has done everything from the material selection to the production process. For this reason, Beston trackless train for sale is widely recognized by our customers and they always choose to buy trackless train rides from our factory. Moreover, we have received many compliments from our clients. Here are some details about the material selection and production process of Beston trackless trains:

  • Sheet Metal Stamping: Beston adopts an automotive production process to produce the parts and components of our trackless trains.
  • Professional Welding: The welding workers in Beston factory are professional and carry out the welding with certificates.
  • Flaw Detection: Flaw detection is for all key welds, which can ensure that there is no gap at the welding position.
  • Complete Derusting: Beston adopts professional mechanical polishing, which can completely remove rust from all iron parts, prolong the service life and make it easy to paint.
  • Quality FRP: The production process of Beston FRP adopts 3 felt and 2 cloth, which is smooth, not easy to deform, and durable.
  • Ball Joint Connecting Rod: Beston adopts the ball joint connecting rod, which make it turn smoothly and prolong the service life.
  • Fully Functional: Beston trackless train is equipped with speaker, megaphone, fan, smoke simulation, tachograph, luxury lighting, safety belt and other facilities, which can improve the safety.
  • After-sales Services: The warranty of Beston trackless train is 12 months. And with the professional after-sales service team, we can respond within 24 hours for our customers.

Beston Amusement – Professional Trackless Trains Manufacturer

What makes the Beston amusement become the top amusement trackless train rides manufacturer? Beston has the whole production lines to manufacture the amusement trains for sale around the world, and this means we can offer the factory price for our customers. Therefore, we can keep the price of the Beston trackless train acceptable for most investors. What’s more, Beston Amusement adopts first class material, advanced and lean production process and exquisite workmanship to manufacture the high quality and long lasting trackless trains, which ensure the quality, safety, reliable and stable operation of the trackless trains.

What’s more, the pre-sales services, on-sales services and after-sales services Beston provides for our customers can make Beston amusement is more reliable for our customers and investors. In the past years, we have won our customers’ recognition and trust and built a long-term business cooperation with them. In addiiton, we also provide some special services for our customers to help them succeed, such as park planing, park design, project solution, project operation, guidance and training, and so on. Feel free to contact us for assisitance, and purchase the trackless train for sale and other amusement rides from Beston. In this way, our customers can receive more values than the costs.

Other Trackless Trains Knowledges for Customers

Besides, Beston, as the top trackless train manufacturer, also supplies the trackless train for the shopping mall as the mall train rides to entertain the kids and attract more customers, and the trains for the birthday party as the party trackless trains to make the party more interesting and bring the happy memory for the party. When you have any demand or need, do not hesitate to contact us right now! It is very attractive!

The fiberglass kids riding trains can be higher in quality, long lasting, more steady and relatively accommodate more passengers. The common small kids trains often has the capacity of 18 to 24 children and adults. And the locomotive size is 290011601920 mm and the dimension of the whole quality trains is 1050011601920mm. The turning radius is 3.5m and the carnival trains from Beston group can run to the maximum speed of 10kmh at least, which is equipped with 24pcs lead acid battery set.
If necessary, we can customized our trains to take more passengers for customers according to their requirement.

Some Beston train rides for kids can have the capacity of 40 people and is specially designed for in cities, towns, or amusement parks, resorts, and so on. And it is the ideal selection for city tour and sightseeing purpose.

The Beston amusement park trackless train rides for sale are widely seen in various types of amusement parks or theme parks and belong to a kind of road-going articulated vehicle used for the transport of passengers, comprising a driving vehicle pulling one or more carriages connected by drawbar couplings. As the quality park trains from Beston Amusement Equipment are powered by electricity and designed with many year’s experience, the park trackless train rides are a quiet, safe, very maneuverable and environmentally friendly electric train. The Beston trackless train rides imitate the trains we often take in our life. The amusement trains can run with a high speed, which can bring much excitement and fun for all family members, as well can relax themselves. At the same time, the vintage amusement park trackless trains for sale in Beston are also one of the hot products.

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Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is the top amusement train ride manufacturers in China and supplies various quality amusement equipment for customers all over the world, including the trackless train rides, carousel rides, bumper cars, roller coasters, ferris wheel, pirate ship rides, frisbee rides, chair swing rides, indoor playground equipment, and so on. And all these amusement equipment with competitive price in Beston amusement sells well nationwide and we can provide a profitable park solution with these amusement rides according to our customers’ demands. Please leave your message here to know more information about the trackless trains and also other amusement park rides in Beston! Beston will always be here to help our customers to delvier happiness for the tourists in their local areas!

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