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In the amusement industry, all types of amusement and theme park rides are always attracting many visitors to the parks and theme park rides for sale are the quite popular kind of park rides for visitors. The rides are widely loved by many people all around the world.

Visitors are familiar with various theme park ride names, such as ferris wheels, frisbee rides, flying swing rides, roller coaster, carousel rides, bumper cars, and some other thrill rides, kiddie and family rides. As for a good amusement park, there should be a wide variety of quality and interesting theme park rides for visitors to enjoy themselves and experience the unique thrilling feelings. These rides can be from thrilling roller coasters to mild kid-friendly park rides.

Popular Theme Park Rides For Sale in Beston

Beston Rides, the leader and expert in manufacturing all types of amusement park rides, can supply all types of theme park rides for sale, which have many advantages, such as unique design, innovative appearance, high quality, low maintenance, easy operation, safety and security, long service life and so on. Besides, as some theme parks want to feature some of their rides, Beston Rides also provides our customers various customized theme park rides. When you are looking for some theme park rides for sale for your parks, please choose Beston and we will offer you the ideal park rides you want. Contact us!

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Thrill Theme Park Rides For Sale

Thrilling theme park rides are the super exciting rides that make you feel like you’re on an adventure. These rides are mainly for older kids and grown-ups who want to have a lot of fun. Some of the popular exciting rides include roller coasters, drop towers, swings that go back and forth, and others. Thrilling rides for sale are important in a theme park because they make you feel like you’re on an exciting adventure. Many visitors want to visit the same theme parks many times for this reason.

Roller Coasters For Sale

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Chair Swing Rides For Sale

Pendulum Rides For Sale

Pirate Ship Ride For Sale

Children Theme Park Rides

Children theme park rides are specifically designed for younger visitors, typically aged 12 and under. These rides prioritize safety and gentle experiences to cater to a family-friendly atmosphere. Children’s rides often feature vibrant and playful themes to capture the imagination of young riders. Common examples of children’s fairground rides include: carosuel, mini roller coaster, mini ferris wheel and so on. You could enjoys a lovly time with your family in amusement park.

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Carousel Rides For sale

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Spinning Theme Park Rides

Spinning theme park rides are like a whirlwind of adventure! They’re all about making you feel dizzy in the most exciting way. These rides are for everyone, from kids to grown-ups, and they mix the perfect blend of fun and thrills. Check out some of these spinning rides: carouel rides, swing chair rides, swing tower rides, and so on. Spinning theme park rides for sale could bring so much fun for visitors and benefits for park owner.

UFO Disco Rides For Sale

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Spinning Teacup Rides For Sale

Spinning Teacup Rides For Sale

Double Decker Carousel Rides For Sale

Double Decker Merry Go Round For sale

Classic Theme Park Rides For Sale

Classic theme park rides encompass traditional and vintage amusement attractions that have remained popular for many years and are frequently encountered at fairs, carnivals, and amusement parks. These timeless fairground rides hold universal appeal, catering to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. They are a fundamental and cherished component of the amusement park and fair experience, providing enjoyment and entertainment for a diverse audience.

Ferris wheel carnival amusement rides for sale

Carnival Ferris Wheel For Sale

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Beston Theme Park Rides For Sale Videos

Beston Rides offer a wide range of well-designed and high quality theme park rides. Our extensive product line covers rides for all ages and preferences, whether you are building a new theme park or need to update your existing equipment, our amusemnet theme rides will meet your needs. We provide thrill, children, spin and other categories. Choose us and we will provide you with the most professional services and high-quality equipment!

Our customers are all over the world, and our key markets include the CIS, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc., especially Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. We have successful cases that can help you with theme park rides selection, site planning, and operations, etc. We can replicate successful experiences to help you make your investment successful.

Beston Thrilling Park Project in Algeria
Delivery of Tambov Park Project in Russia
Amusement Project in Ecuador – Cooperation Process in Beston
Beston Fairground Carousel Rides Project in Russia

Theme Rides Feedback and Reviews

Beston Rides has received numerous positive customer feedback and reviews. This recognition of our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction is a testament to your excellence in the industry. Our track record in delivering high-quality amusement rides, along with your experience in park projects and exceptional service and support, solidifies your reputation as a trusted and reliable provider. Customers seeking theme park rides for sale can have confidence in our rides.

Double-decker theme park carosuel for sale
68 Seats Double Decker Carousel Order

In March 2023, we successfully installed a Russian double-decker wedding carousel at Friendship Park in Baku, Volgograd. This installation generated an inquiry from a customer interested in purchasing a grand merry-go-round ride in Russia. After considering their options, the customer decided to buy the large double-decker carousel, seeing its potential for the park’s future development. Additionally, they made a repeat purchase of a 360-degree pendulum ride.

Customer Review

We are very satisfied with Beston Rides’ products and service. They installed a Russian double-decker carousel in 2023 for us in Friendship Park in Volgograd, which was a very successful project. Recently, we purchased their 360 degree pendulum play equipment again.

Beston Theme Park Project in Chile
Chilean Comprehensive Theme Park Project

In March 2023, we received an inquiry from our client in Chile. They had a vision to transform 3,000 square meters of unused space into a year-round amusement park that could compete successfully with nearby rivals just one kilometer away. Beston Rides stepped up to the challenge by offering swift and effective solutions. We take pride in being a part of this exciting venture and deliver a successful theme park experience.

Customer Review

We started operating the project in September 2023 and attracted many tourists. With the support of Theme Park Rides, our client’s year-round theme park is ready to welcome guests. Thanks to Beston Rides’ prompt response, competitive analysis, unique design and product quality.

ROI Analysis of Beston Theme Rides

If you’re planning to build a theme park and purchase theme rides, the table below clearly shows the potential for significant returns for investors in a 6000m² suburban park. What’s even more impressive is that the estimated time for a return on investment is just one year, and investors can start earning a steady profit from their business in the very first year. This data strongly supports the idea of investing in fairground rides for your park. Beston Rides is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your theme park project is a success. Don’t hesitate to take this exciting opportunity for your business venture.

Profit Analysis - 6000м² Suburban Park Design
Charging ModeSingle chargeOperation Age8
Project OverviewSite OverviewSite Area
Site Rent
Effective Yearly Running Time (Day)Average Daily Running Time
(Hours / Day)
Average Consumption
Equipment OverviewAmusement Rides Number
Rated Capacity
Fully loaded Capacity
Power Consumption
Electricity Fees
Passenger Flow AnalysisWeekday Passenger Flow
(Person-time / Day)
Passenger Flow on Rest Days
(Person-time / Day)
Average Daily Passenger Flow
(Person-time / Day)
Staff Number
Average Wage
Operational CostsEquipment Investment
Personnel Salary
Electricity Bills
Publicity Expenses
Infrastructure Cost
Total Project Revenue3240000Total Fixed Cost1500000Total Operating Cost646400
Theoretical Limit Value
Peak Load
(Person-time / Day)
5120Maximum Daily Revenue (RMB)179200
Revenue AnalysisAverage Monthly Net Revenue200508.33333333Average Annual Net Revenue2406100Estimated Time of Return on Investment (Month)6.940160394818
Net Revenue of First Year

Tip: The table is theoretical calculation data for reference only. The specific operating budget varies according to the site location, facilities and operating costs.

6 Key Tips For Your Theme Park Design

By following these six points, you can create a theme park with captivating and safe theme park rides that meet your budget and provide a memorable, immersive, and sustainable experience for your riders. Beston Rides professional assistance can be invaluable in achieving your vision. If you want to buy any kinds of amusement park rides, don’t be hesitate to to our know your needs!

Budget Consideration
Your budget is the fundamental starting point for any theme park ride design. Determine your budget constraints as it will greatly influence the scale and complexity of your project, including the selection and installation of theme park rides.Beston Rides could make customization of theme park rides for sale according to your needs and budget. Thus, budget planning is an important thing of buying theme park rides.
Target Market Research
Target market research for theme parks is crucial for understanding and catering to preferences of potential visitors. This research involves identifying the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the visitors, including age, family size, income level and interests. By analyzing market data, theme park operators can determine which types of rides, attractions, and experiences would most appeal to their target audience.
Effective Way-finding
Navigating a theme park should be intuitive and hassle-free for riders. Thoughtfully design pathways, signage, and maps to help riders find their way around to different theme park rides. Additionally, consider implementing transportation options, such as amusement trains or trams, to make it easier for riders to move between different areas of your park.
Customization for Uniqueness
To stand out in the highly competitive theme park ride industry, aim for customized and unique theme park ride designs. Work with experienced professionals like Beston, who can tailor the park’s layout, attractions, and theme to match your budget, location, and target audience. A unique design will set your park apart and leave a lasting impression on riders.
Safety and Compliance
Prioritize safety in your theme park ride design. Ensure that all theme park rides adhere to industry safety standards and regulations. Work closely with engineers and safety experts to guarantee that your theme park provides a secure environment for riders. Beston theme park rides compliy with relevant amuement rides manufacturing standards, and we can also issue relevant certificates and testing certificates to ensure the quality of your equipment.
Sustainable and Eco-friendly Practices
In today’s world, environmental sustainability is a key concern. Consider implementing eco-friendly practices in your theme park ride design. This could include energy-efficient lighting, waste reduction programs, and green landscaping around the theme park rides. Not only does this benefit the environment, but it can also be a unique selling point for your park. Beston could help you do with theme park design and theme rides design, contact us now!

Beston Reliable Theme Park Equipment Manufacturer

Beston Rides is a well-known amusement rides company that makes theme park rides. We are known for creating exciting and fun rides for people of all ages. Moreover, our design team is creative and makes rides that look great and are a lot of fun to ride. Beston follows international safety rules to keep riders safe, and we have a good reputation for their work. In all, Beston Amsuement Rides offer a range of services to help theme parks, from designing rides to installation.

buy theme park rides in your park
Innovative Design
Beston Rides design team comprises creative experts who stay at the forefront of industry trends. We could create visually captivating and thrilling theme park rides that cater to a wide range of preferences, from classic family-friendly attractions to heart-pounding thrill rides. Such as unique cartoon spraying and unique cockpit design. Beston often incorporates colorful and eye-catching cartoon-themed artwork in the design of their rides. These designs add a playful and whimsical element to the theme park equipment for sale, making it visually appealing to both children and adults.
Factory Production
High-Quality Materials
The use of high-quality materials like steel and fiberglass in the construction of theme park rides is a common and essential practice, ensuring the durability and safety of the theme park equipment. The combination of steel and fiberglass in theme park ride construction strikes a balance between structural integrity and design flexibility. This approach ensures that the rides are not only durable and safe but also visually appealing and capable of providing an immersive experience for riders. Additionally, the selection of materials should adhere to safety standards to guarantee the well-being of guests.
Beston Leading Cutting Technology
Production Technology
In terms of technology involved, Beston employs various advanced techniques in the production of their theme park equipment:
Computer-Aided Design (CAD):CAD technology allows for precise and detailed design work, ensuring that the equipment is both visually appealing and structurally sound.
LED Lighting and Audio Systems: Beston often integrates LED lighting and audio systems into their rides to enhance the sensory experience for riders. These systems can create a dynamic and immersive atmosphere.
How to find a reliable carnival amusement rides manufacturer
International Standards
Regarding international standards, Beston’s production complies with various safety and quality standards, including but not limited to:ASTM F24 Standard, CE Marking, TUV Certification, ISO 9001 and so on. The specific standards that Beston production complies with may vary depending on the type of theme park rides for sale and the intended market, but we prioritize the highest safety and quality standards to ensure the well-being of riders, conivence of park owner and the reliability of our theme park equipment. We could offer relevant cetificate of theme park rides for our customers.
Beston Professional Construction Team
Experienced Manufacturer
With a history of successful projects and a global presence, Beston has earned a reputation for reliability. Our experience spans the design, production, and installation of various theme park equipment, making us a trusted partner in the industry. We have already cooperate with many local government and investors to build many theme park rides for booming the theme park or attract visitors. There are more than 500+ park project of Beston Rides all over the world. Thus, Beston Rides is a reliable and trustworthy theme park amusement rides manufacturer for you to choose.
Comprehensive Service
Beston offers end-to-end services, including design consultation, rides manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and responsive after-sales support. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the theme park equipment functions optimally throughout its lifespan. Beston understands that every client’s needs are unique. We tailor to match the client’s specific requirements, budget constraints, and theme park design, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience. This end-to-end service commitment enhances the safety, reliability, and long-term success of theme park operations.
Comprehensive Park Design Plan

Buying Beston Theme Park Rides

Best Way to Elevate Your Theme Park and Business

We provide customers with high-quality theme park equipment choices, and we will also recommend the most profitable theme park rides for sale combinations and related designs based on the customer’s actual situation, which can ensure that your theme park can attract more tourists and allow customers to visit multiple times. We can also make relevant recommendations and designs for different commercial areas, resorts, carnivals and other activities to maximize your benefits. We look forward to working with you to create successful rides and park cases. Contact us now!

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