Chilean Comprehensive Project Design Plan

Chilean Comprehensive Project: Make Spare Space into a Year-Round Amusement Park

In March 2023, Beston Rides received an inquiry from our Chilean client who wanted to transform 3,000 square meters of unused space to create a year-round amusement park capable of outperforming its competitors located just one kilometer away. Beston Rides provides timely solutions, conducts competitive analysis, delivers unique designs and ensures amusement rides quality, ultimately … Read more

amusement park rides to buy in Ecuador

Amusement Project in Ecuador – Cooperation Process

Here comes good news! An attractive outdoor amusement park project with various Beston amusement rides has been installed in Ecuador. Until now, the amusement park project has been opened for business for more than half a year. Moreover, the project has brought them considerable and satisfactory profits. During the progress of this cooperation, our customer … Read more

carousel merry go round for sale

Customized Trackless Train and Grand Carousel Ride in Guyana

Congratulations to our customers in Guyana! The 24-seat top-driven carousel ride has been installed successfully and opened for business in the parks for about two months. The carousel ride works well and customer felt very satisfied with our quality products and excellent services. Please check here to contact us for more details about the carousel … Read more