1000m2 Children Entertainment Center For Sale In Kazakhstan

1000m2 Children’s Entertainment Center In Kazakhstan

1000m2 Children’s Entertainment Center In Kazakhstan Congratulations! Our 1000 square meter forest theme indoor playground equipment for sale in Kazakhstan has already put into operation! We contacted the customer in January 2023, and the project has been in operation for several months now. Here are some product details of our cooperation process. Do you want … Read more

octopus ride for sale for kids

Perfect For Kids: Children Octopus Rides For Sale in Kazakhstan

Warmly celebrate the successful installation of the rotating giant octopus amusement ride for sale in Uzbekistan. We received an inquiry from a customer in February 2023. The customer wanted to purchase rotating octopus rides for kids. After communicating with the customer about his specific needs, the customer was very satisfied with our design and service. … Read more

Face-to-Face Communication on Exhibition

Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride For Sale to Belarus

Good News! Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride has successfully landed in Belarus Amusement Park. We contacted the customer at the RAAPA EXPO -2023 exhibition in Russia. Due to the high local popularity and many park cases in the CIS, the customer was familiar with our brand and had face-to-face communication with us at the exhibition. After the … Read more

clown trackless trains for sale in Uzbekistan

Clown Trackless Train for Sale in Uzbekistan

An attractive clown theme trackless train has been tested and delivered to our customers in Uzbekistan, and it will arrive to them soon. The whole trackless trains have attractive appearance and can hold 18 tourists in the parks or. Customer in Uzbekistan felt very satisfied with the design and the product quality. What’s more, the … Read more

indoor soft play equipment for sale

Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Equipment in Uzbekistan

Good news for our customers in Uzbekistan! The ocean theme indoor playground he ordered from Beston amusement has finished the production in our factory and shipped to our customer. He can start to install the indoor soft playground equipment soon. Our customer felt satisfied with the design of this indoor playground equipment which is provided … Read more

PARK SOLUTION OF Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan

Forest Theme Indoor Soft Playground in Uzbekistan

In April, our customer in Uzbekistan bought a new 1000 square meters forest theme indoor soft play equipment from our company for his investment in shopping mall. And the indoor soft play equipment was designed by our professional design team according to the landing situation, budget, customers’ requirements and so on. After many modifications and … Read more

buy a 65m ferris wheel at lower price from Beston

65M Giant Ferris Wheel Installed in Kazakhstan

Beston has installed a 65 meters giant ferris wheel in Astana, Kazakhstan in December. From the photos below, you can see the effect of the 65 meters ferris wheel in the park in Kazakhstan, which is designed by Beston. And it has passed almost three years since it is installed in the park and until … Read more

indoor soft playground for sale

A New Project – Indoor Fun Center in Uzbekistan

The new project of Beston amusement is in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and there is a total area of about 1500 square meters. It includes a series of popular indoor amusement rides from Beston factory in this indoor fun center. The installation will be finished in July 2022. After the installation, the indoor fun center can be … Read more