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Chair Swing Ride

With premium quality, attractive appearance, unique design and thrilling experience, Beston chair swing rides are preferred by many investors in amusement industry. And investors can purchase and install the swing rides in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, outdoor playground and so on. When searching for flying chair rides, Beston amusement with mature manufacturing experience and customized service will be your optimal selection. Contact us here to buy chair swing ride for sale from Beston to skyrocket your investment.

Choose the Suitable Chair Swing Ride for Park Business

As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer with nearly 20 years of history, Beston has manufactured and supplied chair swing rides with 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats and 36 seats. Beston offers chair swing rides with various themes, different colors, capacities and height. Besides, in order to meet the diversified needs of our customers, we never stop to innovating the product design, and now can customize the swing ride on the color, lights, seats, height, appearance, themes, and so on. Therefore, if you have a demand for flying chair rides, please feel free to contact Beston and we will response you instantly!

36 Seats
24/32 Seats
16/12 Seats
Dinosaur Theme
Fruit Theme
Cartoon Theme
Customized Swing Ride

36 Seats Swing Ride

As the most welcomed swing ride in Beston, we supply different types of swing carousel ride with 36 flying chairs. The equipment height of this chair swing ride is 8.6 meters. And when it is spinning, the top umbrella roof can be lifted from 8.m to 10.2 meters. The swing diameter is 13 meters, and the inclination angle can be 13° when it is shaking head. For this reason, it is also called shaking-head swing chair ride. Owing to the rising, spinning and tilting, passengers on the 36-seats chair swing ride can experience the extremely thrilling feelings that they never experience.

The 36 seats chair swing rides are produced in Beston factory with quality materials (steel, FRP, etc.), advanced technology (welding, cutting, painting, derusting, flaw detection, etc.). Besides, the quality service and support we supply also can increase the customers’ trust in us. Many customers choose Beston after making a comparison with other chair swing ride manufacturers and suppliers. We can make your business easier. Just contact us here and we will provide you quality thrill rides from our factory.

24/32 Seats Chair Swing Ride for Sale

24 or 32 seats chair swing rides can not only hold plenty of passengers at a time, but also cover relatively smaller areas, which can bring a thrilling and exciting ridding experience. When it starts to spin, the top roof of flying chair rides can rise to a certain height. For example, 24-seat swing ride can rise from 5.5 m to 7 m, and 32 seats can rise from 7 meters to 8.6 meters. After being lifted to a certain height, the chairs began to spin slowly and then speed up to a certain speed. At the same time, the top roof can tilt and the inclination angle is 6° or 13°.

As a big swing chair ride, it is more suitable for teenagers and adults and widely seen in large amusement and theme parks. Accordingly, investors who are planning to build a large park will contact us to purchase this swing ride. Sometimes, it is installed in the entrance to attract more visitors for the park, which means more profits. What’s more, it will be more beautiful and attractive when it is operating in the night because of the glorious, splendid and brilliant lights. Contact Beston to obtain a suitable chair swing ride for your park.

Kiddie Swing Ride for Sale

We also create 16 seats kiddie chair swing rides specifically for children, which will attract more kids with their childlike outlook and smooth operation mode. Accordingly, the style of our kid swing rides consists of many different styles, such as romantic sky, fruit style and dinosaur style flying chair rides. Moreover, we design the cockpits of different spinning chair rides for kids in different themes, which also helps to create a joyful atmosphere. It can just spin when it is working. And the swing diameter is 8 m and height is 4.5 m, so the safety can be guaranteed, and it is just a little thrilling for kids. Investors can feel assured to choose it.
Beston 12 seats mini swing rides are mainly designed for kids, so it is designed with attractive cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, clown, fruit and so on. As for this mini swing chair ride, the swing diameter is 6 meters and the height is 3 meters, so kids riding on small flying chair ride can feel very safe. What’s more, it is popular in children’s parks, kids family entertainment centers, indoor fun center, outdoor playground, etc. With affordable price, small investors can buy kiddie amusement rides to improve their business.

16 seats Dinosaur Theme fun fair swing ride for kids

Dinosaur Theme Swing Chair Ride

If you want to buy a customized roller coaster, you’ll need to work closely with a reputable amusement ride manufacturer that specializes in creating custom rides. Moreover, Beston Rides roller coaster manufacturers have experience in designing and building unique roller coasters to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We will create a conceptual design based on your specifications. This may include 3D renderings, layout plans, and other visual representations of the proposed roller coaster. Besides, if you have any needs of customization, contact us immediately!

Fruit Flying Chair Ride

Beston also produces fruit flying chair rides with 16 watermelon-shaped chairs. Along with beautiful music, children sitting in the chair with safety belt will spin and fly freely. Because of small footprint, investors can choose more amusement rides and then it can play the role of attracting passenger flow. Do not hesitate to purchase this attractive kiddie rides.
Another fruit swing rides for sale has different designs. This beautiful kiddie swing ride has an attractive appearance: the top umbrella is just like a starry sky, the supporting column is decorated with stars and the chairs are watermelon-shape. Each chair can hold one passenger, so the maximum is 16 kids. Many investors choose to invest in their suburban parks, city park, kids park, leisure resort, public square, indoor and outdoor playground, etc.

Cartoon Mini Swing Ride

Beston Rides provides various types of swing chair rides for different cartoon themes including Mickey Mouse, Clown and so on. Mickey Mouse swing ride for kids can hold 12 kids, which is popular among kids. As the mascot of the Walt Disney Company, Mickey Mouse is loved and received by most kids. Children sitting and swinging with the chairs will enjoy themselves and have a fun time in the indoor and outdoor parks.
Whats’ more, The clown theme mini flying chair ride can entertain kids in parks and fun centers. The whole kiddie ride is decorated with clown theme, including the chairs, the top umbrella and the supporting column. Besides, it is equipped with attractive LED lights and beautiful music, which also can attract children’s attention.

Customized Swing Ride for Sale

Product customization is the strength our company. We have gathered a group of technical and design teams with rich experience, and half of them have more than ten years of working experience. According to the customers’ needs, we have customized the chair swing rides on the themes, colors, seats, appearance, and so on. Our customers feel satisfied with the design of our customized swing rides. The followings are some photos of our customized chair swing rides.

Chair Swing Ride Videos in Beston

From the videos, you can know that how attractive and thrilling the chair swing rides are. The chair swing ride is composed of three main parts: central supporting column, top umbrella roof and the chain chairs. As a spinning rides, the rotation of the swing ride is under the action of slewing bearing, which makes the passengers suspended by the chain fluctuate and whirl under the action of centrifugal force.

As for the lifting part, Beston swing ride adopts the vertical lifting of oil cylinder, which makes the operation more stable and the transmission much easier to control. Therefore, as a thrill ride, though the flying chair ride is fairly thrilling for most passengers, there is no need for them to worry about the safety and they can feel very comfortable and exciting when sitting in a spinning swing ride. Here are some videos of Beston chair swing rides in different occasions:

Running Videos of Beston 36 Seats Swing Rides
Installation Process of 36 Seaters Swing Rides In Russia
Amusement Park Project Feedback from Tajikistan Customer
Fruit Swing Rides for Kids

Why Choose to Buy Chair Swing Rides from Beston?

Beston chair swing ride are designed and produced in the comprehensive workshops, such as cutting workshop, welding workshop, fiberglass workshop, painting workshop, machining workshop, and other professional workshops. We have more than 200 direct employees in our factory, which including more than 50 senior engineers with 10 years of working experience. In order to guarantee the product quality, service life, customers’ benefits and passengers’ safety, we select raw materials carefully and most materials in Beston factory are from domestic famous brands. What’s more, the whole production process is controlled strictly. Here are material selection and production process of Beston swing rides:

Welding of Chair Swing Ride

Cutting & Welding

Beston adopts CNC cutting technology to process the steel. Our cutting machine use laser cutting, which can guarantee the precision and the precision can be up to 0.2 mm. Our professional welding workers are required to work with certificates and strictly abide by various welding regulations and technical requirements. With rich welding experience, they can ensure the welding precise and avoid the flaw.

Painting of Chair Swing Ride


Beston Rides uses the Epoxy resin paint for the steel structure, which has the feature of corrosion resistance. And the FRP is painted with Acrylic paint with good adhesion, heat resistance, weather resistance, brightness and color retention, safety and environmental protection. Besides, we neglect the high labor cost to ensure the 4-5 times of painting.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

First, we use high quality raw materials to produce our FRP, so that the quality cam be guaranteed. What’s more, Beston FRP is manufactured in strict accordance with the standards of amusement equipment, and we use the 3 Felt and 2 Platinum Fiber Cloth (Grade 191A). Therefore, our FRP is flat, smooth, durable and not easy to deform.

Seats of Flying Chair Rides

Swing Rides Seats

Beston swing chair ride is fairly safe. As for seats, we have multiple safety measures, such as safety belts, safety lock, etc. Moreover, the suspending chains are made of stainless steel and each chair have four chains, which has premium quality and safety guaranteed. What’s more, swing ride seats can be customized into other shapes.

top structures of Beston swing rides

Top Parts of Swing Rides

Beston designs the top parts with reasonable structures, and this can not only ensure the thrilling feelings of passengers, but also can bring the exciting and comfortable experience for them. Besides, we uses the quality steel to produce the swing rides and it can prolong the service life of the quality flying chair rides, which means safer and money-saving.

Customized LED Lights of Swing Rides

LED Lights

Beston swing rides are equipped with colorful and attractive LED lights, covering all surface of flying chair rides. The lights can be customized in Beston factory according to customers’ demands, but customers should contact us and tell us your demands at first. Then we will send you the the design of customized lights, which can attract passengers’ attention day and night.

Wide Application of Chair Swing Ride for Sale

As a popular theme park rides, swing ride is the variation of a carousel ride, so it is also called swing carousel ride. Because visitors are sitting on a chair flying in the sky, people call it flying chair ride. Besides, it has some other names, such as wave swinger ride, chair-o-plane ride, Dodo, swinger and so on. For this amusement rides with a long history, chair swing rides are well received by people of different age groups. Neither children nor adults can refuse this eye-appealing and durable attraction in amusement parks, theme parks, square and scenic spots, carnivals and fairgrounds, leisure resort, outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls, even a mountain. Choose a swing ride covering small areas will improve your park business in a short time.

Related Cases of Beston Swing Chair Rides – Customer Feedback

Swing chair ride is one of the most popular amusement park rides that we have sold. During the past 10 years, we have exported plenty of flying chair rides and amusement rides cases to many foreign countries, such as Nigeria, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Algeria, Russia, Kazakhstan and so on. Some customers purchased chair swing rides separately, while others bought many amusement equipment including swing ride to set up a new park or upgrade their parks. After purchasing from Beston , they found that Beston is a reliable manufacturer and what we do has make their business easier. The following are the introduction of some examples recently.

amusement park swing ride for sale

Beston Chair Swing Rides Installed In A Tajikistan Park

March 2022

Beston successfully delivered a diverse range of amusement rides in Tajikistan, including a 36-seats swing ride, 16-seats mini pirate ship ride, self-control plane ride, 12-seats kiddie pendulum ride, 13-seats electric trackless train, and 12 sets of bumper cars, to an 8000m2 amusement park in Konibodom, Tajikistan.

Customer Review

I am not very good at speaking English and Russian. Beston sent a professional sales manager to have an in-depth conversation to further understand my needs and provide me with suitable equipment.

foundation drawings of Beston swinger carnival ride
Foundation Drawings of Beston 36 Seats Chair Swing Ride

Installation And Test Run Of 36 Seats Chair Swing Ride In Russia

June 2022

The historic Park имени Плевен in Russia sought to enhance its attractions, starting with a trial order for a chair swing ride with 36 seats In Russia. Beston responded promptly to the customer’s inquiry after being selected as a trusted manufacturer. The customer recognized the profitability and appeal of the chair swing ride, valuing its thrilling features and capacity to attract more park visitors.

Customer Review

Swing chairs attract more visitors. I am satisfied with the quality of the product and will consider purchasing VR equipment and various types of amusement rides in the future.

Why Are the Chair Swing Rides So Popular?

It is very important to choose a suitable amusement rides for your park business from so many park equipment. As for the chair swing, it has a dominant position in the market for a long history. As the first choice to attract tourists, swing rides have larger capacity, attractive appearance, thrilling experience, multiple security measures, and so on. If you invest in this theme park rides, it will bring much more profits for investors. Here are some details about swing ride features:


Eye-catching Appearance

The chair swing ride FRP which is manufactured in Beston factory has a beautiful appearance and bright colors, which has a function of attracting more passenger flows for parks. What’s more, customization is available in our company to meet customers’ demands.

Gorgeous LED Lights

All our LED lights are purchased from the famous brand in China, which is colorful and brilliant. Besides, Beston has decorated the LED lights all over the support column, top ceiling, cornices, etc. It is dazzling, attractive and will be more beautiful in the night.

Extremely Thrilling

When it rises to higher altitude and starts to spin. The chair swing ride can title at the same time. And the running height can reach to 10.2 meters and the inclination angle can be up to 13°, which is thrilling and exciting, and appreciated by thrill-seekers.

Wide Applications

People of different age groups are fond of this swing rides. Investors can choose different sizes for their business according to their main passengers. Besides, they can invest swing rides in parks, resort, scenic spot, squares, outdoor playgrounds or indoor fun centers.

Simple Operation & Maintenance

Our flying chair rides with automatic operation mode are easy to operate, and operators just push the one-button to start the equipment. And there is an access door on the FRP column, which is covenient to enter and maintain directly, more economical.

Mature Production Technology

Beston has nearly 20 years of production experience and adopts the most advanced technology. From the feedback of customers, our swing rides and other park rides has low failure rate and can last long more than 10 years if maintain regularly.

Quick Return and High Profit

Compared with many other park rides, swing chair rides has larger capacity, such as 32 seats, 36 seats and more. With attractive appearance and high seating rate, flying chair rides can bring high profit for investors quickly. The return on investment is relatively higher for investors.

Quality and Safety Assurance

Beston swing rides are produced with high-quality material and first-class craftsmanship, which is in line with international standards. As for safety, we have multiple measures, such as safety pressure bar, safety belt, high-quality steel wire rope to guarantee riders’ safety.

What Do Customers Say About Beston Chair Swing Rides?

Customers bought Beston chair swing rides has improved their park business and they are satisfied with our product quality and excellent service. Some of them has sent us letters or messages to express their thanks and appreciation. Here are some examples:


Customer in Moldova

Thanks for all your help when help us build this park – Miracle City, and it is kids paradise to have fun and entertain themselves. We felt very satisfied with your park design, your amusement rides, installation service, your project operation suggestions. It has been one of the most popular parks in our country.

Customer in Russia

Your chair swing ride is so beautiful with attractive lights. And it has attracted so many passengers for my park business. And the after-sales service teams in your company help me a lot on delivery and installation and make my job easier. Thanks for your help and I jope to cooperate with you again!

Customer in Tajikistan

I have bought 7 sets of amusement equipment from your company and now it has been installed and operated in my park for a period of time. From my feeback photos and videos, you can see everything works well! Your amusement rides are popular in my park and I hope to cooperate you again.

Customer in Uganda

Thanks for your help when supply the quality amusement equipment in my park in 2018, and the breakdance rides, kiddie swing rides and fruit worm mini roller coaster still work well after three years later. Tourists in my city love the swing rides vary much! Now I want to buy some other amusement equipment for my park.

Customer in Nigeria

Hello, I am from Nigeria. I will tell you the good news about my park. In the past few months, the park your company helped me built have earned more profits than I estimated. The ROI is higher than that you calculate for us! Most importantly, the flying chair ride is fairly welcomed by tourists in the park.

Customer in Indonesia

The customized chair swing ride has been operated in my park in Indonesia for almost two years and is very popular since its installation. The swing ride was installed in the scenic spot with some other amusement park equipment, such as pirate ship rides, ferris wheel, bumper cars, etc. We feel grateful for all your help!

ROI Analysis of Beston Chair Swing Ride for Sale

As a popular park rides, chair swing ride is profitable for investors to buy for their park. From the table below, you can find that investors who invest in the 36 seats chair swing ride can will be returned quickly. And the investors can earn a flat profit from their business in the first year. Please do not hesitate to invest the swing rides for your park and Beston will assist you whenever you need us!

ROI Analysis of Beston 36 Seats Chair Swing Ride
Charging ModeIntegrated Ticketing
Estimated Operating Life8 Years
Project Overview
*Basic data needs to be filled in according to site conditions and design plan"
Site OverviewSite Area
Venue Rental
Effective Yearly Running Time (Day)Average Daily Running Hours
(Hours / Day)
Average Fare
Facility OverviewFacility Capacity (Person-time/Instantaneous)Maximum Capacity (Person-time/Instantaneous)Average Play Time (Minutes/Person)Total Power Consumption (kw/h)Electricity Bill (USD/degree)
36365 13.50.29
Passenger Flow AnalysisWeekday Traffic
(Person-time / Day)
Weekends Day Traffic (Person-time / Day)Average Daily Passenger
(Person-time / Day)
Number of Employees (People)Average salary (USD/Month)
Operating CostTotal Investment in Equipment (USD)Payroll Expenses (USD/Year)Electricity Expenses
Publicity Expenses
Maintenance Cost
400004285.7 714.3 2142.92857
Total Project Revenue 122142.9Total Fixed Cost 55714.3Total Operating Cost 10 000
Theoretical Limit Value
*For Reference Only, No Calculation Basis
Maximum Passenger Capacity During Peak Hours (person-time/day) 411.4Maximum Single-day Revenue (USD)8228.6
Revenue AnalysisAverage Monthly Net Income21428.6Average Annual Net Income107142.9Expected Return Time (Month)2
First Year Net Income

Tips: The table is theoretical calculation data for reference only. The specific operating budget varies according to the site location, facilities and operating costs.

Reliable Swing Ride Manufacturer with Quality Service

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer to buy swing rides? As a professional manufacturer, Beston is your optimal selection to purchase swing rides. There is no need for customers to worry about the product quality and after services. Beston has complete certifications and can meet the operation needs in different regions.

How to find a reliable carnival amusement rides manufacturer

Quality Assurance

Beston Rides takes pride in complete certifications, reflecting our commitment to manufacturing high-quality carnival swing chair rides. Customers can rest assured about the product’s durability, longer service life, and, most importantly, the safety of their patrons. We prioritize using superior materials and adhere to stringent manufacturing processes.

Beston Professional Construction Team

Service and Support

Beyond quality products, Beston offers comprehensive service and support to our customers. From park design and delivery to installation instruction, warranty, and maintenance, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our prompt responses and efficient issue resolution showcase our dedication to providing a seamless experience for our clients. Choose Beston for reliable, safe, and enjoyable amusement rides for sale.

Global Reach

Beston’s global reach and adaptability make us a preferred choice for customers worldwide. Our carnival swing rides meet international standards, allowing amusement park owners to confidently invest in our products regardless of their location. We adapt to diverse cultural and operational requirements, ensuring a seamless experience for every customer.

FAQ for Beston Chair Swing Rides

What is the swing ride called?
A swing ride is a variation of a carousel. Its seat is chair-shaped, and the chair flies in the air when working, so it also has many other names. Such as swing carousel ride, flying chair ride, wave swinger ride, yo-yo ride, waver swinger ride, Chair-O-Planes ride, Dodo or swinge.
Are chair swing rides safe?
As for both investors and passengers, it is safe to ride a swing chair ride if the swing rides are manufactured in a regular and professional manufacturer. If you purchased from Beston Rides, we select the raw materials of our swing rides carefully,  and the product design is reasonable and the technology is advanced. Besides, Beston adopts multiple safety measures to guarantee all riders’ security.
How do swing rides work?
Chair swing ride is a very popular ride. Generally, the flying chair ride has a big umbrella or a big umbrella that can shake its head, which is suspended with many beautiful, delicate and safe hanging chairs. When it is on, the big umbrella will be lifted to a certain height. Then the big umbrella will spin or shake the head. At the same time, the hanging chairs undulate and dance in the air. Because of rotation, lifting, and tilting, passengers can enjoy the great fun and thrilling experience to the greatest extent.
How much does a swing chair ride cost?
Different flying chair rides has different prices. There are many factors that affect the flying chair ride price, such as the raw materials to manufacture the swing ride,  capacity, and decoration. If you are planning to buy chair swing rides for your park or investment, please choose a professional or supplier. When you are buying amusement rides from Beston Rides, a leading manufacturer in China, we can offer swing rides or other park rides with competitive prices, as well as excellent services and supports.
How to order the chair swing ride from Beston?
  1. After receiving the inquiry, our sales manager will confirm the demands with our customers.
  2. After confirming the products, we will sign the contract with our customers to protect the benefits of our customers and ourselves.
  3. We will ask our customer to pay the prepayments, then we can arrange the goods for our customers.
  4. Then we will begin to manufaccture goods for our customers. And it will take about about 25 working days.
  5. Before delivering the goods, we will test the machines in our factory for about 2 days, such as test run of no load, full load and partial load.
  6. Then we will arrange our customers to pay the rest payment.
  7. We will help our customers to ship the amusement rides as soon as possible and we promise the safe, timely and quick delivery.
  8. Installation service: our engineers and workers will guide the installation and the installation will take about 10 to 15 days. Besides ,we will send
  9. installation drawings, installation instructions and so on to support our customers.
How long does it take to install a swing ride?
The installation time for a swing ride can vary based on several factors, including the specific design of the ride, the complexity of the installation process, and the experience of the installation team. Generally, the installation of a swing ride can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Other Amusement Rides for Investors to Choose

Except for swing rides, Beston also supplies many other amusement rides, such as carousel rides, trackless trains, pirate ship rides, frisbee rides, roller coasters, ferris wheel, top spin rides, indoor soft play equipment and so on. More importantly, Beston can provide product customization service in themes, colors, appearance, capacity, etc, which will meet customers’ different needs. Consequently, please feel free to contact Beston to buy the suitable amusement rides for your park!

Amusement Park Design with Chair Swing Chair

Beston Rides could designan amusement park with chair swing ride which involves strategic layout planning, vibrant theming, and safety integration. Moreover, Beston provides a diverse range of flying carousel rides for sale, along with customizable options to meet specific preferences. The dedicated design team and staff at Beston are try to consistently innovate new amusement park rides. For more details on a wide array of amusement park rides, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Beston Rides.

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