Surf’s Up Ride for sale

Surf’s up ride, the newly designed quality amusement fairground rides in 2014, is the best amusement park rides in the world and belongs to the large and eye catching family thrill ride. The surf’s up ride is also called Disk’O ride and is the new theme park rides with track which occupies a larger areas. The track looks like the wave, which is very beautiful. And the cabin is designed as the shape of skate board. The appearance of surf’s up ride is very attractive. There are two bends of the wave-like track and the cabin can rotate, which seems like surf on the seas. The Disk’O ride can give riders on the surf’s up ride the feeling of thrill and make them have fun. Though the running height is no more than two meters, riders can experience the thrilling sensation as other large thrill rides. Beston is the top manufacturer and supplier of surf’s up ride for sale in China.

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Surf’s Up Amusement Ride for Sale

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As other surf’s up rides, Beston Disk’O rides is the flat rides and riders on the rides standing in two rows back to back to back. There is no seat on the Disk’O rides, but there are backrests behind the riders and railings in front of the riders to make the riders standing comfortably and protect them from being hurt. The surf’s up rides are really suitable for the young and the child to relax themselves on the rides. It totally promises to be hit with kids of all ages. Beston surf’s up ride for sale is a kind of gravity ride and allows riders experience a lot more freedom instead of being stuck in one spot. Not only it’s sure to launch a wave of excitement around the world, but also offers an awe inspiring, extended track with a camelback hump. Beston aims at drawing large crowds of thrill-seekers from a wide range of age demographics. You will never regret to purchase the Beston surf’s up ride for sale or Disk’O ride.

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Surf’s Up Carnival Ride for Sale

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Do you want to attract more riders to your amusement parks or bring in more interests? If so, Please leave your message quickly and we will reply you as soon as possible. Beston amusement equipment manufactures various quality amusement fair rides for sale and would like to develop a further and long-term relationship with you. Contact us for more detailed information, please!
best surf's up amusement ride for sale

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Advantages of Beston Surf’s Up Ride:

1. It’s a giant painted surfboard that spins around and around, while riders stand up and “surf” the swells of the track.
2. Advanced fiberglass technology, skilled technician to provide you quality guaranteed products.
3. Beston amusement equipment will try our best to meet your needs/standard.
4. Beston surf’s up rides are widely seen in the theme park, amusement park, adventure park, fairground, etc..

Technical Parameter of Beston Surf’s Up Ride:

Track length      28m
Operating height      7.8m
Diameter of turntable      6m
Capacity      22person
Rotate speed of turntable      15.3r/min
Power      45KW
Floor space  required      10m×27m

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