Successful Installation and Delivery of the Tambov Park Project in Russia

Good News!Our Tambov Park Project in Russia has been successfully delivered and started business. We received an inquiry from a customer on May 26, 2022, and wanted to build a small park amusement park. This amusement park project is located in the city of Тамбов, Russia. Based on the customer’s needs, we select suitable amusement park rides for our customers.

Amusement Project Solution in the City of Тамбов, Russia

Tambov Park Project In Russia
Tambov Park Project In Russia

Project Introduction

After receiving the inquiry on May 26, we discussed the project situation with the customer. It is a personal investment. The park is mainly for the leisure of local residents. A small part of the place puts amusement equipment for profit. The amusement equipment is mainly targeted at families and children. Based on customer needs and budget, we selected wild mouse roller coaster, kiddie excavator, bumper cars, VR Games and many equipments.
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Beston Rides Amusement Rides Production

Production and Delivery

The amusement park plan was finalized in November 2022, initiating the advance payment for production equipment. By March 2023, the production of equipment was successfully completed, and a meticulous inspection and packaging process was undertaken to guarantee the secure delivery of goods to the customer. Subsequently, in July 2023, the goods arrived at the customer site, marking the successful execution of the plan from determination to production, ensuring the timely and safe delivery of equipment for the amusement park project.

On-site Installation

In August and September 2023, BESTON engineers provided on-site guidance for the installation of the amusement park equipment. With our expertise and support, the installation and commissioning process was successfully completed in September 2023. During this time, we pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that all components are installed correctly and tested thoroughly to keep the equipment running safely and on schedule. At the end of the installation and commissioning phase, the amusement park is ready for operation.
small roller coaster for sale in Russia
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

In a pleasant cooperation, we successfully completed this comprehensive park project. The customer was very satisfied with our service and expressed that he would have more in-depth cooperation with us. Customers gave me many feedback videos after the opening. In the videos and photos, there were many visitors to the park and playground, and customer reviews were very good.
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More Park Cases in Beston Rides

Beston Rides have many successful cases in the CIS and in the world and our customers have great trust in us. You could learn many successful cases from us. If you want to buy amusement rides from Beston Rides or wanna build a park, please contact us immediately!

Beston Comprehensive Park Solution

Beston Integrated Park Solutions provides an approach to building amusement parks to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for visitors. The solution includes amusement park layout planning and design, selection and installation of high-quality rides, production, efficient logistics and transportation processes, on-site guidance from experienced engineers during installation and debugging. Contact us to start your amusement park rides business!
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