amusement rides price in Indonesia

Completion of Outdoor Zoo Park Project in Indonesia

Completion of Outdoor Zoo Park Project in Indonesia Good New! The outdoor park project we designed and produced for Indonesian customers has completed production, transportation and installation, and has now entered the trial operation stage. The project has been successfully completed. Let us congratulate our Indonesian customers on the mutual success! We at Beston Rides … Read more

outdoor park design

Eagle Park Design In Nigeria

Eagle Park Project In Nigeria Our Beston Rides Eagle Park project in Nigeria has successfully concluded, and the park will begin operations in October 2022. In July 2021, we received customer inquiry information on the website. According to the customer’s time plan, the project opened on time. We designed a complete park for the customer … Read more

octopus ride for sale for kids

Perfect For Kids: Children Octopus Rides For Sale in Kazakhstan

Warmly celebrate the successful installation of the rotating giant octopus amusement ride for sale in Uzbekistan. We received an inquiry from a customer in February 2023. The customer wanted to purchase rotating octopus rides for kids. After communicating with the customer about his specific needs, the customer was very satisfied with our design and service. … Read more

Face-to-Face Communication on Exhibition

Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride For Sale to Belarus

Good News! Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride has successfully landed in Belarus Amusement Park. We contacted the customer at the RAAPA EXPO -2023 exhibition in Russia. Due to the high local popularity and many park cases in the CIS, the customer was familiar with our brand and had face-to-face communication with us at the exhibition. After the … Read more

Chilean Comprehensive Project Design Plan

Chilean Comprehensive Project: Make Spare Space into a Year-Round Amusement Park

In March 2023, Beston Rides received an inquiry from our Chilean client who wanted to transform 3,000 square meters of unused space to create a year-round amusement park capable of outperforming its competitors located just one kilometer away. Beston Rides provides timely solutions, conducts competitive analysis, delivers unique designs and ensures amusement rides quality, ultimately … Read more

bumper car amusement equipment for sale

Congratulations on the Completion of Three Sets of Amusement Rides For Sale in Algeria

Congratulations on the successful completion of the Algeria project delivery! This project of amusement rides for sale in Algeria included bumper cars, samba balloon rides and pirate ship rides produced by Beston Rides and involved a comprehensive process, from initial customer inquiries to equipment manufacturing, testing, and installation. With effective communication, the project was executed … Read more

amusement park rides to buy in Ecuador

Amusement Project in Ecuador – Cooperation Process

Here comes good news! An attractive outdoor amusement park project with various Beston amusement rides has been installed in Ecuador. Until now, the amusement park project has been opened for business for more than half a year. Moreover, the project has brought them considerable and satisfactory profits. During the progress of this cooperation, our customer … Read more

amusement park rides for sale in Saudi Arabia

Amusement Rides for Sale in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, there are various types of amusement rides for sale in the market which will cater to different preferences and age groups. When investors choose to invest in new and exciting amusement rides in Saudi Arabia, Beston will always be here to support our customers, including the attractive amusement equipment as well as … Read more

amusement park ferris wheel suppliers

Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Are you planning to start a new park project or buy some amusement rides in Nigeria? If so, it is important to select a reputable amusement rides manufacturer with rich experience and professional service, which can make your business easier. Beston amusement is a great option for you to consider when you’re looking to buy … Read more

carousel merry go round for sale

Customized Trackless Train and Grand Carousel Ride in Guyana

Congratulations to our customers in Guyana! The 24-seat top-driven carousel ride has been installed successfully and opened for business in the parks for about two months. The carousel ride works well and customer felt very satisfied with our quality products and excellent services. Please check here to contact us for more details about the carousel … Read more

Beston compound hotel park project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria Beston has built 300+ different types of park projects in 80+ countries in the world. Most of these park solutions are highly recognized by our customers. Here is how did Beston build a compound hotel park project for customer in Nigeria! Hello, I have a compound hotel and resort in … Read more

inflatable battery operated cars for kids with remote control

Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale in Nigeria

The followings are the feedback of customers in Nigeria. These inflatable bumper cars are in the bumper car center in Nigeria, which is built by Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. This bumper cars is mainly composed of several inflated battery bumper cars for kids and adults in a square. Equipped with gorgeous LED lighting and … Read more

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