1000m2 Children Entertainment Center For Sale In Kazakhstan

1000m2 Children’s Entertainment Center In Kazakhstan

1000m2 Children’s Entertainment Center In Kazakhstan Congratulations! Our 1000 square meter forest theme indoor playground equipment for sale in Kazakhstan has already put into operation! We contacted the customer in January 2023, and the project has been in operation for several months now. Here are some product details of our cooperation process. Do you want … Read more

Beston Indoor Playground Supplier Delivers Unforgettable Indoor Comprehensive Park in Turkey

Congratulations on the successful delivery and on-site installation of the 780м² turkey amusement project! The comprehensive indoor project is carefully designed, installed and built by Beston indoor playground supplier and manufacturer, including soft indoor playground, electronic games, Virtual Reality Equipments and small indoor amusement equipments. If you want to buy indoor playground equipments for sale … Read more

Customized indoor playground jungle gym for kids

Well-designed Space Theme Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Indonesia

Beston Rides space-themed commercial indoor playground equipment for sale in Indonesia has successfully completed installation and commenced operations in March 2023. Due to unique theme and delicate decorations, the commercial soft play equipment has attracted many customers. Investing in commercial indoor playgrounds for sale in Indonesia has become a lucrative choice, offering high returns. Beston … Read more

indoor playground structures for sale In Canada

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Canada

Indoor playgrounds have gained immense popularity in Canada in recent years. These indoor playgrounds offer a safe and stimulating environment for children to engage in active play, socialize with their peers, and develop crucial cognitive skills. Moreover, the success of an indoor playground largely depends on the quality of the equipment it offers. High-quality indoor … Read more

indoor playground structures for sale in USA

Indoor Playgrounds for Sale in USA

Indoor playgrounds have gained immense popularity in the USA due to their ability to provide safe and entertaining play areas for children. Beston is a well-known company that specializes in the manufacturing and sale of various amusement park equipment, including indoor soft playgrounds suitable for various age groups and spaces. If you are considering starting … Read more

indoor playground manufacturer in India

Forest Indoor Playground Equipment Installed in India

Congratulations on the successful installation and operation of the forest theme indoor playground equipment, which is located in a business district in India. As a professional indoor and outdoor amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston can satisfy our customers’ different demands when they are planning to start a new park project. As for this customer … Read more

indoor play area equipment for sale in Indonesia

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Indonesia

Indoor playgrounds are becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia as they provide a safe and fun environment for children to play. These indoor playground equipment is typically located within buildings, such as malls or commercial complexes, and offer a variety of play equipment and activities for children, including slides, ball pits, climbing walls, and obstacle courses. … Read more

3D Design for Indoor Playground in Vietnam

1189 ㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Vietnam

1189 ㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Vietnam In September 2022, a customer in Vietnam purchased an indoor soft playground from Beston Amusement. We customized the 1189 square meters indoor project solution and arranged the production, delivery and installation timely. Now, it is open for business and here is the feedback of the indoor … Read more

customized indoor playground for sale in Nigeria

Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale In Nigeria

With a growing middle class and increasing urbanization, the demand for indoor playground equipment in Nigeria has been steadily increasing in recent years. Moreover, the indoor playgrounds can attract families with young children, promote physical activity and learning, and generate additional revenue. For this reason, investing in indoor playground equipment can be a great opportunity … Read more

indoor play area equipment suppliers in Malaysia

Indoor Playground Manufacturer In Malaysia

Are you looking for an indoor playground manufacturer in Malaysia? Beston can be the optimal selection for investors in Malaysia! As a professional manufacturer, Beston indoor soft playground equipment is designed to provide children with a safe and fun environment to play in. Moreover, we can provide customized solutions that cater to specific needs and … Read more

morandi theme indoor playground manufacturers in Saudi Arabia

Indoor Playground for Sale in Saudi Arabia

Beston amusement is always in the leading position when it comes to designing and customizing the indoor playground for indoor family entertainment centers and indoor fun centers in Saudi Arabia. It is wise to choose Beston indoor playground for indoor business, and it is an excellent way to increase sales, attract customers and build your … Read more

ocean theme soft play area equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia

1320m2 Ocean Indoor Playground in Saudi Arabia

Congratulations to our customer in Saudi Arabia! Now the new ocean theme indoor playground for a shopping mall which is under construction. The indoor soft playground was designed for the shopping mall in Central Park hotel in Bisha for our customers, and it covers an area of 1320 square meters. And here is the installation … Read more

Buy ocnean theme soft play area equipment for sale i Turkey

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Turkey

Beston indoor playground equipment for sale in Turkey is considered to be a popular indoor project for investors to invest in, which can bring many profits for them. And we can supply indoor soft playground with different themes and sizes. As we know, Turkey is one of the world’s emerging economies and one of the … Read more

indoor soft play equipment for sale

Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Equipment in Uzbekistan

Good news for our customers in Uzbekistan! The ocean theme indoor playground he ordered from Beston amusement has finished the production in our factory and shipped to our customer. He can start to install the indoor soft playground equipment soon. Our customer felt satisfied with the design of this indoor playground equipment which is provided … Read more

PARK SOLUTION OF Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan

Forest Theme Indoor Soft Playground in Uzbekistan

In April, our customer in Uzbekistan bought a new 1000 square meters forest theme indoor soft play equipment from our company for his investment in shopping mall. And the indoor soft play equipment was designed by our professional design team according to the landing situation, budget, customers’ requirements and so on. After many modifications and … Read more

indoor soft playground for sale

A New Project – Indoor Fun Center in Uzbekistan

The new project of Beston amusement is in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and there is a total area of about 1500 square meters. It includes a series of popular indoor amusement rides from Beston factory in this indoor fun center. The installation will be finished in July 2022. After the installation, the indoor fun center can be … Read more

commercial indoor playground equipment

Customized Indoor Amusement Rides in Saudi Arabia

Congratulations on the opening of the indoor fun center to our customers in Saudi Arabia in 2022. Our customers have bought three indoor amusement rides from Beston factory: Snow Indoor Playground Equipment, Mirror Maze, and Climbing Wall. We try our best to meet all requirements of our customers, such as the customized indoor playground. They … Read more

bumper cars manufacturer and supplier

Beston Bumper Cars for Sale in Australia

Check out here for the customer feedback of the bumper cars for sale for our customers in Australia. Bumper cars and other amusement rides are popular in amusement and theme parks, carnival and fairground, indoor and outdoor playground, shopping malls, etc. Most people go there or take their children to the park or malls when … Read more

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