Park Design for Miracle City

New Park Project in Tiraspol, Moldova – Miracle City

Do you know the Catherine park: Miracle City? Now it is the most popular amusement park in Tiraspol, the capital of Moldova. It was built by Beston amusement and has been opened for business on June 1, 2021. There are various types of amusement park rides in the park, such as chair swing ride, self-control … Read more

pirate ship amusement park ride for sale

24-Seat Customized Pirate Ship Ride Installed in Kazakhstan

Our regular customer in Kazakhstan bought a customized pirate ship ride from Beston again. This is the third time he bought park rides from Beston. And the 24 seats pirate boat ride which is made of fiberglass has been installed and operated in the famous summit park in Almaty in Kazakhstan. It worked well since … Read more

buy a 65m ferris wheel at lower price from Beston

65M Giant Ferris Wheel Installed in Kazakhstan

Beston has installed a 65 meters giant ferris wheel in Astana, Kazakhstan in December. From the photos below, you can see the effect of the 65 meters ferris wheel in the park in Kazakhstan, which is designed by Beston. And it has passed almost three years since it is installed in the park and until … Read more

customized trackless train rides

Customized Trackless Train and Grand Carousel Ride in Guyana

Congratulations to our customers in Guyana! The 24-seat top-driven carousel ride has been installed successfully and opened for business in the parks for about two months. The carousel ride works well and customer felt very satisfied with our quality products and excellent services. Please check here to contact us for more details about the carousel … Read more

Beston compound hotel park project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria Beston has built 300+ different types of park projects in 80+ countries in the world. Most of these park solutions are highly recognized by our customers. Here is how did Beston build a compound hotel park project for customer in Nigeria! Hello, I have a compound hotel and resort in … Read more

indoor soft playground for sale

A New Project – Indoor Fun Center in Uzbekistan

The new project of Beston amusement is in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and there is a total area of about 1500 square meters. It includes a series of popular indoor amusement rides from Beston factory in this indoor fun center. The installation will be finished in July 2022. After the installation, the indoor fun center can be … Read more

amusement park swing ride for sale

Beston Chair Swing Rides Installed in a Tajikistan Park

How Customers Can Find us? This customer find Beston Company when he is searching online and then leave us a message on our official website with demands in details. Our professional sales manager contact him as soon as possible and chat with the demands and product information in detail. Customers can find us in many … Read more

trackless train rides for sale

Beston Amusement Park Trackless Train in US – Customer Feedback

Get a Free Quote Beston supplied an attractive and quality amusement park trackless train to Honolulu in the United States. This trackless train is decorated with a large amount of LED lights, which are very beautiful and shinning. Besides, we also offered the glorious lighting facilities, and it makes the parks more attractive, especially in … Read more