Global Cases in Beston Amusement
outdoor park design

Eagle Park Design In Nigeria

Eagle Park Project In Nigeria Our Beston Rides Eagle Park project in Nigeria has successfully concluded, and the park will begin operations in October 2022. In July 2021, we received customer inquiry information on the website. According to the customer’s time plan, the project opened on time. We designed a complete park for the customer … Read more

octopus ride for sale for kids

Perfect For Kids: Children Octopus Rides For Sale in Kazakhstan

Warmly celebrate the successful installation of the rotating giant octopus amusement ride for sale in Uzbekistan. We received an inquiry from a customer in February 2023. The customer wanted to purchase rotating octopus rides for kids. After communicating with the customer about his specific needs, the customer was very satisfied with our design and service. … Read more

Face-to-Face Communication on Exhibition

Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride For Sale to Belarus

Good News! Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride has successfully landed in Belarus Amusement Park. We contacted the customer at the RAAPA EXPO -2023 exhibition in Russia. Due to the high local popularity and many park cases in the CIS, the customer was familiar with our brand and had face-to-face communication with us at the exhibition. After the … Read more

Chilean Comprehensive Project Design Plan

Chilean Comprehensive Project: Make Spare Space into a Year-Round Amusement Park

In March 2023, Beston Rides received an inquiry from our Chilean client who wanted to transform 3,000 square meters of unused space to create a year-round amusement park capable of outperforming its competitors located just one kilometer away. Beston Rides provides timely solutions, conducts competitive analysis, delivers unique designs and ensures amusement rides quality, ultimately … Read more

bumper car amusement equipment for sale

Congratulations on the Completion of Three Sets of Amusement Rides For Sale in Algeria

Congratulations on the successful completion of the Algeria project delivery! This project of amusement rides for sale in Algeria included bumper cars, samba balloon rides and pirate ship rides produced by Beston Rides and involved a comprehensive process, from initial customer inquiries to equipment manufacturing, testing, and installation. With effective communication, the project was executed … Read more

Beston Indoor Playground Supplier Delivers Unforgettable Indoor Comprehensive Park in Turkey

Congratulations on the successful delivery and on-site installation of the 780м² turkey amusement project! The comprehensive indoor project is carefully designed, installed and built by Beston indoor playground supplier and manufacturer, including soft indoor playground, electronic games, Virtual Reality Equipments and small indoor amusement equipments. If you want to buy indoor playground equipments for sale … Read more

Customized indoor playground jungle gym for kids

Well-designed Space Theme Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Indonesia

Beston Rides space-themed commercial indoor playground equipment for sale in Indonesia has successfully completed installation and commenced operations in March 2023. Due to unique theme and delicate decorations, the commercial soft play equipment has attracted many customers. Investing in commercial indoor playgrounds for sale in Indonesia has become a lucrative choice, offering high returns. Beston … Read more

indoor playground structures for sale In Canada

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Canada

Indoor playgrounds have gained immense popularity in Canada in recent years. These indoor playgrounds offer a safe and stimulating environment for children to engage in active play, socialize with their peers, and develop crucial cognitive skills. Moreover, the success of an indoor playground largely depends on the quality of the equipment it offers. High-quality indoor … Read more

indoor playground structures for sale in USA

Indoor Playgrounds for Sale in USA

Indoor playgrounds have gained immense popularity in the USA due to their ability to provide safe and entertaining play areas for children. Beston is a well-known company that specializes in the manufacturing and sale of various amusement park equipment, including indoor soft playgrounds suitable for various age groups and spaces. If you are considering starting … Read more

small carousel for sale in Turkey

Carousel Rides for Sale in Turkey

Carousel rides for sale in Turkey is not only important for the entertainment industry but also for wise investors looking forward to attract customers and generate income. As a popular and cost-effective attraction, they are relatively simple to operate and maintain. What’s more, carousels have a strong appeal to children and families, making them an … Read more

amusement park rides to buy in Ecuador

Amusement Project in Ecuador – Cooperation Process

Here comes good news! An attractive outdoor amusement park project with various Beston amusement rides has been installed in Ecuador. Until now, the amusement park project has been opened for business for more than half a year. Moreover, the project has brought them considerable and satisfactory profits. During the progress of this cooperation, our customer … Read more

indoor playground manufacturer in India

Forest Indoor Playground Equipment Installed in India

Congratulations on the successful installation and operation of the forest theme indoor playground equipment, which is located in a business district in India. As a professional indoor and outdoor amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston can satisfy our customers’ different demands when they are planning to start a new park project. As for this customer … Read more

indoor play area equipment for sale in Indonesia

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Indonesia

Indoor playgrounds are becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia as they provide a safe and fun environment for children to play. These indoor playground equipment is typically located within buildings, such as malls or commercial complexes, and offer a variety of play equipment and activities for children, including slides, ball pits, climbing walls, and obstacle courses. … Read more

3D Design for Indoor Playground in Vietnam

1189 ㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Vietnam

1189 ㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Vietnam In September 2022, a customer in Vietnam purchased an indoor soft playground from Beston Amusement. We customized the 1189 square meters indoor project solution and arranged the production, delivery and installation timely. Now, it is open for business and here is the feedback of the indoor … Read more

customized indoor playground for sale in Nigeria

Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale In Nigeria

With a growing middle class and increasing urbanization, the demand for indoor playground equipment in Nigeria has been steadily increasing in recent years. Moreover, the indoor playgrounds can attract families with young children, promote physical activity and learning, and generate additional revenue. For this reason, investing in indoor playground equipment can be a great opportunity … Read more

customized drop tower ride for sale in Yemen

Customized Drop Tower Rides Installed in Yemen

Here is the latest news about Beston Amusement: a brand-new CUSTOMIZED drop tower ride has been installed in an indoor fun center in Yemen. What’s more, with the assistance of our technical engineers and service team, they have finished the installation and now the drop tower rides are already put into operation. This page will … Read more

indoor play area equipment suppliers in Malaysia

Indoor Playground Manufacturer In Malaysia

Are you looking for an indoor playground manufacturer in Malaysia? Beston can be the optimal selection for investors in Malaysia! As a professional manufacturer, Beston indoor soft playground equipment is designed to provide children with a safe and fun environment to play in. Moreover, we can provide customized solutions that cater to specific needs and … Read more

ferris wheel carnival ride in Saudi Arabia

Ferris Wheel for Sale in Saudi Arabia

Purchasing a ferris wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia is a great investment for anyone who is looking forward to creating a fun and memorable experience for their customers. And many investors in Saudi Arabia choose to buy giant ferris wheel or small ferris wheel for sale in the market for their amusement and theme … Read more

amusement park rides for sale in Saudi Arabia

Amusement Rides for Sale in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, there are various types of amusement rides for sale in the market which will cater to different preferences and age groups. When investors choose to invest in new and exciting amusement rides in Saudi Arabia, Beston will always be here to support our customers, including the attractive amusement equipment as well as … Read more

customized merry go round carousel for sale in Congo

Carousel Rides for Sale in Congo

Looking for to purchase carousel rides for sale in Congo? Beston will always be here to help our customers! Whether they are amusement park operators, an event planner, or a private individual, Beston can provide a suitable and attractive carousel ride for their park business in Congo. What’s more, investors can buy carousel rides for … Read more

amusement park ferris wheel suppliers

Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Are you planning to start a new park project or buy some amusement rides in Nigeria? If so, it is important to select a reputable amusement rides manufacturer with rich experience and professional service, which can make your business easier. Beston amusement is a great option for you to consider when you’re looking to buy … Read more

Sliding dragon mini roller coaster buy In Saudi Arabia

Mini Roller Coaster for Sale in Saudi Arabia

Mini roller coaster for sale in Saudi Arabia is the perfect attraction for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, shopping malls, and more. In Beston, we offer a wide selection of mini roller coasters for our customers, which are designed to provide a thrilling, yet safe experience for riders of all ages. With modern designs, beautiful … Read more

morandi theme indoor playground manufacturers in Saudi Arabia

Indoor Playground for Sale in Saudi Arabia

Beston amusement is always in the leading position when it comes to designing and customizing the indoor playground for indoor family entertainment centers and indoor fun centers in Saudi Arabia. It is wise to choose Beston indoor playground for indoor business, and it is an excellent way to increase sales, attract customers and build your … Read more

giant ferris wheel for sale in Indonesia

Ferris Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

There are various models of ferris wheel for sale in Indonesia from Beston amusement, a leading park rides manufacturer in China. Beston ferris wheel rides with attractive appearance and colorful lights are popular for investors and tourists in Indonesia, which means it can attract more passengers and bring much more profits. As we know, Indonesia … Read more

double decker carousel for sale

Carousel for sale in Saudi Arabia

Beston carousel for sale in Saudi Arabia is a popular and attractive amusement rides for kids that can be used in amusement business to attractive tourists as well as entertain passengers in the parks. As we know, with a surge in non-religious tourism to Saudi Arabia, there are more and more investors choosing to invest … Read more

ocean theme soft play area equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia

1320m2 Ocean Indoor Playground in Saudi Arabia

Congratulations to our customer in Saudi Arabia! Now the new ocean theme indoor playground for a shopping mall which is under construction. The indoor soft playground was designed for the shopping mall in Central Park hotel in Bisha for our customers, and it covers an area of 1320 square meters. And here is the installation … Read more

clown trackless trains for sale in Uzbekistan

Clown Trackless Train for Sale in Uzbekistan

An attractive clown theme trackless train has been tested and delivered to our customers in Uzbekistan, and it will arrive to them soon. The whole trackless trains have attractive appearance and can hold 18 tourists in the parks or. Customer in Uzbekistan felt very satisfied with the design and the product quality. What’s more, the … Read more

Buy ocnean theme soft play area equipment for sale i Turkey

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Turkey

Beston indoor playground equipment for sale in Turkey is considered to be a popular indoor project for investors to invest in, which can bring many profits for them. And we can supply indoor soft playground with different themes and sizes. As we know, Turkey is one of the world’s emerging economies and one of the … Read more

indoor soft play equipment for sale

Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Equipment in Uzbekistan

Good news for our customers in Uzbekistan! The ocean theme indoor playground he ordered from Beston amusement has finished the production in our factory and shipped to our customer. He can start to install the indoor soft playground equipment soon. Our customer felt satisfied with the design of this indoor playground equipment which is provided … Read more

24-seat Carousel Ride for Leisure Resort in Philippines

Good news for our customer in the Philippines! After several months of communication, production, delivery and installation, Now, the 24 seats carousel ride for the leisure resort has been operated for several months. Because Beston amusement spares no effort to assist our customers in the whole process, the final effect is perfect and our customer … Read more

PARK SOLUTION OF Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan

Forest Theme Indoor Soft Playground in Uzbekistan

In April, our customer in Uzbekistan bought a new 1000 square meters forest theme indoor soft play equipment from our company for his investment in shopping mall. And the indoor soft play equipment was designed by our professional design team according to the landing situation, budget, customers’ requirements and so on. After many modifications and … Read more

buy a 65m ferris wheel at lower price from Beston

65M Giant Ferris Wheel Installed in Kazakhstan

Beston has installed a 65 meters giant ferris wheel in Astana, Kazakhstan in December. From the photos below, you can see the effect of the 65 meters ferris wheel in the park in Kazakhstan, which is designed by Beston. And it has passed almost three years since it is installed in the park and until … Read more

carousel merry go round for sale

Customized Trackless Train and Grand Carousel Ride in Guyana

Congratulations to our customers in Guyana! The 24-seat top-driven carousel ride has been installed successfully and opened for business in the parks for about two months. The carousel ride works well and customer felt very satisfied with our quality products and excellent services. Please check here to contact us for more details about the carousel … Read more

Beston compound hotel park project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria Beston has built 300+ different types of park projects in 80+ countries in the world. Most of these park solutions are highly recognized by our customers. Here is how did Beston build a compound hotel park project for customer in Nigeria! Hello, I have a compound hotel and resort in … Read more

indoor soft playground for sale

A New Project – Indoor Fun Center in Uzbekistan

The new project of Beston amusement is in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and there is a total area of about 1500 square meters. It includes a series of popular indoor amusement rides from Beston factory in this indoor fun center. The installation will be finished in July 2022. After the installation, the indoor fun center can be … Read more

commercial indoor playground equipment

Customized Indoor Amusement Rides in Saudi Arabia

Congratulations on the opening of the indoor fun center to our customers in Saudi Arabia in 2022. Our customers have bought three indoor amusement rides from Beston factory: Snow Indoor Playground Equipment, Mirror Maze, and Climbing Wall. We try our best to meet all requirements of our customers, such as the customized indoor playground. They … Read more

trackless train rides for sale

Beston Amusement Park Trackless Train in US – Customer Feedback

Beston supplied an attractive and quality amusement park trackless train to Honolulu in the United States. This trackless train is decorated with a large amount of LED lights, which are very beautiful and shinning. Besides, we also offered the glorious lighting facilities, and it makes the parks more attractive, especially in the night! Please check … Read more

Amusement Rides for sale in Yemen

Beston Amusement Rides Shipping to Yemen

On November 20th, 2021, Beston arranged the shipping of the three of our amusement rides to our customers in Sana’ a Yemen. And these amusement rides have been finished production in our factory after this customer placed the order.  Now the amusement rides have been installed in the 2000m2 park in Yemen. Get a Free … Read more

Different types of Amusement Park Rides in Beston

Beston Exports Quality Amusement Park Rides to Ecuador

Beston built a 2000m2 park in Ecuador in July, 2021. The park contains different types of amusement park rides, including 16 seats, pirate ship rides, 16 seaters carousel rides, electric go carts, rainbow slides, mechanical bull, trampolines, and some inflatables. This is a kind of park mainly for kids, and investors just need to invest … Read more

full size carousel for sale

Indoor Mechanical Rides in Ethiopia

One of our customers in Ethiopia has bought different kind of indoor mechanical rides and other indoor amusement rides for their indoor family entertainment center. The photos below are installation of these indoor rides according to our instruction from our engineer. Get a Free Quote The amusement rides they purchased including the grand carousel rides, … Read more

bumper cars manufacturer and supplier

Beston Bumper Cars for Sale in Australia

Check out here for the customer feedback of the bumper cars for sale for our customers in Australia. Bumper cars and other amusement rides are popular in amusement and theme parks, carnival and fairground, indoor and outdoor playground, shopping malls, etc. Most people go there or take their children to the park or malls when … Read more

carnival train rides for sale

Different Shapes of Mall Train for Sale in Australia

Beston Rides has sold different shapes of mall trains in the shopping mall in Australia. This mall trackless trains for sale in Beston are very attractive and can attract many visitors for their shopping mall. More importantly, our mall train for sale in Australia is quality guaranteed, which can have a longer service life and … Read more

amusement park carousel rides for sale in Kazakhstan

Beston Installs Kiddie Carousel Ride in Kazakhstan

Congratulations on the successful installation of Beston 14 seats kiddie carousel rides in Kazakhstan! This kind of carousel ride exactly corresponds with the tastes and preferences of people in Kazakhstan. Therefore, as soon as the carousel horse ride is finished to install in a park in Kazakhstan, many parents around or far away come to … Read more

fairground carousel rides prices

Kiddie Carousel Rides and Mini Ferris Wheel in Romania

Our customer in Romania has sent us the positive feedback for the amusement equipment installed in their parks several days ago. He sent us some photos after the installation of amusement park carousel rides and small observation wheel for kids which are manufactured in Beston. These carousel rides and kiddie ferris wheel are fairly welcomed … Read more


Customer Feedback of Kids Excavator Rides in Russia

Beston has exported our popular kids excavator rides to countries all around the world. The kids excavator amusement rides are one of the most welcomed children’s amusement rides in amusement parks, fairgrounds, carnival, playground, indoor family entertainment center, shopping malls! This kiddie digger rides are similar with the real digger in the construction industry but … Read more

quality trackless train manufacturer

Beston Trackless Trains in Kazakhstan

The followings are the customer feedback of the amusement trackless train in Aktobe from Kazakhstan! Customer is fairly satisfied with our trackless train rides and says Beston deserves the high reputation! Get a Free Quote

pirate ship carnival ride prices in Algeria

Beston Amusement Park Equipment in Algeria

Get a Free Quote Beston Amusement, as the professional and leading manufacturer and supplier, has built more than twenty amusement or theme parks in recent two years in different countries and areas, such as Nigeria, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Mexico, Korean, Philippine, Uzbekistan, Russia, etc.. In June 14, 2018, Beston Company built a park … Read more

buy disco tagada amusement park rides in Beston from Vietnam

Amusement Park Rides for sale in Vietnam

Beston has designed, manufactured, and exported different types of amusement equipment to Vietnam. These amusement park rides range from kiddie rides to thrill rides, which are popular in amusement and theme parks! Are you interested in Beston Amusement rides or planning to build a park? Leave Your Demands Here And customers in Vietnam has been … Read more

Beston quality carnival rollercoasters for sale

Beston 3 Loops Amusement Park Roller Coaster for Sale in Iraq

Congratulations on the successful installation of Beston Middle 3 Loops Roller Coaster Ride in Iraq! Beston middle 3 loops roller coaster, a best-selling thrill rides with track, has been installed in Iraq successfully! All staff in Beston send our sincere congratulation to the park in Iraq. This types of roller coaster rides are one of … Read more

Beston amusement - top and professional carousel ride manufacturers

Customized 6-seats Kiddie Carousel for Sale in Mexico

In June 2018, one of our customers in Mexico has bought a customized children’s carousel rides, which has been customized to meet the demands of customers’ all requirements. This kiddie carousel merry-go-round is fairly beautiful and more attractive than before. Get a Free Quote The small ponies or carousel horses mounted on the kids amusement … Read more

buy quality paratrooper carnival ride in Beston

Beston Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Uzbekistan

The followings are the different types of amusement park rides in the Uzbekistan Park in Urganch City. This park is designed by Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.. And all the amusement park equipment in this park is manufactured in Beston company. Get a Free Quote These equipment ranges from the thrill rides to kiddie rides, which … Read more

kids playgrounds plastic slides factory

Customer Feedback of Beston Plastic Playground Slides in South Africa

The followings are the customer feedback of the plastic playground slides. This playground slides are manufactured by Beston company, the top amusement park equipment manufacturer in China. Beston supplies different types of quality plastic playground slides for sale at the reasonable prices. All customers can contact us to get more photos and details of this … Read more

theme park rides swing flying chair

Beston Amusement Park Equipment in Uzbekistan Park

In 2017, Beston company has designed and built several amusement and theme parks in Uzbekistan, including large parks and small parks. Ask for Price Here! The followings are some photos of one of the parks, including the amusement park rotating bee ride, rotary octopus amusement rides, inflatable slides, big-eye plane ride, shake-head wave swinger carnival … Read more

hot fairground ride for sale - rockin tug carnivakl rides

Buy Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Belarus

One of customers from Belarus has bought our amusement park equipment from Beston Company four times in two years. And he also said he will buy some other theme park equipment for his parks in this year. Recently, he also ordered several equipment from our company. He has bought various amusement park rides in our … Read more

mini ferris wheel manufacturers

Amusement Park Equipment for Sale in Uganda

Beston amusement park equipment has been exported to different countries and areas around the world in recent years. Beston is always in the leading position in manufacturing and supplying various amusement park rides, well-recognized by all our customers around the world. Get a Free Quote And the followings are parts of the feedback of customers … Read more

theme park trains for sale for shopping malls

Diesel Trackless Trains for Shopping Malls in Bahrain

Bahrain customers bought a trackless trains from our company – Beston group. This trackless trains is a new type diesel powered amusement trains for sale in Beston. It is well-recognized by our customers and this is the customer feedback of Bahrain Trackless Trains. Get a Free Quote Beston Trackless trains is a road-going vehicle, which … Read more

Beston - the kiddie amusement park carousel manufacturers

Buy Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale in America

Kiddie carousel rides are a kind of most popular rides in supermarket, school playground, indoor entertainment center, squares, parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, residential quarters and other types of indoor and outdoor venues. Many investors choose to invest in this kiddie fairground carousel rides when they do not afford to buy big size carousel rides. … Read more

amusement park carousel manufacturers

Beston Amusement Park Equipment for Sale in Russia

Beston has exported our amusement park rides to countries and areas and we have already built more than ten parks this year. And this year, Beston sold amusement park rides to many places, such as Iraq, Bahrain, Nigeria, America, Uzbekistan, Canada, Cambodia, Pakistan, Australia, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Chile, Uganda. Especially, we have built several … Read more

inflatable battery operated cars for kids with remote control

Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale in Nigeria

The followings are the feedback of customers in Nigeria. These inflatable bumper cars are in the bumper car center in Nigeria, which is built by Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. This bumper cars is mainly composed of several inflated battery bumper cars for kids and adults in a square. Equipped with gorgeous LED lighting and … Read more

amusement park equipment prices in Philippines

Feedback of Beston Water Park Equipment in Philippines

The followings are feedback photos of some water games manufactured and supplied by Beston Amusement from our Philippines customer. They ordered a series of inflatable equipment and Water Park games for their water park, which has brought a large amount benefits for their investment in a short time! You can check the photos of the … Read more

swings amusement park ride manufacturer

Gorgeous Theme Park with Beston Amusement Park Equipment in Uzbekistan

This year, Beston Company has built several parks in Uzbekistan. Our customers give us positive feedback with our equipment and services. You can check the pictures of one customers’ feedback of the park designed by our company. And we also supply all amusement park equipment in the different types of theme parks, including thrill rides … Read more

fairground carousel for sale

Congratulations on the New Park in Iraq Built by Beston Group

It is really a great news that the new park is successfully built in Iraq. And Beston group plays an important role in the building of this new park from Iraq. Beston Company is a top and professional manufacturer and supplier of different types of amusement park rides. And has helped many customers around the … Read more

happy car rides - small amusement rides for sale

Tajikistan Customer Buy Le Bar Cars from Beston Amusement

Tajikistan Customer comes to Zhengzhou, China visit our factory and our office in October, 2015. Three sales girls and our manager accompany him. They visited our factory which covers an areas of more than 63000 square meters in Xingyang City, and our company in Zhengzhou. And they have dinner together at least. This customer purchased … Read more

customized outdoor amusement equipment

Palestine Customers Placed His Order After Visiting Our Factory

After visiting our factory in Xingyang City and our company in Zhengzhou City, our customer from Palestine finally place his order and choose some amusement park equipment: octopus fairground rides, bumper cars, carousel rides, self-control rotary plane rides, frog hopper rides, etc. He expressed his thanks for our sales manager and company after receiving his … Read more

miniature amusement park rides

Pakistan customers come to visit our factory in Beston

In January, 2016, two of our customers in Pakistan come to Henan, China and plan to buy a trackless train. Our sales manager leads them to Xingyang City to visit our factory and then they also come to our company in Zhengzhou City. They says they have a good day in our company- Beston group, the top theme … Read more

carnival train for sale

Beston Electric Trackless Train Ride has Been transported to Chile

In August, 2016, this trackless train begins to be manufactured in our factory. After two weeks hard-working, our staff in factory have succeed in designing and manufacturing this big elephant trackless train according to the requirements of our customers in Chile. To meet our customers’ demands, we manufacture this kiddie trains in the red color, … Read more

Beston Electric Bumper Cars Has Been Transported to Indian

In August 17th, 2015, some electric bumper cars have finished the manufacturing in the factory of Beston in Xingyang, Henan, China and are ready to transporting to India. The Indian customer has ever came to Henan, China and our sales managers accompanied him to visit our factory and also our company. And he felt fairly satisfied … Read more

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