Spray Ball Car for sale

The spray ball car, also known as the happy/joy spray ball car, belong to one of the most traditional amusement rides. And the spray ball cars are really very popular in theme park, shopping mall, playgrounds and other places.

Check our new Spray Ball Ride for Sale – Ocean Singer:

Ocean Singer Spray Ball Ride manufacturer

Ocean Singer Spray Ball Ride for Sale

Ocean singer spray ball ride, a kind of spinning rides, combines with carousel rides, spinning teacup rides and traditional spray ball ride. It is a newly designed amusement ride and suitable for all age, which is popular in amusement and theme parks, indoor entertainment center, etc. Beston offers quality ocean ...

Spray Ball Ride Details:

It is a fairground ride with track and suitable for the kiddies and their parents to play together. The spray ball car rides are available in its traditional authentic colors, which are all hand painted with different types of themes on the spray ball car according to customers’ requirements, such as fish, mermaid and other animals.

How Does Spray Ball Ride Work?

As the spray ball car starts moving, on one hand, the ride can travel along the track and spray colorful balls constantly; on the other hand, kiddies or adults on the rides can catch the balls by hand or with the net. Therefore, the family ride can exercise the hand-eye coordination of all riders.

During the whole process, riders are moving with jumping balls aside and accompanied with beautiful music. It looks very interesting! Beston is always specialized in improving our amusement equipment without interruption, including the spray ball car for sale.

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Ocean Spray Ball Rides

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Spray Ball Car for sale

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Choose Beston to Buy Spray Ball Ride

Beston manufactures park rides with excellent quality and reasonable price. Beston will be your ideal selection when choosing professional fairground ride manufacturers. Spray ball car for sale is one of the best selling new fair rides from Beston. Please contact us freely and immediately for our detailed product information and the quotation.

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Beston Happy Spray Ball Car Amusement Rides for Sale

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Spray Ball Ride in the Factory

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Product Features of Beston Spray Ball Cars:

1. Happy spray ball car is a new amusement park rides design for kids.
2. When the equipment start rotating, the volcanic vent in the equipment will spray many colorful balls, meanwhile, the equipment installed with music device,
3. This equipment break up the single way of traditional track series.
4. It is widely seen in kindergarten, residential park, park, amusement park, shopping mall, and supermarket.

Technical Parameter of Beston Spray Ball Cars:

power volt load area
4kw 380v 50HZ 5*2 persons 5.5*5.5m

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