Space Walking Ride for sale

The space walking rides are the overhead tourist car kind with track which has the novel design and is really frequently in amusement parks. Under the special design, the space walking ride not only has the advanced function of cycle, but also gain the function of automatic drive. Riders can make the space walk ride move by force to exercise, or shift to the automatic transmission when they feel tired. In order to let the riders manage easily, the car is equipped with sensing system. When the latter car overtakes the front car, the front car will shift from pedal to automatic advance, which makes the driving in holiday become fluently, thus increasing the passenger capacity in unit time.

quality space walking amusement rides for sale
Space Walking Ride for sale

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Quality Space Walking Ride from Beston

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The space walking Rides can play the music to make the riders relax themselves. What you should do is only to press the buttons on instrument panel to enjoy the relaxation and happiness of walking on cloud. Besides, when on the space walk Ride, riders can make the car rotate 360° by steering wheel to appreciate the surrounding beautiful scene. The shape of the space walk rides are designed like aircraft from outer space, novel and fashion, which is a new concept overhead bicycle. Beston supplies quality space walking ride for sale with stronger performance and affordable prices.

best space walking fair rides for uk market

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Beston is one of the best amusement park equipment manufacturers in China and provides various amusement rides for sale around the world. The space walking ride for sale is one kind of many best selling amusement equipment in Beston. If you are interested in space walking rides, contact us at once and we will reply you as soon as possible.
various quality space walking rides in China

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Factory Advantages of Beston Space Walking Rides:

1. The professional manufacturer of amusement park equipment in China, provide you the direct service and technical guidance.
2. As the durable products, all our products are manufactured with high quality materials and have passed the CE and ISO certification
3. Quality products with competitive prices and Exported to many foreign countries
4. Provide overall amusement park rides including design, manufacturing and installation.

Technical Parameter of Beston Disco Space Walking Rides:

Dimension L2 * W1.1 * H2 m
N.W. 330 KG
Capacity 2P
Speed ≤5km/h
Power 300W
Track Height ≤4.9m
Track Radius ≥6m
Track working voltage DC24-30V
Rotation 1m

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