Self Control Plane Ride For Sale

Self control plane ride is a popular ride in amusement park. In Beston Rides, the spacecrafts or the lovely cartoon on the vertical axis can be different as you like and is attractive. It is suitable for the whole family and parents can play with their children. There are several models of self-control plane rides for sale in Beston Rides, the top and professional manufacturer and supplier of various amusement park rides for kids and family.

Different Types of Self-control Plane Rides

Amusement park airplane ride, is also called self-control plane rides, are a kind of kiddie amusement rides which is very funny and interesting. This kind of kid rides for sale is frequently seen in the amusement parks, outdoor playgrounds, plazas, public gardens, etc. As for the air-plane rides, there are 6 or more aircrafts which are the cabins of kiddie riders. And each of the aircrafts has two seats and can go up and down. The airplanes are fixed on the arms around the vertical axis. There are many different types of amusement park airplane ride for sale in Beston Rides.

16 Seats Airplane Rides
24 Seats Airplane Rides
Christmas Airplane Rides
Busy Cowboy Plane Rides
Swan Plane Rides
Octopus Rides For Sale
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16 Seats Amusement Park Airplane Rides For Sale

16 Seats Amusement Park Airplane Rides

This is the classic children aircraft plane rides for sale. When riders are on the self control plane ride, they will feel like flying in the blue sky in a real plane. Riders have a sense of flying and feel relaxed and happy as their bodies is going up and down during rotating. When the flat ride starts working, the airplanes will rotate around the vertical axis. At the same time, riders can press the button to make the plane go up and down, or stop at any time as they want. The self control plane ride is equipped with advanced music player and colorful LED lights. It is quite vivid, easy operation and bring endless happiness.
Self-control Rotary Plane Price in Moldova
Popular Self-control Rotary Plane Ride in Miracle City

24 Seats Amusement Park Airplane Rides

This newly designed carnival plane rides is very charming and welcomed by many customers. With unique alien elements, the aircraft design adopts a more modern and fashionable silver color, echoing the theme. Alien-themed autonomous aircraft equipment attracts many visitors to the amusement park.
  • Carrying capacity: 24 people
  • Equipment height: 7.5m
  • Running height: 4.3m
  • Drive power: 29.5kw
  • Equipment size: φ12m×7.86m
  • Covered area: 17m
  • Rotation diameter: 13.8m
  • Theoretical passenger flow: 360 people/hour (4 minutes/time)
Kiddie Self-control Plane Rides for sale in Indoensia
Kiddie Self-control Plane Rides

Christmas Airplane Amusement Rides

Christmas Airplane Amusement Rides are designed with a Christmas theme. The cockpit is designed as an elk sleigh, adding to the festive atmosphere. If you’re looking for Christmas-themed amusement rides or self-control plane rides with a holiday theme, it’s crucial to contact reliable amusement ride manufacturers Beston Rides.
  • Covered area: Φ11m
  • Equipment height: 5m
  • Capacity: 16 people
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 12Kw
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Busy Cowboy Self-control Plane Rides

Busy Cowboy Self-control Planes

The amusement park plane rides has a western cowboy theme, with a huge cactus in the middle and a cowboy hat hanging on top. Sit on the carriage and start the 360° rotating lift jump to enjoy the thrill of galloping. It’s like galloping on a horse in the Gobi Desert in the west, and your heart will race with it. Come and experience this Western cowboy style rotating amusement equipment! Release your inner wild and unruly, challenge the limits and feel the charm of the Western cowboy!
  • Input voltage: AC380V220V-50HZ
  • Total power: 10KW
  • Equipment size: φ9.5m*H6.6m
  • Overall machine weight: 2T
  • Number of passengers: 12 people
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Swan Self-control Plane Rides

This new autonomous aircraft has a unique swan-shaped cockpit design. Let children climb into the swan and take control of their own flight! These swan-shaped cockpits are vibrant, lively and engaging, inviting children and families to play together.
  • Input voltage: AC380V220V 50-60HZ
  • Total power: 5.5KW oil driven
  • Covered area: 6M in diameter (including fence)
  • Equipment height: 4.5M
  • Running height: ≤1.4M
  • Running speed: ≤0.6M/S
  • Rotation diameter: ø5M
  • Overall machine weight:≈1.2T
carnival octopus ride for sale
Beston Octopus Amusement Ride in Beston Rides

Rotary Octopus Rides For Sale

When riders are on the octopus amusement ride, riders will enjoy the ride freely. Riders will not only can rotate along with the big octopus fairground ride, but also they can revolve with another two cabins which are installed on the same arm. As the rotary octopus ride is spinning, each cabins also can move up and down freely. Riders on octopus rides will feel like they are swimming in the sea with the big octopus. It is very interesting and funny!
  • diameter:16m
  • maximum height of cabinet:2.96m
  • power:17kw
  • input voltage:380v
  • operating voltage:24v

Video Display of Amusement Park Airplane Ride

Here are some popular self-control plane rides for sale in Beston Rides. You can see more directly how the self-control plane works and light effects. Auto airplane rides for sale are a popular style of children’s amusement equipment. They require relatively little floor space and budget, and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios.

Self control Kiddie Rotary Plane Ride with 24 Seats
Christmas Theme Self-control Plane Rides
New Self-control Plane Rides With Swan Cockpit
Busy Cowboy Self-control Plane Rides
Uzbekistan Rotating Giant Octopus Customer Feedback

Advantages of Beston Self Control Plane Rides

Beston Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing self control plane rides for sale with high quality and is the famous amusement fairground ride manufacturer in China. We supply various all types of amusement park equipment, including thrill rides and, kiddie and family rides for all customers around the world. Please contact us freely and then you can get detailed information.

Carousel Ride Raw Material
Durable and Environmentally Friendly Materials

Beston amusement park airplane rides are constructed with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and steel, these materials ensure the ride’s durability, sturdiness, and environmental sustainability. FRP offers resilience against weather elements, making it suitable for outdoor use while maintaining structural integrity.

self control plane rides for sale in Beston Rides
High-Quality Paint Finish

The use of high-quality paint of self-control plane rides ensures the kiddie plane ride maintains its vibrant appearance over time. The paint’s resistance to fading preserves the ride’s aesthetic appeal, contributing to a visually appealing experience for visitors.

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Engaging Light and Music Features

Equipped with captivating lighting effects and exciting music, the airplane ride enhances the overall sensory experience for riders. These elements create an immersive atmosphere, adding to the enjoyment and entertainment value.

amusement park airplane ride installation and operation guidance
Versatile Installation Locations

The flexibility of installing these kiddie plane rides in various settings such as amusement parks, parks, squares, indoor entertainment centers, or outdoor venues adds to their versatility and accessibility.

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Emphasis on Safety and Reliability

Beston Rides conducts strict quality inspections on its products. Careful workmanship ensures ride safety and reliability. Meeting safety standards and undergoing rigorous testing procedures ensures a safe and reliable experience for riders.

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Customization Options

Beston allows amusement park airplane ride to be customized to specific requirements, allowing for custom designs, colors and additional features. This customization feature allows rides to fit precisely to a venue or park’s theme or preferences.

Where Self-control Plane Rides Can Be Used?

Self-control plane rides, commonly found in amusement parks and fairs, offer thrilling experiences where riders have varying degrees of control over the movement of their individual planes. You could invest in amusement park airplane ride to help boom your park. Here are some application scenarios where these rides are popular.

Kiddie Plane Rides Exporting to Different Countries and Areas

Beston amusement park airplane rides are very popular around the world. These plane rides for kids can be used in various indoor and outdoor places. Let’s explore some examples of successful implementations of self control plane rides for sale at Beston Rides around the world. If you are interested, please contact us!

Beston Rides – Quality Amusement Rides Manufacturer

Beston Rides is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer in China. We have lots of amusement rides for sale cases to the world including amusement park airplane rides. Beston Rides provides overall park solutions, has extensive export experience, and has a strong influence in the global amusement industry. We help customers with park design and planning while providing high-quality amusement park equipment worldwide.

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One-stop Solutions

Beston Rides specializes in providing complete park design and park project solutions for amusement parks and entertainment venues. This comprehensive approach includes everything from initial site design and ride selection to installation, operation guidance, and post-installation support. We try our best to help our customers to save lots of troubles.

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Production Workshops

The factory covers an area of 200,000 square meters, including Cutting Workshop, Welding Workshop, Machining Workshop, Fiberglass Workshop, Painting Workshop, Strict Quality Control and so on. We stick to produce high-quality amusement park airplane rides for our customers.

Rich Export Experience

We have five overseas offices including Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines and Uzbekistan. Our amusement equipment is exported to more than 100 countries around the world, with more than 500 amusement equipment projects, and we have rich export experience.

Self – control Plane Rides For Your Amusement Park

Beston Rides is a leader of amusement park rides for sale in China and have mutiple choice for self-control plane rides for sale.  From here, you could get not only quality kiddie rides, but also all-round support. We could help you with buying amusement rides and openning an amusement park. If you want to consult us about self control plane rides for sale, please contact us immediately and we will send a professional salesperson to contact you!

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