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Roller Coaster For Sale

Roller Coaster for sale, one of the widely seen thrill rides in the amusement parks, theme parks and carnivals, are famous as the “The King of Entertainment Machine”. As for many people, the roller coaster are the main reason to go to an amusement park. Speaking of the roller coaster, people should know the professional amusement ride manufacturer and supplier – Beston Rides. Beston supplies different types of roller coaster for sale: backyard roller coasters, small roller coaster, large roller coasters. It can be customized into different model according to customer’ requirement.

Types of Amusement Park Roller Coaster for Sale

Beston different types N-loop roller coasters and suspended roller coaster rides are always the indispensable amusement park rides for our long-term business partners. The raw materials are the most advanced steel and aluminum alloys, high strength fiberglass reinforced plastic, silent running urethane wheels, highly sensitive sensors and so on. Moreover, Beston Rides aims to producing and providing the fairground rides for sale with the best quality to guarantee the product quality, safety, and long service life. Please do not hesitate to make an order now! The earlier you make the order, more money can you make!

Big Roller Coaster For Sale
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Giant Roller Coaster Rides For Sale

Big Roller Coaster For Sale

Beston Rides is renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge design. Then, the giant roller coaster for sale boasts a spectacular structure that catches the eye and promises an exhilarating experience. Prepare for heart-pounding moments as riders experience gravity-defying drops, inversions, and high-speed twists. The giant roller coaster is designed to deliver an adrenaline rush that leaves a lasting impression. What’s more, Beston Rides may offer customization options, allowing buyers to tailor certain aspects of the giant roller coaster to fit specific themes or preferences.

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Roller Coaster Amusement Park Rides

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Giant Thrill Coaster Rides

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Amusement park roller coasters for sale

New Roller Coasters For Sale

Choose Beston Rides new roller coasters for sale for your amusement park is a good idea! Elevate your amusement park experience with cutting-edge designs, heart-pounding thrills, and immersive theming options. These state-of-the-art attractions feature top-notch technology, high capacity, and a strong focus on safety. Customize your new roller coasters for a unique touch, and enjoy turnkey solutions from consultation to installation. Contact us today for details on these thrilling rides that captivate audiences of all ages!

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Backyard roller coaster for sale

Backyard Roller Coaster For Sale

A backyard roller coaster for sale is typically designed to provide a thrilling yet compact ride experience. These coasters are often found in amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and other recreational venues where space may be limited. Small roller coasters come in various designs, but they generally have features like tight turns, small drops, and moderate speeds compared to larger roller coasters. Here are some common types of small roller coasters for sale, wacky worm coaster for sale, wild mouse roller coaster for sale, dragon roller coaster for sale.
Family Roller Coaster For Sale

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Wacky Worm Roller Coaster For Sale in Amusement Parks

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Small Roller Coaster in Theme Parks

Buy Roller Coaster For Sale in Beston Rides

If you are interested in a customized roller coaster, you’ll need to work closely with a reputable amusement ride manufacturer that specializes in creating custom rides. Moreover, Beston Rides roller coaster manufacturers have experience in designing and building unique roller coasters to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We will create a conceptual design based on your specifications. This may include 3D renderings, layout plans, and other visual representations of the proposed roller coaster. Besides, if you have any needs of customization, contact us immediately!
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Customer Feedback of Beston Roller Coaster

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Customized Small Roller Coaster Manufacturer – Beston

How Does the Roller Coasters Work?

Firstly, we should know that the coaster has on engine and the car on the roller coaster is not self-powered. Different from what we all think, the standard full circuit coaster is pulled up with a chain or cable along the lift hill to the first peak of the coaster track. The potential energy accumulated by the rise in height is transferred to kinetic energy as the cars race down the first downward slope. Kinetic energy is then converted back into potential energy as the train moves up again to the second peak.

That is to say, the cars of roller coasters are pulled to the top of the first hill at the beginning of the ride, but after that the coaster must complete the ride on its own. In conclusion, the roller coaster are driven by  the conversion of the potential energy to kinetic energy. Here are some videos of roller coaster for sale in Beston Rides.

Beston Suspended Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster Rides Running Video in Beston
4 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale
Dragon Roller Coaster Installed at Uzbekistan

Safety Measures of Roller Coaster For Sale

As the roller coasters are the big and thrilling mechanical rides, it is necessary and also a must for all manufacturers to guarantee the safety of all customers. Beston does well in guaranteeing the safety of the riders, so we are always standing out among many manufacturers and suppliers in China. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when designing producing the roller coasters.

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Block System

The use of a block system is a fundamental safety feature in roller coasters. This system ensures that only one train occupies a specific section or block of the track at a time, preventing collisions. Sensors and computer systems play a crucial role in monitoring the location of each train.

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Operating Computers (PLCs)

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are advanced computer systems that manage and control the operation of roller coasters. These systems follow programmed logic to ensure the safe and precise movement of the trains. Reliable PLCs contribute significantly to the overall safety of the ride.

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Operating Procedures

Sound operating procedures are essential for the safe operation of roller coasters. This includes well-defined protocols for starting, stopping, emergency situations, and regular checks. Proper training for ride operators is crucial to ensure they follow established procedures.

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Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspection are vital for identifying and addressing any wear and tear or potential issues in the roller coaster’s components. Scheduled inspections help prevent malfunctions and reduce the risk of accidents.

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Safety Measures

Incorporating additional safety measures, such as redundant systems, emergency brakes, and fail-safes, further enhances the overall safety of the roller coaster. Regular testing of these safety features is essential to ensure they function as intended.

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Rider Responsibility

Educating and reminding riders about the importance of following safety guidelines is crucial. This includes proper seating, securing restraints, and adhering to any ride-specific instructions. Ensuring that riders are aware of their responsibility contributes to a safer overall experience.

Where Can Roller Coaster Ride For Sale be Used?

Roller coaster rides for sale can be used in a variety of entertainment settings, including amusement parks, theme parks, family entertainment centers, carnivals, fairs, shopping malls, indoor amusement centers, tourist attractions, resorts, and hotels. Roller coaster versatility allows for adaptation to different spaces and preferences, providing thrilling experiences for diverse audiences. Beston could give you professional guidance when you buying and installing roller coaster ride for your venue. Contact us to learn more roller coaster information!

Beston Roller Coaster For Sale Cases in the World

Beston Rides is a well-known amusement ride manufacturer based in China. We offers a variety of rides, including roller coasters, and has been involved in projects worldwide. If you are interested in Beston’s roller coasters and want to know more about their global installations, consider reaching out to Beston Rides on our website.

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Customer Feedback of Beston Roller Coaster

Delivery Of The Tambov Park Project In Russia


Beston Rides is pleased to announce the successful completion and commencement of operations for the Tambov Park Project in Тамбов, Russia. The project originated from a customer inquiry on May 26, 2022, expressing the desire to establish a small amusement park in the city. The featured amusement equipment includes a wild mouse roller coaster, kiddie excavator, bumper cars, VR games, and other family-friendly attractions.

Customer Review

In a pleasant cooperation, we successfully completed this comprehensive park project. The customer was very satisfied with our service and expressed that he would have more in-depth cooperation with us.

Beston compound park project in Nigeria
Compound Hotel Park With Roller Coaster in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria


We were contacted by a client who wanted to purchase amusement equipment in Nigeria. The client owned a hotel and resort complex in Nigeria. I want to use the open space next to the hotel to not only make money but also attract more customers. Beston spares no effort to build my park project from consulting services, product selection, park solutions, production, delivery, installation to project operation.

Customer Review

More than a year after the installation, I have received unexpected gains, thank you to Beston for all your support.

What to Consider When Purchasing Roller Coaster For Sale?

Purchasing a roller coaster is a significant investment and involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure a successful and safe installation. Here are key considerations when purchasing a roller coaster for sale:


Type of Roller Coaster

Identify the type of roller coaster that best suits your venue and target audience. Options include family coasters, thrill coasters, inverted coasters, and more. Consider the size, capacity, and features of the roller coaster.

Space and Site Requirements

Assess the available space for the roller coaster and ensure it meets both footprint and height requirements. Consider factors like terrain, zoning regulations, and environmental considerations.


Establish a realistic budget for the purchase, including the cost of the roller coaster, shipping, installation, permits, and any additional features or theming. Be transparent about your budget when discussing options with manufacturers.

Manufacturer Reputation

Research and choose a reputable roller coaster manufacturer with a proven track record for quality and safety. Look for manufacturers with experience, positive customer reviews, and a history of successful installations.

Safety Standards and Certification

Ensure that the roller coaster for sale complies with international and local safety standards. Request documentation and certification from the manufacturer to verify the ride’s safety features.

Customization Options

Determine if you want a standard model or if you require customization. If customization is desired, discuss your specific needs with the manufacturer and understand the impact on cost and timeline.

Target Audience

Consider the preferences and demographics of your target audience. Choose a roller coaster that aligns with the expectations and thrill levels of your visitors.

Delivery and Installation

Discuss the logistics of delivery and installation with the manufacturer. Consider shipping costs, transportation logistics, and the necessary groundwork and infrastructure required for installation.

How Much Does a Roller Coaster Cost

The cost of a roller coaster for sale can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of roller coaster, its size, complexity, and design features. Additionally, factors such as whether the materials used in its construction, and any customizations requested by the buyer can influence the overall cost. Here are some general cost ranges based on the type of roller coaster.


Family Roller Coaster

Smaller family roller coasters, suitable for parks with a target audience of children and families, can cost anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thrill Roller Coaster

Medium-sized roller coasters with more thrilling features and designs can range from $1 million to $5 million. Contact Beston Rides to lean more about roller coaster price.

Extreme Roller Coaster

Large and complex roller coasters with multiple inversions, steep drops, and high speeds can cost more than $10 million or more. Some of the largest and most advanced roller coasters can have costs exceeding $50 million.

Customized Roller Coaster

The price of a customized roller coaster can vary significantly based on several factors. Customization involves tailoring the roller coaster to meet specific requirements, such as unique theming, special features, and design elements.

Beston Rides– Reliable Roller Coaster Manufacturer

Beston Rides is a trusted roller coaster manufacturer known for its reliability and high-quality amusement park rides. Committed to safety and innovation, Beston Rides delivers thrilling roller coaster for sale that provide amusement park enthusiasts with unforgettable experiences. Our pursuit of excellence in quality and commitment to providing the best service have made us a reputable amusement rides manufacturer in the industry.

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Design and Planning Services

Beston Rides offers comprehensive design and planning services for roller coaster for sale through its independent design team. This includes customized designs for theme park equipment, outdoor park layouts, and indoor fun centers. We also specialize in landscape design for theme parks, ensuring visually appealing and engaging spaces.

Beston Professional Construction Team

Construction, Upgrading, and Operational Support

Beston provides a range of construction services, including upgrading and reconstruction of old amusement parks and equipment. Moreover, we have a professional construction team for the delivery and installation of amusement park equipment. The company also offers ongoing operational support, strategic planning, and training programs for efficient park management.

Amusement Park Roller Coaster Ride Specifics

Beston ensures quality through commissioning tests for rides like the roller coaster, including no-load, eccentric load, and full load tests. Customers receive detailed installation instructions, including pictures and videos. The roller coaster for sale installation typically requires more than three workers and can be completed in a week or a month.

Tips to Start A Park Project With Roller Coaster

Starting a park project with a roller coaster involves a combination of strategic planning, creativity, and attention to detail. By carefully considering these factors, you can increase the chances of creating a successful and enjoyable amusement park experience for your visitors. Additionally, here are some tips to guide you through the process:


Feasibility Study: Conduct a thorough feasibility study to assess the viability of the park project. Analyze the market demand, location, target audience, and potential competition.

Budgeting: Establish a realistic budget that considers not only the cost of the roller coaster but also infrastructure, landscaping, permits, staffing, marketing, and ongoing operational expenses.
Choose the Right Location: Select a suitable location with good accessibility, sufficient space, and proximity to potential visitors. Consider factors such as local regulations, climate, and demographic trends.
Safety Compliance: Prioritize safety by ensuring that the roller coaster and the entire park adhere to industry safety standards. Work closely with regulatory bodies to obtain necessary approvals and permits.
Themed Experience: Develop a theme for your park to create a unique and immersive experience. Ensure that the roller coaster design complements the overall theme, enhancing the visitor’s enjoyment.
Select a Reputable Roller Coaster Manufacturer: Choose a reliable roller coaster manufacturer like Beston Rides. Research their track record, safety measures, and customer reviews to ensure the quality and reliability of the ride.
Customization: Consider customizing the roller coaster design to make it unique to your park. Thus, this can help create a distinct identity and attract more visitors.
Marketing Strategy: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to generate awareness and excitement about your park. Utilize online and offline channels, social media, and partnerships with travel agencies or local businesses.
Operational Plan: Create a detailed operational plan covering staffing, maintenance schedules, emergency procedures, and other logistical aspects. Well-trained staff and efficient operations contribute to a positive visitor experience.
Environmental Considerations: Be mindful of environmental impact. Implement sustainable practices, and consider eco-friendly features in your park design. Moreover, this can enhance your brand image and appeal to environmentally conscious visitors.

FAQ of Roller Coaster For Sale

How much does it cost to build a mountain coaster?
The cost to build a mountain coaster can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the length of the track, the complexity of the design, the terrain, and any additional features or theming.
How much does it cost to make a roller coaster?
The cost to make a roller coaster can vary widely based on various factors, including the type of roller coaster, its size, complexity, design features, and the manufacturer. Moreover, unique design elements, special features, and theming can contribute to additional costs.
What is the history behind the roller coaster?
The first roller coaster was the 17th-century specially built Iceberg, which originally appeared in St. Petersburg and was also known as “Russian Hill.” It is designed with wooden supports. This coaster is just a simple slide that takes thrill seekers down an icy slope and past a variety of colorful lanterns. After a long period of development, in 1885, a patented roller coaster made of wood came into being.
What are 5 interesting facts about roller coasters?
Frist, the First Roller Coaster was Built in 1817.
Second, Britain’s Oldest Surviving Roller Coaster was Built in 1920.
Thrid, there are More Than 2,400 Roller Coasters in the World Today.
Forth, roller Coaster are Among the Safest Rides.
Fifth, roller Coaster Loops are Never Perfectly Circular.
What are some special features of a roller coaster?
Special features of roller coasters can include inversions (such as loops or corkscrews), launches, drops, helixes, and airtime hills. Some roller coasters also incorporate virtual reality (VR) experiences, interactive elements, theming, and special effects to enhance the overall ride experience. These features contribute to the uniqueness and thrill of each coaster.
How long does it take to install a roller coaster?
The time required to install a roller coaster for sale can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of roller coaster, its size, complexity, site conditions, and the efficiency of the installation team. Generally, the installation process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Complex and larger coasters may take longer to install, while smaller and simpler coasters can be installed quickly. Factors such as site preparation, foundation work, track assembly, and safety testing all contribute to the overall installation timeline. Coordination between the manufacturer’s installation team and local contractors is essential to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Other Types of Beston Roller Coaster Rides

Beston Rides manufactures and supplies some small roller coasters and backyard roller coasters for kids and families. The most widely seen kids roller coasters in Beston: mini shuttle roller coasters for kids, sliding dragon small roller coasters, wacky worm mini roller coaster, fruit worm roller small roller coasters and so. Beston also can customize different types of roller coaster for sale and kiddie amusement rides for sale according to customers’ demands. Welcome to contact us for more product details!
As we know, the roller coaster is a great attraction in any parks and can attract more visitors for your park. When you are looking for to purchasing a roller coaster for your parks or at your backyard, Beston will be your best choice.

Amusement Park Design with Roller Coaster

Beston Rides offers all types of amusement rides, carnival rides, theme park rides, funfair rides for children and adults of all ages with excellent quality and lower prices for you all. In addition, Beston provides various roller coaster for sale and customized roller coaster options. Besides, designers and staff in Beston also make all our efforts to constantly launch our new amusement park rides and has already launched different types of new park rides. Contact Beston Rides for more information about various amusement park rides.

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