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The rockin tug rides have another name flying car ride and are a kind of flat ride and also the thrill ride. The rocking tug belong to the family rides swirling and twirling on the track. It is mainly composed of the track and the car. And the car has the big cabins and can accommodate more people. However, with the unique design by Beston, it can move very stably and safely. The rides are widely seen in the amusement parks, shopping mall, indoor, park funny rides and outdoor playground. The rockin tug ride for sale from Beston will be the best selection for your investment.

BAR-RT1 Beston New Rockin’ Tug Amusement Park Rides for Sale

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Rides on the rocking tug ride can enjoy the happiness. The rockin tug fairground ride has the friction wheel and can be driven back and forth along a track shaped in a concave arc, rocking back and forth. While this is happening, the entire tug car rotates around its center. Adults and children can enjoy this ride that swings around in a circular motion and simulates a ride on a rocky sea!

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BAR-RT7 Beston Rocking Tug Carnival Rides for Sale

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BAR-RT7 Beston Mini Flying Car Rides for Sale

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BAR-RT6 Beston Mini Flying Car Rides for Sale

Model: BAR-RT6
Size: 10*5m
Capacity: 8 persons
Power: 6.8kw
Voltage: 380v
Top height: 3.6m
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Beston Magic Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale
BAR-RT5 New Type Happy Flying Car Rides in Beston

Model: BAR-RT5
Size: 10*5m
Capacity: 8 persons
Power: 6.8kw
Voltage: 380v
Top height: 3.6m
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There are many customers who have developed a long term relationship with Beston amusement park equipment – the professional theme park ride manufacturer. If you are interested in rockin tug ride for sale or other amusement park equipment for sale, please contact us freely.
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BAR-RT8 Beston Mini Flying Plane Rides for Sale

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Beston Mini Flying Plane Rides for Kids

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BAR-RT2 Beston Yellow Rockin’ Tug Fairground Rides for Sale Cheap

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BAR-RT2 Beston Red Rockin Tug Amusement Rides for Sale Cheap

Product Advantages of Beston Rockin Tug Rides:

1. Stainless steel and colorful FRP material, super quality and safety.
2. Many colorful LED lamps which is energy-saving, and brings more joy for the kids.
3. Vivid design with bright color, and you could choose the color you like.
4. The maximum thickness of fiberglass reinforced plastics is six layers, which ensure the safety and life length of the equipment.

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BAR-RT2 Beston Rocking Tug Rides for Sale

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BAR-RT3 Quality Rockin Tug amusement Ride Manufacturer in Beston Group

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Technical Parameter of Beston Rockin Tug Rides:

Item Data
Voltage: 380v/50HZ
Power: 2.2kw
Timing setting range: 1-5min
Direction of rotation: Clockwise, anticlockwise
Disk rotate speed: 3-6 turn/minute
Swing Diameter: 3m
Slide speed: 6.5KM/h
Specified passengers: 8 Children Or 6 adults
Equipment weight: 1500KG

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