Promotion Plans for the Third Quarter

During the special period of the epidemic, many investors may have run into many problems about their business or investment. For example, you may be looking for solutions for your project consulting and ride maintenance, or newly-designed park rides and so on. In order to help our customers around the world, we offer some promotion plans to provide convenience and benefits for customers. The Promotion Plans are composed of five parts:

ALL Free for Project Consulting

When customers who are planning to invest in a project, we can offer different kinds of services free of charge. Whether you are investing in an indoor project or outdoor project, please feel free to contact us when you need our help! We will always be here in case you need assistance!

Free On-site Measurement

Free On-site Measurement

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As we know, measurement is very important to any kind of design, including the park design. Our professional engineers can offer the on-site measurement for free. As an expert in park design, we have supplied more than 300 park solutions to our customer which have been out into operation. No matter which design, 2D or 3D, Beston can satisfy you. Most importantly, during promotion, it is free for all. Besides, we also can analyze the return on investment to help you forecast and make a decision. As we have successfully operated so many projects, we can give you many useful suggestions or instructions when you have difficulties in project management.

BESTON or NOT BESTON, It Is not a Problem!

We don’t mind the brand, and we just want to solve the problem! If you do not know how to maintain your amusement rides, please contact us for help! Our teams can help customers maintain park rides of different brands. And during the 40 days, all consulting service is free and there are 5 engineers online to offer technical supports and solve problems. Do not hesitate to contact us Now and we will give you the best answers!
Ride Maintenance Is Available for Any Brand

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BESTON New Design, You Deserve to Bright 2023

In the past few years, we have done a lot in the innovation of amusement equipment. Therefore, it is widely seen that many newly-designed amusement rides in the market are manufactured and supplied by Beston amusement. We customize the product according to our customers’ demands or in accordance with the fashion trends. Now you can see many new amusement rides with attractive appearance, such as carousel rides, giant frisbee ride, miami ride, swing rides, pirate ship rides, ferris wheel, tagada rides, trackless trains, swing tower rides, and so on. The followings are four types of amusement rides with big discounts:
60/68 Seats Double-decker Carousel Ride

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As for the coming Christmas, how are you going to celebrate it? How about riding this Christmas trackless train to have a romantic and happy journey. Now, the trackless train is promotion at the moment, which just can promote your Christmas parties or business! Please don’t miss this rare opportunity and there are only ten sets!
Customized Design / Painting

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There are rich gifts here for our customers! Different kinds of gifts are available here! When you place an order in the battle month, we can send gifts to you! If these presents can not satisfy your demands, please tell us and more presents are waiting for you!
More Presents Are Waiting for You!

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