Pirate Ship Ride For Sale

Beston Rides has various quality and attractive pirate ship ride for sale with different themes and capacities. It can bring exciting and thrilling riding experience for passengers of different age groups. As an extreme popular amusement rides, which is characterized by open gondolas swinging back and forth, pirate boat ride has features of beautiful appearance, large capacities, thrilling, comfortable riding experience, sightseeing and safe. What’ s more, it can bring considerable profits for investors and great happiness for tourists. Therefore, it is a win-win selection to boom your business, and if you are interested in it, please contact us here now!

Viking Ship Ride For Sale Types

Just like the pendulum ride, pirate ship amusement ride for sale can also bring a feeling of weightlessness to tourists, thrilling and exciting! As we know, pirate style ships for sale is the adventure on the seas with the strong waves, which makes riders have a feeling of travelling on the sea. However, tourists can not worry about the safety and the pirate ship amusement ride can be suitable for the whole family groups to have a fun and it will leave a pleasant memory. In addition, the pirate ship amusement park ride can be frequently seen nearly in every park, carnival, kindergarten, supermarket, preschool, residential area, etc..

Mini Pirate Ship Rides
24 Seats Pirate Boat
36 Seats Pirate Ship
Themed Pirate Ship
Customized Pirate Ship Rides
mini pirate ship theme park ride
Mini Viking Boat Ride for Sale

Mini Pirate Ship Rides

The pirate ship amusement rides for sale of our company can be classified into 5 types according to the number of seats, including 8, 12, 16, 24, 36 and 40 seats pirate ship rides. As a thrilling amusement park ride, there is also a model specially designed for children, which is mini pirate ship ride for kids with compact size and attractive cartoon design. It consists of 8 seats and 12 seats viking ship amusement ride. Compared with giant swinging ship rides, the kids pirate ship ride is smaller and the appearance is more childlike. The cute animals on the hull, the bright and shining LED lights and other designs can arouse children’s keen interest in play and aspirations for riding. Moreover, mini pirate ship rides is properly used in many indoor places like children entainment center. Buy mini pirate ship rides for kids now!


  • Operation mode: Control cabinet automatic control system
  • Material: fiberglass/iron sheet/profile
  • Voltage:220V/380V
  • Power:3KW
  • Crew: 6 adults/8 children
  • Equipment size:L5*W3*H3.5m
  • Single side swing angle: 43°

swinging pirate ship ride price
6 Seats Mini Customized Pirate Ship Rides for sale

kiddie pirate ship boat ride for sale
Ice Theme Mini Pirate Boat Ride for Sale

viking ship ride for sale
Attractive Pirate Ship Ride for Sale in Beston

24 Seats Pirate Boat

24 seats fairground swing boats for sale is a popular choice in amusement parks. This is suitable for adults and children to ride together. Compared with the mini pirate ship for sale, it is more exciting and interesting. If you want a combination of cost-effectiveness and excitement, this model rocking pirate ship is a good choice. Contact us to get a quote!


  • Equipment height: 9m
  • Running height: 4.45m
  • Running speed: 6.83m/s
  • Single side swing angle: 45°
  • Number of passengers: 24
  • Total power: 15kw
  • Covered area: 13m×7m

pirate boat ride for sale
Quality Viking Ship Rides for Sale in Beston

pirate ship ride for sale
Popular Pirate Ship Boat Ride for Sale

pirate ship rides manufacturer
Buy Swinging Pirate Ship Ride for Sale in Beston

36 Seats Pirate Ship

The unilateral inclination angle of the 36 seat pirate boat ride is 90°. Generally speaking, the excitement of the amusement park pirate ship ride for sale is closely related to the inclination angle. The larger the unilateral inclination angle, the more exciting it is. This type of larger viking ship ride for sale can make people feel a sense of weightlessness, and is more affordable than large pendulums and roller coasters.


  • Covered area: 19m×8m
  • Equipment height: 11m
  • Running height: 6m
  • Single side inclination angle: 90°
  • Capacity: 36 people
  • Working voltage: 380v
  • Running speed: 7.2m/s
  • Installed capacity: 15KW
  • Production cycle: 60 days
  • Installation period: 10 days
  • Design service life of the whole machine: 16 years
  • Theoretical passenger flow: 432 people/hour
pirate ship swing ride for sale
Beston 36 Seats Pirate Ship Ride For Sale

viking ship ride for sale
Purchase 40 Seats Viking Boat Rides for Sale in Beston

kiddie pirate ship boat ride for sale
Ice Theme Mini Pirate Boat Ride for Sale

Themed Pirate Ship For Sale

We have different styles of themed pirate ships for sale, including classic pirate ship rides for sale, tropical style carnival pirate ship ride for sale, ice and snow style pirate ships, and cartoon style swinging ship carnival ride. We’ll recommend the right style of pirate ship equipment for your park, based on your local aesthetic and your needs. Contact Beston Rides to buy carnival amusement rides for sale now!


  • Operation mode: control cabinet automatic control system
  • Material: fiberglass/iron sheet/profile
  • Voltage:220V/380V
  • Power:3KW
  • Crew: 6 adults/8 children
  • Equipment size:L5*W3*H3.5m
  • Single side swing angle: 43°
  • Luxurious lighting configuration: the upper arm, bottom enclosure surface and top are all equipped with colorful marquee lights
pirate ship amusement park ride
16 Seats Cartoon style pirate ship for sale

mini pirate ship theme park ride
Tropical Style Viking Boat Ride for Sale

customized space ship fair ride for sale
Attractive Viking Ship Ride for Sale – Product Customization

Customized Pirate Ship For Sale

Looking for a thrilling addition to your amusement park? Beston Rides offers customized pirate ship rides for amusement parks. Contact us to discuss your design preferences, safety features, and pricing. We could help you create an immersive and exciting experience for park visitors with a uniquely themed pirate ship ride. If you have any idea of buying amusement pirate ship rides, please contact us now!

Beston Rides technical team and design team is fairly professional and can customize the pirate boat rides for our customers to meet their different demands. Investors who are planning to invest in pirate ship rides can feel free to contact us here and tell us your requirements, Then Beston can provide you a profitable project solution for the product customization. Do not hesitate to check here to get an unique pirate ship ride for your park project to improve your park business!

buy viking ship ride for sale
Customized Fiberglass Viking Boat Ride from Beston

pirate ship amusement park ride for sale
Beston Customized 24Seats Pirate Ship Ride

How Does Pirate Ship Ride Work?

The pirate ship ride is a kind of thrilling amusement rides that swings back and forth around the horizontal axis which is popular in park projects. It can make tourists feel like they are sailing in the sea of rough waves. As for tourists on the viking boat ride, sometimes they rush to the peak and sometimes they fall to the bottom. Thus, it will bring thrilling, exciting, entertaining feelings and widely accepted by thrill-seekers. Here, according to the videos, you can know how does the pirate ship amusement rides work.

24-Seat Customized Pirate Ship Ride Production Process
Snow Theme Mini Pirate Ship Ride in Beston
Beston Amusement Park Rides in Tajikistan
Beston Thrilling Park Project in Algeria

Product Advantages of Pirate Ship Amusement Rides

The Pirate Ship Ride is a type of amusement park rides, which is categorized under thrill rides or family rides, depending on the intensity level. It typically simulates the experience of being on a pirate ship sailing on rough waters, with the thrill ride swinging back and forth, fairly exciting. The viking ship ride is designed to provide an adrenaline rush to the riders, and it is a popular attraction in many amusement parks around the world.

In Beston Rides, we can supply quality pirate boat rides for investors around the world with different themes or capacities. What’s more, it can also be customized with different themes, colors, and lighting effects to make it more appealing to the audience. Here are some advantages of Beston Pirate Boat Rides:

pirate ship theme park ride for sale from China manufacturer

Gorgeous LED Lights

The whole pirate boat body and four uprights are decorated with attractive and colorful LED lights, which are bright. It makes the rides more high-end and can draw more tourists for investors.

Beston Amusement Carousel Rides Welding Technology
Cutting and Welding

During production, Beston adopts CNC cutting to ensure the accuracy (0.2 mm), and the surface is flat and smooth. Professional welders with certificates and rich experience can guarantee the precise and prolong the service life.

pirate ship carnival ride for sale
Flaw Detection

Beston has various flaw detection methods for all welding parts to to ensure excellent performance, which can avoid the gaps during welding, such as Metal, magnetic particle flaw detection and ultrasonic flaw detection.

Beston professional work team of amusement park rides
FRP Production

In order to guarantee the FRP quality, we produce it mainly in four steps: engrave foam prototype, make prototype samples, make formal mould and trim, and make the formal FRP semifinished product.

pirate ship amusement ride production Spray Process for FRP
Spray Process for FRP

There are six steps for FRP painting: semifinished product polishing, 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of finish and 1 coat of varnish for the FRP, making it more bright and last longer.

boat carnival ride for sale
Theme Variety

Beston Pirate Boat Rides come with various themes of pirate ship rides. Beston offers customization options for the pirate boat body, allowing investors to choose from different materials and themes to suit their preferences.

Where Can Pirate Ship Ride For Sale be Used?

Pirate ship carnival rides find diverse applications across entertainment settings, serving as thrilling attractions in amusement parks, carnivals, and fairs. With versatile appeal, these boat carnival ride for sale are also featured in theme parks, family entertainment centers, shopping malls, tourist destinations, and special events. Whether enhancing waterfront areas, delighting children in play centers, or adding excitement to corporate gatherings, pirate ship rides for sale bring dynamic entertainment to a wide range of venues, contributing to memorable experiences for visitors of all ages. If  you want to buy swinging pirate ship ride, contact Beston Rides!

Quality Pirate Ship Rides Installed in Different Park Projects

Beston has various pirate ship rides which is quite popular and have been exported to many countries and areas. Some customers choose Beston pirate ship rides to upgrade their park equipment, and some investors bought pirate ship rides and other park rides from our company to start a park project. And our pirate ship rides has been installed in different countries and areas, suach as Nigeria, Indonesia, Algeria, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Uzbeksitan, and so on.

Beston pirate ship rides have never disappointed our customers around the world. Moreover, most of our clients have quite high evaluation of our products and services, and give good feedback to us. In addition, among our current orders, quite a number of orders are from our regular customers, and they have placed orders from our company for many times, which shows thay trust us think our company is reliable and professional manufacturer. The following are some feedback photos or videos of our pirate ship amusement rides.

pirate ship amusement park ride

Pirate Ship Amusement Rides For Sale In Algeria

By gathering detailed information on the site and budget, we recommended suitable amusement rides for customers in Algeria. The customer was guided in selecting the most fitting ride and offered transparent payment options. Customer chose bumper cars, samba balloons, pirate ship ride in the end.

Customer Review

The amusement park will begin official operations in July 2023, attracting many tourists. Customers are very satisfied with our services and equipment. In addition, customers provided us with many feedback videos of the three rides sold in Algeria.

What to Consider When Purchasing Pirate Ship Rides?

To make an informed decision when purchasing a pirate ship ride for your amusement park or theme park, there are several factors to consider. In this way, investors can select the most popular, attractive and profitable pirate ship rides for their park projects, which means obtain high return for their investment. Here are some matters you should take into consideration for your reference:

Budget Considerations
Evaluate your budget and choose a pirate ship ride that aligns with your financial resources. Consider the size of your park and the overall cost-effectiveness of the investment.
Manufacturer Reputation
Select a reputable manufacturer with extensive experience in producing amusement rides. Research online reviews and choose a trusted supplier like Beston known for high-quality products and excellent service.
Product Quality
Prioritize product quality, as it directly impacts safety and the ride’s service life. Investing in a high-quality pirate ship ride can result in longevity and reduced maintenance requirements.
Price Competitiveness
Compare prices from different suppliers and ensure that you are getting a competitive price. Contact Beston for a quote on swinging pirate boat rides, taking advantage of their reputation for reasonable prices.
Safety Measures
Emphasize safety by choosing a pirate ship ride with robust safety features. Factors such as design and overall quality contribute to the ride’s safety performance, ensuring the well-being of riders.
Attractive Appearance
Consider the visual appeal of the pirate ship ride to attract more passengers. Opt for colorful FRP appearances, and explore customization options for themes, colors, and logos to enhance the ride’s attractiveness.
Customer Feedback and Reviews
Take into account customer feedback and reviews to gauge the product quality and the manufacturer’s reputation. Beston’s track record of exporting products globally and successful park projects can provide valuable insights.
Comprehensive Services and Support
Look for a manufacturer that offers comprehensive services and support. Beston provides services ranging from park design and project solutions to guidance on delivery, installation, maintenance, ROI analysis, and project operation.

How does the Pirate Ship Ride For Sale Work?

The operation of a Pirate Ship Ride involves a combination of mechanical and gravitational principles to create a thrilling experience for riders. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Swinging Motion
The Pirate Ship Ride is designed to swing around a horizontal axis, mimicking the motion of a ship at sea. This swinging motion is central to the ride’s appeal and excitement.
Drive System
The swing of the pirate boat ride for sale is facilitated by a drive system, typically powered by an electric motor. The drive system generates the force needed to set the ride in motion, creating the swinging movement.
Maximum Swing Angle
The viking ship ride continues to swing until it reaches its maximum swing angle. This angle is carefully designed for both safety and thrill. When the maximum angle is reached, the electric control device intervenes.
Brake Device
The electric control device stops the friction wheel from driving the ride at the peak of the swing. Simultaneously, a brake device can be operated, bringing the swinging motion to a controlled stop.

Beston – Reliable Pirate Ship Ride Manufacturer

Beston Rides, as a well-known manufacturer of pirate ship rides, is widely recognized for providinging safe and high-quality amusement park attractions for investors. And we have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, customzing and installing the pirate ship rides for various entertainment venues such as theme parks and amusement parks.

During the production, Beston Rides adopts advanced technology and superior materials, which can ensure that our amusement rides are durable, efficient, and safe. In addition, our professional teams collaborate to create the most innovative and captivating park rides to satisfy the unique needs and expectations of our clients. Furthermore, Beston offers excellent after-sales services to support our customers, which also make us stand out among our competititors. Check for details below:

How to find a reliable carnival amusement rides manufacturer
Independent Design Team
  • Outdoor Comprehensive Park Design and Planning
  • Indoor Fun Center Design and Planning
  • Upgrading and Reconstruction Service for Old Amusement Parks and Equipment
  • Landscape Design Service for Theme Parks
  • Customized Design Service for Theme Park Equipment
Beston Professional Construction Team
Project Operation Guidance
  • Project Operation Guidance Service:
    Strategic planning for smooth project execution.
    Operational training to ensure efficient park management.
  • Project Operation and Training Service:
    Ongoing support for operational challenges.
    Training programs for staff on new technologies and procedures.
Delivery and Installation Service
  • Commissioning Test: Viking ship ride undergoes no-load, eccentric load, and full load tests before leaving the factory.
  • Installation Instructions: Provided to customers, including installation instructions, pictures, and videos.
  • Viking Boat Installation: Requires two or three workers, with installation completion in three days.

Tips to Start A Park Project With Pirate Ship Rides

Are you planning to invest in amusement industry? Starting a park project with pirate ship rides can be an exciting venture.  Beston could help you when you have troubles in investing in amusement parks. Here are some tips to guide you through the process:

Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to identify the demand for amusement parks and pirate ship rides in your target location.
Feasibility Study: Assess the feasibility of your park project by considering factors such as location, target audience, and budget.
Park Design: Develop a unique theme for your park that complements the pirate ship rides. Collaborate with designers to create an engaging and immersive experience for visitors.
Budgeting and Financing: Create a detailed budget that includes costs for land acquisition, ride purchase, park construction, and operational expenses.
Construction and Installation: Coordinate with ride manufacturers for proper installation and testing of pirate ship rides.
Marketing and Promotion: Utilize social media, email marketing, online ads, and other marketing channels to create awareness of your park and the rides and attractions you offer.

FAQ —— Beston Pirate Ship Ride

What is Pirate Ship Ride?
A Pirate Ship Ride, also called viking boat ride, swinging ship ride and is a beloved amusement park attraction that emulates the swinging motion of a pirate ship navigating the high seas. It features a boat-shaped structure suspended on a pendulum, creating an exhilarating back-and-forth motion for passengers.
What’s the Key Features of Pirate Ship Rides For Sale?
Boat-Shaped Structure: The ride typically mimics the appearance of a pirate ship, complete with hull, masts, and thematic decorations.
Pendulum Mechanism: The swinging motion is achieved through a pendulum mechanism, providing a rhythmic and pendulum-like experience.
Friction Movement with Electrical Power: Also known as a pirate boat ride, it combines the ship’s hull with electrical power to enable controlled swinging through the force of friction.
What are the Parts of a Pirate Ship Ride?
Mechanical Parts: The ride consists of mechanical components essential for the swinging motion, ensuring a thrilling and safe experience.
Electrical Parts: Electrical systems play a crucial role in powering and controlling the ride’s movements, contributing to its dynamic and interactive nature.
RGB Lights: Incorporation of RGB lights enhances the visual experience, adding a dynamic and colorful element to the ride.
How Does a Pirate Ship Make Money?
Pirate Ship Rides generate revenue through ticket sales, attracting park visitors seeking a thrilling experience. Amusement parks typically employ various pricing models, such as individual ride tickets, day passes, or bundled packages. Additionally, park-goers may purchase concessions, merchandise, and photos related to the Pirate Ship Ride. The ride’s popularity contributes to increased foot traffic, enhancing overall park attendance and spending.
Are Pirate Ship Rides Safe?
Yes, Pirate Ship Rides are generally safe when operated and maintained according to industry standards. Rigorous safety measures include routine inspections, maintenance checks, and compliance with regulatory guidelines. Engineers design these rides with safety features, such as restraint systems and emergency braking. Regular staff training ensures proper operation, and ride attendants enforce height and health restrictions for riders.
How Much Does a Pirate Ship Ride Cost to Build?
The cost to build a Pirate Ship Ride can vary widely based on factors such as size, design complexity, features, and the manufacturer. Generally, the construction cost for a standard Pirate Ship Ride can range from hundreds of thousands to several million dollars. Factors influencing the cost include materials, engineering, safety features, theming, and technology integration. Additionally, site preparation, installation, and regulatory compliance contribute to the overall expenses. Customization and special features may also impact the total cost. To get an accurate estimate, it’s advisable to consult with Beston amusement ride manufacturers to get quotation.
How to Operate Pirate Ship Ride?
Operating a Pirate Ship Ride involves pre-operational checks, staff training, and meticulous safety procedures. Before opening, conduct thorough inspections of mechanical and electrical components, ensuring all safety features are functional. Train ride operators on safety protocols, emergency procedures, and effective guest communication. Perform rider eligibility checks based on height and health restrictions, emphasizing the importance of following safety guidelines.
How Long Does It Take To Install Pirate Ship Ride For Sale?
The installation time for a Pirate Ship Ride varies based on factors such as size, complexity, and manufacturer specifications. Generally, the process can take a few weeks. Efficient coordination among experienced engineers, proper site preparation, and adherence to safety protocols contribute to timely and successful installations, ensuring the ride is operational for park visitors.
How to Maintain the Pirate Ship Ride?
Maintaining a Pirate Ship Ride involves routine inspections, lubrication of moving parts, and thorough checks of electrical systems. Regularly monitor safety features, conduct preventive maintenance, and promptly address any identified issues. Staff training on maintenance procedures is essential to ensure the ride’s reliability and safety for park visitors.

Other Amusement Rides Available in Beston

Beston Rides is a professional pirate ship rides manufacturer and supplier. What’s more, we are committed to providing high-quality park rides (such as carousel rides, bumper cars, trackless trains, frisbee rides, roller coasters, ferris wheel, swing rides, disco rides, and indoor amusement rides: indoor playground equipment), excellent after-sales service, and competitive prices to their customers. With years of rich experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers and you will never regret to choose Beston! Whenever you need us, Beston will always be here to respond you in time!

Contact to Buy Pirate Boat Rides for Park Investment

Are you looking for to purchase pirate ship rides for sale in the market for your park investment? Please don’t hesitate to contact Beston and start your park project with an attractive pirate boat ride. And you can contact Beston Rides directly through their website with your contact information and your demand in details. Then our project manager will contact you and help you from selecting products, park design, project solution, delivery and installation, to project operation.

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