Pirate Ship Ride for sale

Beston has various quality and attractive pirate ship ride for sale with different themes and capacities. It can bring exciting and thrilling riding experience for passengers of different age groups. As an extreme popular amusement rides, which is characterized by open gondolas swinging back and forth, pirate boat ride has features of beautiful appearance, large capacities, thrilling, comfortable riding experience, sightseeing and safe. What’s more, it can bring considerable profits for investors and great happiness for tourists. Therefore, it is a win-win selection to boom your business, and if you are interested in it, please contact us here now!

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Beston Pirate Ship Ride For Sale

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Beston Amusement has never stopped designing and developing various types of pirate ship ride. Now, there are various viking ship ride available for our customers to choose from. At the same time, Beston can customize the pirate ship ride on the theme, appearance, color, size, and so on, which can satisfy our customers’ different demands. Besides, as a professional manufacturer, Beston has integrated workshops with exquisite workmanship and advanced technology, and production quality can be guaranteed. Contact Beston to get more product details!

Swinging Pirate Ship Rides Models

When you are looking for to buy swinging pirate ship ride, you can choose Beston amusement! We can supply quality amusement park pirate ship ride for sale, which is extremely safe and reliable for passengers. The pirate boat ride or viking ship ride consists of an open, seated pirate ship which can swing back and forth, subjecting the rider to different levels of angular momentum. Manufactured with advanced technology and high quality FRP and stainless steel, the pirate ship amusement rides for sale in Beston have superior quality, strong performance, competitive price and is highly secured.

Just like the pendulum ride, it also can bring a a feeling of weightlessness to tourists, thrilling and exciting! As we know, the theme of the pirate ship rides is the adventure on the seas with the strong waves, which makes riders have a feeling of travelling on the sea. They can swing with the viking boat, just like the real pirate sailing at the sea with strong wind and wave. However, tourists can not worry about the safety and the pirate ship amusement ride can be suitable for the whole family groups to have a fun and it will leave a pleasant memory. In addition, the pirate ship amusement park ride can be frequently seen nearly in every park, carnival, kindergarten, supermarket, preschool, residential area, etc..

Classified by Number of Seats

The pirate ship amusement rides of our company can be classified into 5 types according to the number of seats, including 8, 12, 16, 24 and 40 seats pirate ship rides.
Among them, the giant pirate ship rides are quite common in fairgrounds and amusement parks. It Is because that they are able be seat many people at a time and have relatively grand outlook.

Classified by Theme Style

If it is divided by theme style, our viking ship carnival rides can be classified into many types, consisting of classic, tropical themed, ice and snow themed and forest themed pirate ship amusement park rides, etc. Customers can select our products according to their requirements and local situation. Moreover, our themed carnival pirate ship rides are quite suitable for theme park as well.

Classified According to Whether It Can Be Moved

Our pirate ship rides for sale include mobile pirate ship swing rides and fixed pirate ship fairground rides. As their names suggest, the mobile rides can be moved according to the change of location, while fixed ones cannot. Compared with fixed pirate ship ride, mobile pirate ship has tires mounted under its chassis, which will be more convenient to transport.

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Buy Swinging Pirate Ship Ride for Sale in Beston

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Attractive Pirate Ship Ride for Sale in Beston

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Popular Pirate Ship Boat Ride for Sale

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Quality Viking Ship Rides for Sale in Beston

How about Beston pirate ship rides? Do you need product customization?
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Purchase Viking Boat Rides for Sale in Beston

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Beston Sea Dragon Rides for Sale with High Quality

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Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

As a thrilling amusement park ride, there is also a model specially designed for children, which is mini pirate ship ride for kids with compact size and attractive cartoon design. It consists of 8 seats and 12 seats viking ship amusement ride. Compared with giant swinging ship rides, the kids pirate ship ride is smaller and the appearance is more childlike. The cute animals on the hull, the bright and shining LED lights and other designs can arouse children’s keen interest in play and aspirations for riding.

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Tropical Themed Viking Boat Ride for Sale

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Ice Theme Mini Pirate Boat Ride for Sale

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Customized Pirate Boat Ride for Sale

Beston technical team and design team is fairly professional and can customize the pirate boat rides for our customers to meet their different demands. Investors who are planning to invest in pirate ship rides can feel free to contact us here and tell us your requirements, Then Beston can provide you a profitable project solution for the product customization. Do not hesitate to check here to get an unique pirate ship ride for your park project to improve your park business!

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Customized Pirate Boat Rides for Sale in Beston

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Attractive Viking Ship Ride for Sale – Product Customization

Product customization is available in Beston! Tell us your demands in detail!

How Does Pirate Ship Ride Work?

The pirate ship ride is a kind of thrilling amusement rides that swings back and forth around the horizontal axis which is popular in park projects. It can make tourists feel like they are sailing in the sea of rough waves. As for tourists on the viking boat ride, sometimes they rush to the peak and sometimes they fall to the bottom. Thus, it will bring thrilling, exciting, entertaining feelings and widely accepted by thrill-seekers. Here, according to the videos, you can know how does the pirate ship amusement rides work.

Product Advantages of Pirate Ship Amusement Rides

The Pirate Ship Ride is a type of amusement park rides, which is categorized under thrill rides or family rides, depending on the intensity level. It typically simulates the experience of being on a pirate ship sailing on rough waters, with the ride swinging back and forth, fairly exciting. The viking ship ride is designed to provide an adrenaline rush to the riders, and it is a popular attraction in many amusement parks around the world.

In Beston, we can supply quality pirate boat rides for investors around the world with different themes or capacities. What’s more, it can also be customized with different themes, colors, and lighting effects to make it more appealing to the audience. Here are some advantages of Beston Pirate Boat Rides:

  • Gorgeous LED Lights: the whole pirate boat body and four uprights are decorated with attractive and colorful LED lights, which are bright. It makes the rides more high-end and can draw more tourists for investors.
  • Cutting and Welding: during production, Beston adopts CNC cutting to ensure the accuracy (0.2 mm), and the surface is flat and smooth. Professional welders with certificates and rich experience can guarantee the precise and prolong the service life.
  • Flaw Detection: Beston has various flaw detection methods for all welding parts to to ensure excellent performance, which can avoid the gaps during welding, such as Metal, magnetic particle flaw detection and ultrasonic flaw detection.
  • FRP Production: in order to guarantee the FRP quality, we produce it mainly in four steps: engrave foam prototype, make prototype samples, make formal mould and trim, and make the formal FRP semifinished product.
  • Spray Process for FRP: there are six steps for FRP painting: semifinished product polishing, 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of finish and 1 coat of varnish for the FRP, making it more bright and last longer.
  • Pirate Boat Body: the pirate boat can be manufactured with different materials according customers’ needs. And there are also various themes to select from. And customized is also available.
  • Upright Column: the steel (Diameter: 21.9 cm and thickness: 6 mm) we adopt for the upright column is from large state-owned enterprises and it has corresponding label can be traced.

Quality Pirate Ship Rides Installed in Different Park Projects

Beston has various pirate ship rides which is quite popular and have been exported to many countries and areas. Some customers choose Beston pirate ship rides to upgrade their park equipment, and some investors bought pirate ship rides and other park rides from our company to start a park project. And our pirate ship rides has been installed in different countries and areas, suach as Nigeria, Indonesia, Algeria, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Uzbeksitan, and so on.

Beston pirate ship rides have never disappointed our customers around the world. Moreover, most of our clients have quite high evaluation of our products and services, and give good feedback to us. In addition, among our current orders, quite a number of orders are from our regular customers, and they have placed orders from our company for many times, which shows thay trust us think our company is reliable and professional manufacturer. The following are some feedback photos or videos of our pirate ship amusement rides.

pirate ship amusement ride in Kazakhstan Park
24-Seat Customized Pirate Ship Ride with Attractive Lights

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Beston Mini Pirate Ship Rides for Beston Customers

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Feedback of Beston Pirate Ship Rides

What to Consider When Purchasing Pirate Ship Rides?

To make an informed decision when purchasing a pirate ship ride for your amusement park or theme park, there are several factors to consider. In this way, investors can select the most popular, attractive and profitable pirate ship rides for their park projects, which means obtain high return for their investment. Here are some matters you should take into consideration for your reference:

  • Firstly, please consider the benefits and costs, which is related to your budgets. Choose the most suitable pirate ship rides which can fit your your fund and park size, which can improve the cost performance.
  • It’s also crucial to choose a professional manufacturer with rich experience, so you had better research and choose online carefully. And Beston is a reliable manufacturer that can produce pirate boat rides with high quality, unique design and excellent sales service.
  • Product quality plays an important role when buying pirate ship rides, and it will affects the safety and service life. That is to say, it is profitable to buy quality in the long run, as it will last longer and require less maintenance.
  • Another factor to consider it pirate ship ride price. Do not hesitate to contact Beston to buy swinging pirate boat ride with a competitive price. We are a reliable manufacturer and supplier that offers rides at reasonable prices.
  • As for all amusement equipment, safety performance is a top priority, which can be affected by product quality, design, etc,. In order ensure riders’ safety, we adopt multiple safety measures for our pirate ship rides.
  • In order to attract more passengers, the product appearance should be more attractive, which can draw tourists’ attention. Except for colorful FRP appearance, we also can customize the theme, color, logo to meet customers’ demands and bring more profits for investors.
  • As we know, customer feedback and review can truly reflect product quality, and a company’s strength and reputation. Beston has exported our products to different countries and areas, and we can suggest some park projects from Beston company to help you make a decision.
  • Services and supports are a guarantee for all customers. Our professional service team will always be online to support our customers. And we can provide park design, project solution, rides manufacture, guidance on delivery, installation and maintenance, ROI analysis, project operation, etc.

Beston – Reliable Pirate Ship Ride Manufacturer

Beston amusement, as a well-known manufacturer of pirate ship rides, is widely recognized for providinging safe and high-quality amusement park attractions for investors. And we have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, customzing and installing the pirate ship rides for various entertainment venues such as theme parks and amusement parks.

During the production, Beston adopts advanced technology and superior materials, which can ensure that our amusement rides are durable, efficient, and safe. In addition, our professional teams collaborate to create the most innovative and captivating park rides to satisfy the unique needs and expectations of our clients. Furthermore, Beston offers excellent after-sales services to support our customers, which also make us stand out among our competititors. Check for details below:

Independent Design Team

Design and planning for outdoor comprehensive park

Indoor fun center design and planning

Upgrading and reconstruction service of old amusement parks and equipment

Project Operation Guidance Service

Landscape design service of theme parks

Customized design service of theme park equipment

Project Operation and Training Service

Delivery and Installation Service

Before shipment

  • Commissioning test: before leaving the factory, our viking ship ride must be carried out the no-load, eccentric load and full load test respectively. And all the tests will last for several days.
  • Packaging: Beston adopts the standard export packaging, which can ensure the safety of equipment in an all-round way.

After shipment

  • We will send the installation instructions to our customers to help them, which includes installation instructions, installation pictures and videos, etc..


  • Our engineers can provide installation guidance online and offline at any time.
  • The installation for viking boat need two or three workers and two workers can complete the installation in three days.

Contact to Buy Pirate Boat Rides for Park Investment

Are you looking for to purchase pirate boat rides for sale in the market for your park investment? Please don’t hesitate to contact Beston and start your park project with an attractive pirate boat ride. And you can contact Beston directly through their website with your contact information and your demand in details. Then our project manager will contact you and help you from selecting products, park design, project solution, delivery and installation, to project operation.

What’s more, we are committed to providing high-quality park rides (such as carousel rides, bumper cars, trackless trains, frisbee rides, roller coasters, ferris wheel, swing rides, disco rides, and indoor amusement rides: indoor playground equipment), excellent after-sales service, and competitive prices to their customers. With years of rich experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers and you will never regret to choose Beston! Whenever you need us, Beston will always be here to respond you in time!

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