Ocean Themed Indoor Playground Installation in Brinchang, Malaysia

The ocean playground center designed by BESTON RIDES for Malaysian customers has opened in June 2023. This indoor playground center is the first one in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. After the opening, we received many positive reviews, and customers sent us feedback videos. Do you also want to invest in an indoor playground? We provide you with one-stop services, including design, to uniquely customize indoor playground equipment that meets your market needs. Contact us now!

Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Solution in Malaysia

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Needs Communication with Customers

Needs Communication with Customers

Site understanding: During the joint communication and discussion with the customer, we confirmed the size of the indoor shopping center. The customer’s site is in the Cameron Highlands shopping mall, with an area of 170m2. After we understand the basic site conditions and the customers we are targeting, we make design recommendations for the customers.
Indoor Playground Design in Malaysia
Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale Design in Malaysia

Ocean Theme Design Confirmation

Style determination: Cameron Highlands is a tourist destination. Based on the preferences of local people, we recommended marine-style commercial indoor playground equipment for sale to our customers. The customer liked the relevant design cases very much, and we designed the design for the customer based on the customer’s site. Taking into account playability, play routes, zoning and other contents, the space should be planned and utilized rationally.
Design determined: The client wants to build a top-1 indoor playground in Brinchang. In order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we conducted surveys on local competitors and also carried out differentiated designs. For the design of the customer’s logo, we cooperated with the customer’s design team and provided a lot of help. After finalizing the overall style and logo image, we started producing indoor playground equipment.
Production and Shipment
Production and Shipment

Production and Shipment

After the contract is signed, our factory starts production. After the production of all equipment was completed, we conducted preliminary installation tests to ensure that shipment standards were met. This strict quality control procedure is designed to ensure that customers receive high-quality, reliable equipment that is fully verified and tested before project delivery. Beston Rides provides excellent products and services and has built a good reputation.
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Indoor Playground Installation Guidance

Online Installation Guidance for the Project

In May 2023, the goods arrive at the customer’s site and installation begins. The customer chose to hire a local installation team to complete the installation process. The Beston Rides installation engineer team provides online video guidance throughout the customer’s project installation process to ensure a smooth and successful installation process. This collaborative approach is designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and ensure they receive the best possible installation experience. After a month, the installation was completed in time..
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Successful Operation and Feedback

Successful Operation and Feedback

Due to the good publicity in the early stage, many tourists came to the amusement park after its opening. In just six months, customers began to make profits. In addition, the client is also committed to social media marketing and brand building, and will continue to invest in the future. He is very satisfied with Beston indoor playground design and services.

Beston Indoor Park Solution

Beston Indoor Park Solutions provide a comprehensive approach to building indoor amusement parks and indoor playground equipment for sale, ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience for visitors and ensuring the success of our customers’ indoor playgrounds. The solutions provided include amusement park layout planning and design, selection and installation of high-quality amusement facilities, production, efficient logistics and transportation processes, and on-site guidance by experienced engineers during the installation and commissioning process.
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Indoor playground Equipment For Sale in Malaysia

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