Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Equipment in Uzbekistan

Good news for our customers in Uzbekistan! The ocean theme indoor playground he ordered from Beston amusement has finished the production in our factory and shipped to our customer. He can start to install the indoor soft playground equipment soon. Our customer felt satisfied with the design of this indoor playground equipment which is provided by our design team. As for the production, Beston adopted the quality, environmental friendly, safe and food grade materials. And we will continuously update the installation and operation of the indoor playground in Uzbekistan. Welcome to follow us!

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892 Square Meters Ocean Theme Indoor Soft Playground Design in Uzbekistan
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Get Indoor Playground Solution from Branch Office in Uzbekistan

In order to serve and support our customers better, we have built several branch offices in the world, including the Uzbekistan branch. As for this customer, he communicated with our sales manager about this initial demands and our sales manager responded to him immediately to confirm his final demands – the 892 square meters indoor playground. Then our design team began to customize the indoor park solution according to customers’ needs and the site situations. Finally, we reached an agreement and confirm the final design of the ocean theme indoor soft play equipment. After receiving the prepayment from our customer, our factory began to arrange the production of the indoor playground equipment.

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Plane Figure of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment in Uzbekistan

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Production of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

Beston selected materials carefully to produce the indoor playground equipment, which has no harm to kids and also can protect children’s safety. Each part has its own advantages Here are some examples and more details you can check our page: indoor soft play equipment for sale:

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Indoor Soft Playground Production

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Production of Beston Indoor Soft Play Equipment

  • As for the packing tube, it has better fire resistance, environmental, safe and non-toxic. In our test, there is no open fame and the smoke is white.
  • We provide the ocean ball which is non-toxic and large enough (Diameter: 5.5 /7 / 8 cm) to avoid children to swallow.
  • The platform board with special structure can load a 100 kg adult. And the bearing ability is strong enough and guarantee children’s safety.
  • As for the protection net, Beston uses the high-strength nylon rope for our indoor soft playground, which can protect the kids.
  • The 48 mm galvanized steel pipe we apply has features of anti-corrosion, not easy to oxidize, abrasion resistance, longer life-time, etc.
  • The floor mats are customized available in our factory. We adopt high density EVA foam sponge, which is durable, safe, fire resistance, and lasts long.
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Shipment of Indoor Soft Play Equipment to Uzbekistan

The indoor soft playground equipment has been shipped to our customers after the production and installation test in our factory. When delivering the equipment to our customers in Uzbekistan, we also provided them the 3D installation drawings, installation instruction, installation videos, as well as the delivery list. When they receive the goods, there is no need for them to worry about the installation. So, as for the customer in Uzbekistan, when you receive the indoor playground shipping from Beston, please feel free to contact us for the installation. Here are some photos:

packing of soft play equipment for sale
Indoor Soft Playground Packing

childrens indoor play area for sale
Indoor Soft Play Area Equipment Delivery to Uzbekistan

childrens soft play centres for sale
Shipment of Beston Indoor Playground equipment to Uzbekistan

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Customized Park Project Solution from Beston:

Here is the design and delivery of Beston indoor project in Uzbekistan, and we will update the installation and operation feedback recently. Please follow us and get park projects from us, such as the 1000 square meters forest theme indoor soft play equipment! Beston has customized various projects for our customers, such as indoor and outdoor park project solutions around the world. When you are planning to invest in a project, do not hesitate to contact Beston, and we will provide an exclusive park solution for our customer.

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