New Park Project in Tiraspol, Moldova – Miracle City

Do you know the Catherine park: Miracle City? Now it is the most popular amusement park in Tiraspol, the capital of Moldova. It was built by Beston amusement and has been opened for business on June 1, 2021. There are various types of amusement park rides in the park, such as chair swing ride, self-control kiddie plane ride, rotary octopus ride, teacup ride, mini ferris wheel, and so on.

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Now one year has passed, the park is still attracting so many passengers for investors every day and all amusement equipment works well. The “Miracle City” park with Beston park rides bring much happiness for the people or visitors in the city. Do you have a plan to build a unique park just like this? Do not hesitate to contact us here and Beston will help you succeed.

Unique Amusement Park Design of Miracle City

Beston has a group of excellent designers who can offer profitable and attractive park solutions for our customers. The two photos below are supplied by our technical team: the plane layout and the final park design. You can see how the amusement rides are distributed. If necessary, we can also supply 3D Map or video for the park design. You can click to check more details about the park solutions.

Park Design for Miracle City
Beston Park Design for Miracle City in Moldova

Plane Layout of Miracle City
Plane Layout for Miracle City

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Installation Site of Beston Park Rides in Moldova

Installation is one of the after-sales services that Beston can supply. Beston not only tries our best to guarantee the product quality during the production and safe and timely delivery, but also have service team to ensure the convenient installation. What’s more, the installation of amusement equipment is not very difficult. You can see below is the installation in Moldova which is guided by our engineers online.

In generally, we usually dispatch engineers to our customers to arrange the installation. Now, if it is inconvenient, we often provide instructions or videos of installation. Our technical engineers also can guide the installation online if necessary. Besides, we also have service teams in some country, such as Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabic, etc. They can install the equipment or provide the installation guidance.

Different Kids Amusement Rides in Miracle City in Moldova

As the Miracle City with an area of 200 square meters is mainly built for children of 3 to 12 years old, we can find that the kiddie rides in the park are colorful and attractive. These equipments are offered by Beston amusement, a professional manufacturer. Most of these park rides are very popular among passengers and it is reflected that the most welcomed is the bumper cars. Here are the lists of amusement park rides for kids in Miracle City:

Self-control Rotary Plane Ride in Miracle City

It is a spinning ride for families to have fun. Parents can interact with their children and they can control the plane to go up and down when it is spinning, just like flying in the rocket or astronauts. Beston offers the self-control rides with different themes and capacities. If customers have special requirements, we can customize the kiddie airplane rides for you.

Self-control Rotary Plane Price in Moldova
Popular Self-control Rotary Plane Ride in Miracle City

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Buy Self-control airplane kiddie ride from Beston
Beston Self-control Airplane Kiddie Ride in Moldova

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Fruit Swing Ride for Sale in Moldova

This is a mini swing ride for kids with various fruit, and there are watermelon seats, grape, pear, mango and other fruits in the top. When it is spinning, kids can feel like they are swimming in the ocean of fruits. Many customers from different countries has bought this swing rides for their park from us. And there are also 24 seats, 32 seats, and 36 seats swing rides of other themes for you to select from.

fruit swings amusement park ride for kids
Fruit Swing Ride for Kids in Moldova

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mini swing rides for sale
Mini Flying Chair Ride in Miracle City

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Octopus Fairground Ride for Sale in Moldova

The octopus fairground ride is also a rotary ride, which is popular in amusement and theme parks. The arms are full of colorful LED lights, and it is very cool in the night. There are five to eight arms for the octopus rides and each arm has three cabins. Each cabin can seat two passengers. And the arm and cabins can move up and down, which makes the fairground rides more attractive.

octopus amusement ride price
Rotary Octopus Ride in Moldova

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carnival octopus ride for sale
Beston Octopus Amusement Ride in Moldova

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Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale

As a most popular rides in Miracle City, the battery operated bumper cars in the park has brought great joy for both children and adults. A passenger share his feelings: “Very cool! I love cars, this is the most interesting thing. My friend and I drove like cool drivers!”. The thrilling feelings that bumper cars bring make them scream all the journey. In Beston, you can select from various bumper cars, electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, ice bumper cars, portable bumper cars and so on.

fairground bumper cars for sale
Amusement Park Bumper Cars in Moldova

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battery bumper car manufacturer
Battery Bumper Cars Installed in Moldova

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Mini Ferris Wheel in Miracle City

As for this mini ferris wheel, there are five cabins which can hold ten children. Beston has the mini ferris wheel and double face ferris wheel for kids. We can accept product customization, such as the color, festival and country theme, product appearance, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need a ferris wheel, even a giant ferris wheel.

kiddie ferris wheel for sale
Mini Ferris Wheel in Miracle City

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ferris wheel carnival ride for kids
Small Ferris Wheel for Kids in Moldova

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Other Park Rides for Kids Installed in the Park

Besides, you also can experience other rides from Beston in this park. Here you can find we have installed the spinning teacup ride, kids riding robot rides, climbing wall, kids excavator rides, happy car rides and so on.

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Corresponding News of Miracle City in Moldova

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