Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

The mini pirate ship ride is the small scale of the general pirate ship ride and vary popular among many kiddies. The mainly part of mini pirate ship rides is the pirate ship with a steel support structure. The kiddie pirate ship ride is a kind of children’s amusement ride that swings back and forth around a horizontal axis of the rides. When the riders are on the mini pirate ship ride, they will feel like as if they are sailing in the sea full of dangers: suddenly a crest, suddenly a valley bottom. Riders will enjoy themselves when they experience the thrill and danger, and it is very recreational. In this way, a small sized viking boat ride or sea dragon ride in theme parks can entertain many children and their families, which means attracting a lot more visitors.

quality kids pirate ship rides for sale in Beston
BAR-IPS Beston Ice Theme Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

professional ice pirate ship rides manufacturer
BAR-IPS Quality Ice Pirate Boat Rides for Kids in Beston

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And, do you know Beston Group? There is no doubt that it is a professional and top manufacturer and supplier of various quality amusement park rides and inflatables with the best prices in China. Beston offers best pirate ship rides with different sizes at reasonable prices. Whenever you have some plans of purchasing pirate boat rides or other fairground rides, you can contact us! Professional sales managers in Beston can offer the excellent quality pre-sales and after-sales service for every customers.

BAR-021 Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale:

buy high quality Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale
BAR-021 Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

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BAR-022 Mini Pirate Ship Fair Ride for Sale:

carnival ride for sale
BAR-022 Mini Pirate Ship Fair Ride for Sale

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Beston manufactures high quality mini pirate ship for sale with lower prices, unique design and innovative appearance. All parts of mini pirate ship ride for sale in Beston are decorated with fiberglass reinforced plastic(FRP), LED lights, music, non-fading and durable painting. Also, it is equipped with some other advanced electrical accessories to make the kiddie rides moves more smoothly and safely. Beston supply all types of pirate ship rides. Customers can customize their own rides for parks as their requirements.

BAR-024 Small Pirate Ship Carnival Ride for Sale:

best mini pirate ship ride supplier
BAR-024Small Pirate Ship Carnival Ride for Sale

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Feel free to contact with Beston when you are purchasing all types of amusement park rides. You can find any park rides you want. Beston will provide you with the finest amusement rides with reasonable prices.

BAR-026 Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale:

amusement equipment for sale
BAR-026 Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

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Advantages of Beston Mini Pirate Ship Rides:

1. High quality motor and steel frame painted by antirust coat, strong and durable.
2. Hundreds of colorful LED lights, more beautiful at night and splendid music which will please the visitors.
3. Excellent workmanship, vivid and attractive.
4. The mini pirate ship ride is suitable for theme park, water park, amusement park, outdoor/indoor playground, shopping mall, city park, carnival park.
5. Mature design and technology with great reputation.

Technical Parameter of Beston Mini Pirate Ship Rides

Product Name Mini Pirate Ship Ride
Capacity 8 seats 12 seats
Area 4m * 6m 5m * 6m
Height 3.5m 3.5m
Power 2.2KW 4KW
Voltage 380V
Suitable for Indoor, fairground, or Plaza

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