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Mini ferris wheel (also known as observation wheel) is the miniature of the ferris wheel ride and belong to a new type of amusement park rides. The ride consists of a rotating upright wheel with passenger cars attached to the rim. And kiddie mini ferris wheel ride has 5 arms, 2 seats each arm and 10 seats in total.  Beston also has other types of mini ferris wheel and the cabins can be different. Generally speaking, the mini ferris wheel ride is less than 10 meters and widely seen in amusement park, square, indoor and outdoor playground, etc. Mini ferris wheel rides are mainly suitable for kids, and also parents can play with their children together. Beston supplies the best mini ferris wheel for sale with affordable prices.

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Mini ferris wheel is the modern-shaped, luxuriously decorated, and reliable safe fairground ride. It has colorful and cartoon FRP cabins, strong centre pillar, which looks like one cute windmill from the far point. Mini ferris wheel has anti-rust steel fence and top to protect kids’ safety. It can rotate 360 degrees around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement. In such way, the mini ferris wheel runs and the cars keep upright by gravity. Riders can have a good view for the surroundings, and enjoy the happiness!

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Beston mini ferris wheel for sale is famous for its beautiful appearance, high quality, low maintenance and long service life. Beston is the professional manufacturer of mini ferris wheel and other funfair amusement park equipment. If you are looking for mini ferris wheels for your park, Beston will be your ideal selection. Please feel free to contact us immediately.

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Product Advantages of Beston Mini Ferris wheels:

1. Manufactured with fiberglass reinforced plastics and all used automobile paint baking process.
2. Four layers of painting processing(primer, white painting, colorful painting, varnish)
3. The maximum thickness of fiberglass reinforced plastics are six layers, to ensure the safety and life length of the equipment.
4. The mini ferris wheel body is provided with a plurality of LED lamps.

Technical Parameter of Beston Mini Ferris wheels:

Diameter Cabin No. Power Capacity Voltage
6m 6 5.5KW 12 persons 380V
6m 5 5.5KW 10 persons 380V
6m 10 6KW 20 persons 380V
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