Kuwait Customers Customized Macaron Indoor Soft Playground

On November 10, 2022, Beston completed the installation of a customized indoor soft playground for sale in Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait. The indoor playground is called in Play Town, which is a macaron theme indoor soft play equipment. Until now, because of the operating license, the indoor playground is now waiting to open for operation. However, after installation, our customer in Kuwait sent us the video of installation and feedback and expressed their great satisfaction with our services and support! The below is the design of the macaron indoor playground in Kuwait:

soft play indoor playground equipment in Kuwait
Macaron Theme Indoor Soft Playground for Sale in Kuwait

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Brief Introduction of Indoor Project in Kuwait

On June 13, 2022, we received an inquiry from our customers on Alibaba, and they told us their initial demands. After communication, we finally confirmed the macaron theme indoor soft playground for his investment. As soon as we signed the contract and received the deposit, Beston arranged the production and delivery for our customers.

  • Project Location: Kuwait City
  • Project Type: Indoor Project
  • Place of Shipment: Qingdao
  • Delivery Time: our customer received the goods on October 19.
  • Installation: The installation was completed around November 10.
commercial soft play equipment for sale in Kuwait
Indoor Project in Kuwait

macaron soft play area equipment for sale at Kuwait
Macaron Theme Indoor Soft Playground Equipment in Kuwait

buy indoor soft play equipment in Kuwait
Indoor Soft Playground Packing

buy soft play area equipment in Kuwait
Kids Indoor Playground Delivery in Kuwait

soft play equipment suppliers in Kuwait
Children’s Indoor Soft Playground Delivery

Customized Indoor Soft Playground Design in Kuwait

In order to satisfy our customers’ demands, Beston customized the indoor playground for them. As for the design, our technical team is professional and has offered hundreds of park solutions for our customers around the world! In addition, we customized this macaron theme indoor playground according to our investigation. For example, after consulting with customers and investigating online, we collected all information about customers’ needs, passengers’ preference, passenger flow, and local customs and culture. Here is the cosplay theme indoor playground which is popular among kids:

customized soft playground equipment in Kuwait
Macaron Theme Indoor Soft Playground in Kuwait

play zone equipment prices in Kuwait
Indoor Play Zone Equipment in Kuwait

childrens soft play equipment in Kuwait
Macaron Indoor Playground Design in Kuwait

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Installation Feedback of Maracon Theme Indoor Playground in Kuwait

As a professional investor, our customer in Kuwait installed the indoor soft play equipment with little assistance from us, and they completed the installation just according to the installation drawings. After production, we will test all amusement rides in our factory, including the indoor playground. In order to ensure the smooth installation when it arrives to our customer, we will install the equipment in our factory and record the installation process on video. Therefore, when we deliver the goods, Beston will also send the installation drawings and videos to our customers. Here is the video from our customer:

How Does Customer in Kuwait Evaluate us?

During the whole process, our customer in Kuwait had a very good impression of us. They spoke highly of our company and though we are professional. And they felt very satisfied with Beston quality products and excellent services and support. Besides, when we are communicating with
Our customers, we always respond promptly and timely solve all problems they have met or will face. Here is the screenshot that how does our customer think of us!

 Customer Review in Kuwait
Customer Review in Kuwait

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Do you have any doubt when choosing to invest in the amusement industry? Please feel free to contact us and Beston will always be here to support all investors! And it is well known that Beston specializes in providing different project solutions for our customers, such as park design, indoor fun center design, product customization, lighting projects and so on. Whenever you have any demand, feel free to contact Beston, your optimal selection, to get the suitable park solution to skyrocket your business!

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