Lucky Lion Kids Amusement Rides for Sale

Lucky Lion amusement park rides is a kind of new type kiddie rides designed by Beston group and it sells well in 2018. This type of new lion-shaped children’s amusement rides entertains many kids and adults in the parks, malls, carnivals, funfair, fairgrounds, indoor and outdoor playgrounds. It is one of the most popular and welcomed amusement park equipment manufactured by Beston company, the professional amusement rides manufacturer in China, which is always in the leading position in this industry. Feel free to check out here to buy lucky lion kids amusement rides for sale in Beston group.

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BAR-SLYZ Beston Lucky Lion Amusement Park Rides for Sale

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Beston New Lion-shaped Kids Amusement Park Rides Cheap:

The Lion Themed kids amusement park rides is a newly designed by Beston amusement, a professional manufacturer and supplier of various amusement parks rides. The whole amusement park equipment is designed as a lion, which is very beautiful and attractive, as well as can attract the attention of many kids and adults. This children’s amusement rides are painted with colorful paintings and equipped with colorful LED lights, which is very beautiful and attractive. What’s more, there is a drum on this equipment, riders can beat the drum according to their willingness, which can drive away bad luck and bring good luck for passengers. This lion-shaped new amusement rides can spin around themselves along with the beautiful music. There is also a steering wheel to control this carnival equipment to move back and forth, left and right, which is very interesting and easy to operate!

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BAR-SLYZ Newest Lion-Shaped Kids Amusement Park Rides

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BAR-SLYZ Quality Lion-Shaped Kiddie Rides for Sale

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Technical Parameters of Lion-Shaped Kids Amusement Rides:

Static Height: 1.9m
Undulate Height: 2.3m
Diameter: 1.2m
Capacity: 1 or 2 persons
Power: 0.75KW
Voltage: 220V
Total Weight: 200Kg

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Beston New Lucky Lion Kiddie Rides for Sale

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Main Features of Kids Amusement Park Rides:

  1. This kiddie theme park rides are easy to operated, and suitable for kids and adults.
  2.  It is also can be operated by remote control, which is very convenient.
  3.  Passengers in the cabins can beat the drum as their wishes, giving them different experience.
  4.  Many factors attract kids attention: shocking music, colorful lighting and lion–shaped equipment. This can bring a large amount of passenger flow for your business.
  5. Ideal Investment: less land occupation, convenient movement, suitable for a wide range of crowd, high safety factor, unique appearance and innovative design, lower investment. Most kids and adults love this kids fairground rides. It is your PRIMARY selection for your amusement and other business.
  6. It can be used for amusement and theme parks, indoor and outdoor playground, shopping malls, squares, fairgrounds, carnivals, and other places and areas with a large amount of people.

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