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Liberty music bar ride, as a newly designed amusement park ride, is a popular spinning rides, just like breakdance rides, energy storm rides, flying squirrel rescue rides, etc.. It has the most advanced technology, innovative design, and attractive appearance, which make it fairly popular among kids and adults! Passengers on the gondolas can rotate with the spinning of the big arms mounted on the central axle. At the same time, they can control the gondola to spin itself according to their willingness. It is very thrilling and interesting!

People can commonly see it in amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, outdoor playground, family entertainment centre and so on! Beston is a professional manufacturer of various amusement rides, as well as the liberty music bar amusement rides. Feel free to check more details about Beston music bar thrill rides in Beston company!

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BAR-MB1 Beston Liberty Music Bar Thrill Ride for Sale

Model: MBFS-05
Capacity: 16 persons
Equipment Size: Φ9.8m*4.5m
Covering Area: Φ12m
Power: 25kw
Running Height: 1.85m
Running Speed: 4r/min
Voltage: 380V/220V
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Get to Know Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale in Beston

Liberty music bar ride, as the name implies, is related to music. During the whole operation of this liberty music bar ride, the music is accompanied by the spinning of the ride. The music bar rides are equipped with an advanced music player and operators can change the music as their willingness. Riders on the liberty music bar rides can spin or flip at liberty, synchronously with the dynamic music. How interesting and attractive it is!

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BAR-MB2 Beston Liberty Music Bar Amusement Rides Cheap

Model: MBFS-05
Capacity: 16 persons
Equipment Size: Φ9.8m*4.5m
Covering Area: Φ12m
Power: 25kw
Running Height: 1.85m
Running Speed: 4r/min
Voltage: 380V/220V
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And as for the structure, the music bar thrill rides are mainly composed of a central structure – central axle, several supporting arms mounted with passenger gondolas and spinning wheels and driving system. All these primary elements make the amusement equipment more attractive and exciting and no one can refuse to the charm of the music bar rides. Besides, the gorgeous LED lights, dynamic music and unique design make it more attractive! It always attract a lot of passengers to this attraction! Therefore, it is worth it to invest in set up the liberty music bar rides in your amusement and theme parks!
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BAR-MB3 Beston Liberty Music Bar Spinning Rides cheap

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BAR-MB3 Beston Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale

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Why Does the Liberty Music Bar Thrill Ride So Attractive?

Besides the cool appearance, beautiful music, colorful and flashing LED lights, the thrilling feeling that you have never experienced before is also the main or the top reason that why so many people love this thrill rides! In order to know the thrilling feeling of the liberty music bar rides, you should know how does this spinning ride work?

As the operator turn on the machine, this liberty music bar starts to rotate. Synchronously, the dynamic music begins to play, and the LED lights start to flash in the whole process. As the same time, the supporting arms start to spin along with the central axle, as well as the gondolas. And the passengers on the gondolas will be lifted in the air to a certain height. Then, they can control the gondolas to flip back and forth according to their willingness freely.

Sometimes, passengers are turned to head down, and this upside-down situation can be continued for some seconds, which make it more thrilling! In the process of spinning and flipping of this ride, it accelerates gradually to a certain speed. Sometimes, riders may feel they are in sickness, but they are still very happy. It sounds queer. But it is true!

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Liberty Music Bar Amusement Rides Manufacturer – Beston Group

When you are planning to invest in amusement park rides, you may be confused with so many manufacturer and supplier, as well as the big difference on price. Therefore, you are maybe eagerly looking forward to finding an answer to the questions! But, do not worry and think twice before making your decision. There are several questions to consider when choose the most suitable music bar rides for your amusement and theme parks!

Beston amusement park rides - Optimal Choice for Liberty Music Bar Carnival Rides
Beston Liberty Music Bar Carnival Rides at Competitive Prices

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  • The park category and the equipment model in your park. You should think about the category of building a park that you are planning: kids park, middle amusement park , big park, ocean park, etc.. Besides, you should check if your park has an equipment similar to this rides. Though this liberty music bar rides are worth to invest, it is not cost-effective to invest in this equipment. But , if not, it is ideal selection to invest in this thrill rides.
  • Investment fund. Look at your fund and make sure that you can afford it before buying it. There are some less expensive than the music bar ride that is suitable for your investment.
  • Your park sites. Please guarantee the sites for the equipment has been prepared to make full use of your equipment and make money in a short time.
  • Choose the reliable supplier. A reliable and reputable manufacturer and supplier can yield twice the benefits with half the investment. A reliable supplier can guarantee the perfect pre-sale and after-sales service. Beston are well-recognized manufacturer and supplier of different amusement park rides.
  • Product quality and price. You had better choose and compare several manufacturer and supplier! Then you will find which your ideal selection. Beston group, always in the leading position in amusement industry in China, will be your optimal choice!
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Beston Amusement – Optimal Choice for Liberty Music Bar Carnival Rides

  1. Attractive appearance. Cool appearance and colorful lights make it more attractive!
  2. Larger capacity but covering less areas. The floor area diameter is 11m, and it can accommodate 16 persons. This innovative design can make investors get more benefits in a short time. And more rides can be set up in the parks.
  3. Thrilling experience. Riders can spin and flip at the same time, more thrilling! Ideal selection for thrill-seekers.
  4. Environmental friendly and longer using time. It is produced with FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and superior quality steel, which is friendly to environment, anti-corrosion, longer service life, etc.
  5. Top quality with competitive prices. Beston amusement rides are directly manufactured in our own factory and can supply the factory prices for our customers, so we can guarantee the lower prices compare with the same quality from other supplier.
  6. Rides can be customized according to customers’ requirements, such as the colors, some designs, etc..
  7. Riders can control the flip of gondolas by themselves and the gondolas can flip 360 degree, which is more interesting!
  8. Wide application: amusement parks, theme parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, children’s palace, community, city parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, family entertainment centre, and so on.

Parameter of Beston Liberty Music Bar Spinning Rides for Sale:

Speed 4r/min
Space required 12m
Capacity 16P
Voltage 220/380v
Power 25kw
Material Quality FRP & Galvanized Steel
Usage amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, family entertainment centre, etc.

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As the spinny mechanical and thrill rides, the liberty music bar rides are applicable for different places and suitable for adults and all family members. It can make families experience a different thrilling feeling. As interactive rides, it can increase the interaction between parents and families, friends, lovers, etc.. It can improve the intimate feelings between them!

Want to invest in this amusement rides? Do not hesitate to contact Beston group for more product details? You also can get more responses more than you want, such as product details of other amusement park equipment, some unique park design, how to boom your business, and so on! All professional sales managers in Beston are always ready to help you here!

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