Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride For Sale to Belarus

Good News! Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride has successfully landed in Belarus Amusement Park. We contacted the customer at the RAAPA EXPO -2023 exhibition in Russia. Due to the high local popularity and many park cases in the CIS, the customer was familiar with our brand and had face-to-face communication with us at the exhibition. After the exhibition, we provided suitable amusement equipment for the customer’s park according to the customer’s needs. The customer was ultimately very satisfied with our products and planned to cooperate with us for a long time.

Early Communication Needs

Pre-Exhibition Preparation: Prior to the RAAPA EXPO-2023 exhibition, our customers from Belarus left inquiries on our website, and we recommended relevant amusement park rides to our customers based on customer needs. We told customers the characteristics and related parameters of the product, and customers preferred Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride.

Carnival amusement rides for sale to Belarus
Customer Communication Process With Beston Rides

quality Amusement Park Ride For Sale to Belarus
Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride Design

Exhibition Signing Contract

Face-to-Face Communication: The face-to-face interaction during the exhibition would have allowed for detailed discussions regarding the music amusement ride, its specifications, and the client’s requirements.
Negotiations and Contract Signing: After establishing mutual interest, negotiations, discussions on pricing, terms, and conditions, we signed the contact on the RAAPA EXPO -2023 exhibition on-site.

Face-to-Face Communication on Exhibition
Face-to-Face Communication on Exhibition

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Signing Contract On-Site

Production and Shipping

Production Process: After signing the contract, our factory proceeds with equipment production after confirming the customer’s requirements. Initiating the production process, quality checks, and adhering to agreed timelines.
Shipping Process: We coordinate the logistics of transporting equipment from the manufacturing site to Belarus. We plan carefully to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Beston Liberty Music Bar Thrill Ride for Sale
Music Liberty Production Process

Beston Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale
Carnival Rides Seats Production

Package and Transportation
Package and Transportation

Amusement Equipment for sale Shipped to Belarus
Amusement Equipment Shipped to Belarus

Installation Instructions

We send professional installation engineers to assist customers online with installation, and provide professional online guidance to ensure the installation progress of the Liberty Music Amusement Park Ride at the client’s park.

Beston Online Guidance of Music Liberty
Beston Online Installation Guidance of Music Liberty

Beston sell quality amusement park rides at competitive prices
Beston Engineer On-site Guidance

Client Feedback

The customer was very satisfied with the results after the installation of our park rides, and the number of visitors to the park increased. After installation, we contact customers to get feedback on the installation process, ride performance and overall satisfaction. We promptly address any questions or concerns our customers may have to ensure they are satisfied and resolve any potential post-installation issues promptly. If you want to purchase amusement park rides, please contact BESTON RIDES now!

Liberty Music Rides Installation Completion
Liberty Music Rides Installation Completion

Customer Feedbacks
Customer Feedbacks

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