Kiddie Amusement Rides For Sale

Beston Rides, the kiddie fairground amusement ride manufacturer, supplies quality kiddie rides and family rides for worldwide customers. As for the kiddie amusement rides for sale, generally, it is designed as bumper cars, trains, various animals, such as horse, kangaroo, frog, bee, shark, dolphin, jellyfish, etc., or some fruits or flower which includes waver swinger, carousel rides, tea cup rides and so on. The kiddie amusement rides have beautiful appearance and vivid characters to attract kids’ attention. And the family rides are mostly suitable for the whole family and parents can accompany their children, which is the interactive between parents and their children and also can enhance their feelings. All types of kiddie and family rides are really very welcomed by visitors in the parks. Check to know more details from Beston Rides here!

Different Types of Children Amusement Rides

Beston Rides, a leading kiddie rides manufacturer in China, offers a diverse range of amusement rides for sale tailored for children. Reach out to us for your desired children’s rides, and our dedicated sales manager will promptly provide you with a personalized quote. Let’s bring joy to young adventurers together!

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Other Kiddie Amusement Rides

Kiddie Carousel For Sale

Kiddie carousel ride comprises beautifully painted horses or other animals mounted on a rotating platform. The kiddie carousel for sale offers a delightful, traditional experience for younger children. The carousel spins gently, creating a magical atmosphere and is a must-have for children’s amusement park.

Royal carousel merry-go-round rides for carnivals
Royal Carousel Rides For Sale
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Double Decker Amusement Park Carosuel
buy Christmas merry-go-round rides for sale
Christmas Carousel Rides For Kids
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Ocean Kiddie Carosuel Rides

Small Ferris Wheel For Sale

Mini Ferris wheel is a miniature version of the iconic Ferris wheel in amsuement park, tailored specifically for kids. It provides a serene yet charming ride, offering panoramic views from enclosed or open-air gondolas. Compared with the traditional Ferris wheel for sale, the children’s Ferris wheel occupies a smaller area, costs less, and can easily earn back the investment.

kiddie ferris wheel for sale
Mini Ferris Wheel For sale
carnival ferris wheel for kids in Beston
Double Face Kiddie Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel Rides For Sale, big Ferris wheels costs
Ferris Wheel Rides For Sale
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Observation Wheel Cabin

Train Rides For Sale

Kiddie train rides are popular amusement attractions designed for young adventurers. These kiddie trains for sale, often brightly colored and adorned with playful designs, offer a gentle and enjoyable experience. Operating on circular tracks or simple routes, they cater to children, providing a safe and delightful ride through amusement parks or designated areas.

trackless trains for sale cheap
Christmas Train Rides
how to choose carnival trackless train rides for sale
40 Seats Trackless Train For Kids
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Classic Train Rides For Kids
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40 Seats Tran Light Effect

Small Roller Coaster For Sale

Kiddie roller coaster rides offer thrilling experiences for children. These small coasters for sale are designed for younger thrill-seekers, providing a taste of excitement while maintaining safety for kids. With gentle slopes, small drops, and slower speeds, these rides are perfect introductions to roller coasters. They often feature vibrant colors and designs to appeal to children.

kiddie coaster for sale in Beston Rides
Dragon Roller Coatser For Kids
buy quality backyard coaster for kids
Kiddie Wacky Worm Coaster
amusement train rides mini shuttle for sale
Customized Mini Roller Coaster Rides
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Thrill Coaster For Big Kids

Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor playground equipment offers diverse, safe, and imaginative play experiences for kids. These vibrant spaces include climbing structures, slides, ball pits, trampolines, and interactive games, promoting motor skills, creativity, and social interaction. Soft play areas for sale, sensory equipment, and designated zones for toddlers ensure age-appropriate fun

commercial soft play indoor playground equipment for sale
Macaron Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale in Beston
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Forest Indoor Playground For Kids
how to buy kids indoor playground with trampolines
Kids Trampoline Park For Sale
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Children’s Entertainment Center Design

Other Kiddie Amusement Rides

There are many other kiddie rides for sale from Beston Rides including Self Control Plane Rides, Bumper Cars, Spinning Teacup Rides, Rotary Octopus Rides and so on. Beston Rides provides all kinds of kiddie rides, and we could help you to choose from various rides according to your needs and our landing situation. If you want to buy kiddie rides, contact us now!

buy kiddie self control plane for sale
Self-control Plane Rides For Kids
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Bumper Car For Sale
Carnival spinning cup rides cost
Children Spinning Teacup Rides
octopus ride for sale for kids
Octopus Amusement Ride

Beston Kiddie Fairground Rides Videos

Beston Rides is a professional kiddie amusement rides manufacturer in China. We have extensive experience in the amusement industry, specializing in producing and designing kiddie amusement equipment. Here are some videos of popular kiddie rides for sale in Beston Rides. If you want to buy amusement rides for kids or build children amusement parks, Beston will give you all-round guidance! Contact us for quotation!

Ocean Theme Indoor Playground For Sale
Mini Pirate Ship For Sale in Beston
Beston Frisbee For Sale For Kids
Polular Kiddie Swing Rides For Sale

Kiddie Amusement Rides For Sale Cases

Over time, Beston Rides has crafted countless indoor and outdoor children’s park cases, spreading joy to families globally. Our track record of success in providing top-notch children’s amusement equipment speaks volumes. Get in touch with us for more information, and let’s create more memorable experiences together!

bumper car amusement equipment for sale
Bumper Car Plan For Algeria Project

Kiddie Amusement Rides For Algeria Project

Beston Rides recently celebrated a park project in Algeria with many thrilling kiddie amusement rides. Popular rides for sale included bumper cars, samba balloon rides, and pirate ship rides. From initial customer inquiry to successful operation, the project represents a comprehensive success story for Beston Rides. Today, we create satisfying projects for our clients and amusement parks in Algeria bring joy and entertainment to visitors.

Customer Review

I am satisfied with the quality, performance, and support of the amusement rides for kids, especially the “Sky net Bumper Car” design.

indoor soft playground price
Turkey Indoor Park Project Design

Beston Indoor Playground Project in Turkey

780м² turkey indoor amusement project is designed and manuafcturerd by Beston Rides. According to the customers’ needs, and market research, we finally chose ocean indoor playground equipment, children excavators, mini Ferris wheel, carousel, bumper cars, self-control plane ride, mini Miami ride and other mechanical rides for children.

Customer Review

We are very satisfied with the design of Beston Rides, and the final effect of indoor park project in Turkey is also very surprising. The division of each area is very reasonable.

Why Should You Buy Kiddie Amusement Rides

Kiddie rides prioritize safety and development, fostering motor skills and imaginative play in a secure, enjoyable environment. In addition, kiddie amusement rides for sale versatility and appeal attract families and young visitors, enhancing park experiences and encouraging repeat visits. Here are reasons for buying kiddie rides for sale. If you want to buy children rides, contact Beston Rides for price.

Customer Appeal
Kiddie rides attract families and young visitors, increasing foot traffic and enhancing the overall appeal of amusement parks and entertainment centers.
Developmental Benefits
They contribute to children’s development by fostering motor skills, coordination, spatial awareness, and imaginative play in a fun-filled environment.
These rides come in various themes and types, allowing amusement park owners to offer a diverse range of attractions suitable for different ages and preferences.
Market Demand
There’s a consistent demand for family-friendly attractions, and kiddie rides specifically cater to this demographic, ensuring a steady stream of visitors.
Customer Loyalty
Offering engaging and safe experiences for children builds customer loyalty as families tend to revisit parks that cater well to their children’s enjoyment.
Event Flexibility
9.They’re suitable for diverse events like birthday parties, school outings, or family gatherings, expanding revenue opportunities beyond regular park visits.
Operational Efficiency
Kiddie rides often have lower maintenance needs and operating costs compared to larger attractions, ensuring better cost efficiency.
Adaptability to Space
Kiddie rides come in various sizes, making them adaptable to different spaces within amusement parks or entertainment centers.

Kiddie Rides For Sale Applications

Children amusement equipment has a variety of application scenarios and is designed to meet the entertainment needs of children of different ages. Furthermore,  it can be combined with unique local culture, animation and landscape elements to attract more popularity. If you want to buy or learn about our children’s play equipment, click Contact Us to get a quote.

Theme Parks

Children’s equipment is an integral part of most theme parks. In addition to thrilling rides designed for adults and older visitors, it’s essential for theme parks to incorporate attractions that cater specifically to children and families. These attractions not only entertain kids but also contribute to creating a wholesome experience that strengthens family bonds. Children’s entertainment facilities can better connect family emotions. Carousels, Ferris wheels, and small roller coasters are all more popular.

Suburban Resorts

The suburban resort center is dedicated to providing a wide range of kiddie amusement rides suitable for various age groups. Incorporating these rides for sale not only enriches the overall entertainment value but also serves as a magnetic draw for families and young guests. Carefully positioned throughout the resort, these rides curate an unforgettable experience, significantly enhancing the appeal of the entire destination.

City Park or Outdoor Park

City parks or outdoor parks serve as vibrant communal spaces within urban landscapes, offering a range of recreational and leisure opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The audience of city park is generally families, and children’s amusement facilities provide families with a way to connect emotionally, and also help children exercise and feel nature.

Family Entertainment Center

Kiddie Rides play an important role in family entertainment centers, especially in the application of indoor soft play equipment. The introduction of Kiddie Rides brings diversity, safety and a parent-child shared entertainment experience to the family entertainment center, enhancing the attraction of the center and becoming an ideal place for families and children to enjoy together.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls and shopping malls often have dedicated children’s areas, and these areas are usually equipped with various children’s play equipment. This design is designed to provide convenience for parents who are shopping, allowing them to give their children a safe and fun place to play while they shop. This design also makes the mall an ideal place for family gatherings and parent-child activities, providing families with a comprehensive shopping and leisure experience.

Community Centers and Libraries

Community Centers and libraries often have amusement equipment for children, such as naughty castles, carousels, etc. These activities provide opportunities for children to socialize and learn, while also giving parents peace of mind knowing that their children are spending productive time in a safe environment. It not only provides children with a place for learning and entertainment, but also provides them with opportunities for social interaction and knowledge acquisition, promoting the possibility of their all-round development.
thrill rides for sale in Beston Rides

ROI Analysis of Beston Kiddie Rides

You can estimate your investment income based on the input-output ratio of children’s amusement equipment. The following is our ROI analysis, taking the 500-square-meter indoorplaygound as an example and combining it with our real cases. If you want to buy a single children’s amusement equipment, carousel, autonomous plane, mini roller coaster, etc., we can analyze it based on the fairground rides for kids you choose. Please contact us as soon as possible!

Profit Analysis – 500M² Indoor Playground Project Design
Charging ModeOne-vote systemExpected operating life3
Project OverviewSite OverviewSite Area(㎡)Venue rental(usd/month)Effective operation throughout the year (days)Average daily operating hours (hours/day)average fare(usd/person-time)
Equipment OverviewFacility capacity(person-time/instantaneous)maximum capacity(person-time/instantaneous)Average play time(hour/person)total power consumption(kW/h)electricity bill(usd/degree)
Passenger flow analysisWeekday traffic (person/day)Weekends traffic (person/day)Average daily passenger flow(person/day)Number of employees(people)Average salary(usd/month)
Operating costTotal investment in equipment(usd)Payroll expenses(usd/year)Electricity expenses(usd/year)Publicity expenses(usd/year)Decoration cost(usd/year)
Total Project Revenue375000Total Fixed Cost105000Total Operating Cost20150
Theoretical Limit ValuePeak Load(Person/Day)1667Maximum single-day revenue(usd)8333
Revenue AnalysisAverage Monthly Net Revenue28477$Average annual net income341725$Estimated payback time (months)3.6
First year net income249850$
Tip: The table is theoretical calculation data for reference only. The specific operating budget varies according to the site location, facilities and operating costs.

How Much Does Kiddie Amusement Rides Cost

It’s essential to consult with Beston Rides manufacturers directly, considering specific ride types, customization requirements, and additional costs for a comprehensive understanding of the total investment needed. Thus, the cost of kiddie amusement rides can vary significantly based on several factors:

Type and Complexity
The price is influenced by the complexity of the ride, whether it’s a simple carousel or a more intricate, themed amusement rides for kids.
Size and Capacity
Larger rides or those accommodating more children tend to be more expensive due to increased materials and structural complexity.
Manufacturer and Quality
Reputable manufacturers might have higher upfront costs, but our quality often ensures durability, reducing long-term maintenance expenses.
Customization and Theming
Custom designs or themed rides can significantly increase costs due to additional design, manufacturing, and licensing expenses.
Installation and Transportation
Expenses related to installation, transportation, and site preparation should be factored in, impacting the overall cost.
Operational and Maintenance Costs
Beyond the initial purchase, ongoing operational expenses like electricity, staffing, and maintenance should be considered for long-term budgeting.

FAQ – Beston Kiddie Ride

What age is kiddie ride for?
Kiddie ride means a mechanical amusement ride or device designed primarily for use by children 12 years of age and under.
What is kiddie ride?
Kiddie ride is a type of amusement equipment specially designed for children under the age of 12. It is widely found in amusement parks, shopping malls, indoor parks, open-air plazas, large department stores and other places. These facilities often feature colorful exteriors, attractive themes featuring animals, vehicles or popular cartoon characters, and are designed to provide a lightly interactive and entertaining experience. These are often equipped with sounds, music, and may even include elements such as flashing lights, pedals, and buttons to add interest.
Kiddie amusement rides are often powered by heavy-duty electric motors that are often hidden within or beneath the metal, fiberglass or vacuum-formed plastic body of the facility. This design not only ensures the stability and safety of the device, but also provides a safe and interesting entertainment place for children.
Where can you install kiddie rides?
Kiddie rides, among Beston Rides company’s top-selling amusement attractions, enjoy broad popularity across various settings. These captivating rides are versatile, finding places in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, and outdoor playgrounds. They are equally well-received in indoor fun centers, enhancing entertainment options for children. From scenic spots to shopping malls and even residential areas, the widespread application of kiddie rides reflects their adaptability and appeal, making them an ideal choice for creating enjoyable experiences for children in various environments.
Where can you buy kiddie rides?
Prospective buyers looking to purchase kiddie rides can explore Beston’s extensive catalog. As you know, Beston Rides is a renowned supplier of kiddie amusement rides for sale, offering a diverse range of high-quality kiddie amusement rides for sale. Meanwhile, Beston rides are available for purchase through various channels, including the company’s official website, authorized dealers, and industry trade shows. With a reputation for delivering safe, innovative, and entertaining rides, Beston ensures that customers can find the perfect kiddie rides for amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, and other venues. Moreover, Beston’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us a reliable choice for those seeking to buy new kiddie rides.
How to choose types of kiddie amusement rides for your business?
When selecting kiddie amusement rides for your business, factors like your target audience, available space, and budget play crucial roles. Classic choices like the Carousel Merry-Go-Round or Mini Ferris Wheel are timeless and appeal to a wide age range. Bumper Cars and interactive rides like Teacup or Self control plane rides add excitement. Consider the overall theme and atmosphere you want to create to ensure a cohesive and enjoyable environment. Beston Rides kiddie rides suppliers offer diverse options of kiddie rides for sale to suit various business needs.
How to choose coin operated kiddie rides for sale for your business?
When selecting coin-operated kiddie rides for an indoor park, consider factors such as ride size to fit the space, durability, attractive designs, and age-appropriate themes. Choose rides that are easy to maintain, comply with safety standards, and offer a variety of experiences. Verify the reliability and reputation of suppliers like Beston for quality coin-operated kiddie rides for sale.
How to choose reliable kiddie rides manufacturer?
To choose a reliable kiddie rides manufacturer like Beston Rides, consider kiddie rides manufacturer reputation, industry experience, and customer reviews. Look for compliance with safety standards, diverse ride options, and excellent customer service. Evaluate warranty and after-sales support to ensure a trustworthy and long-term partnership for your amusement business.

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Beston Rides – Quality Kiddie Rides Manufacturer

Ideal Selection for Park Projects

Beston Rides is a leader in the field of children’s amusement equipment! Moreover, We offer a diverse selection of equipment, whether it’s a classic carousel, an exciting small roller coaster, or even a creative interactive ride structure. These amusement equipment not only attract the attention of children, but also make parents feel at ease. Because Beston Rides pays attention to the safety of equipment, we strictly control every detail to ensure that children’s play process is safe and reliable. We not only designed to meet safety standards, but also added unique fashion elements and creative designs to create a playground full of fun and unforgettable experiences for children. Contact us to buy kiddie amusement rides right now!

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