Kangaroo Hopper Ride for sale

The kangaroo hopper rides are also the thrill rides which is really welcomed by many customers, especially the kiddie. And it is mainly designed based on the frog hopper rides and also can go up and down suddenly and smoothly. However, as for the kangaroo hopper amusement ride, the animal character are kangaroo which looks vivid and interesting. The kangaroo hopper funfair rides are one of the most popular amusement parks attractions. The sudden lifting and falling of the fairground amusement rides can bring much more thrilling experience ans happiness to the kids and their family. Beston, the top funfair ride manufacturer, supplies quality kangaroo hopper ride for sale with competitive prices.

top kangaroo hopper amusement rides manufacturer
Kangaroo Hopper Ride for sale

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Technique Advantages of Beston Kangaroo Hopper Rides:

  1. Decorated with colorful lighting LED lamp for night operation.
  2. Propelled by hydraulic system, lifting and falling smoothly by reducer and nitrogen pressure.
  3. Use PLC controller for console, easily operate and safe for kids.
  4. As a tower ride, it is very attractive to kids and a little thrill to a child. It can make the children too much braver to resist to the fear.
  5. Customers can customize the types or pattern of their kangaroo hopper fair rides, such as the capacity.

Technical Parameter of Beston Kangaroo Hopper Rides:

Description: Frog hopper
Capacity: 6p
Lifting height: 6m
Height: 8.3m
Power: 15Kw
Voltage: 380V
Type: Other Outdoor Toys & Structures
Space area: 6*5m


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    Trackless Trains Promotion Is In Progress! ONLY 20 SETS!