Installation of 50M Ferris Wheel for Sale in Mexico

Recently, the 50 m ferris wheel from Beston amusement has been successfully installed in the amusement park in Mexico. As for the installation, we can provide different services to support the installation, which can make the installation easier for our customers. Now, the ferris wheel has been operated well in the park for a period of time and the below is the feedback photos:

50 meters carnival ferris wheel for sale in Mexico
50 Meters Ferris Wheel in Mexico

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Installation Feedback of 50M Ferris Wheel for Sale in Mexico

Ferris wheel installation is not easy for many investors. But with the assistance of Beston amusement, they have no need for them to worry about the installation. We can exert all our strength in the process of installing the ferris wheel, including this 50m ferris wheel. Whenever you all need Beston, we will be always here to support you!

When installing this 50m ferris wheel, our customer in Mexico has consulted our technical team about the methods of ferris wheel installation. In order to help our customers better, we will not only offer technical support online at any time, but also we can provide all necessary information or document for our customers.

50m ferris wheel for sale in Mexico
50 Meters Ferris Wheel Foundation

giant wheel for sale in Mexico
50m Ferris Wheel Foundation

giant wheel carnival ride materials
Steel to Install Ferris Wheel in Mexico

Before delivery and installation, the ferris wheel and other amusement rides will be tested in the factory, which can ensure the smooth installation in our customers’ side. We will send the details and videos of trail assembly and test running to our customers. Besides, we can also provide the foundation drawings, installation instructions and installation videos to our customer to help the installation. Therefore, we will guide the installation of 50 meters ferris wheel for sale online and offline.

ferris wheel rides for sale
50 Meters Ferris Wheel Installation

amusement park wheel ride for sale
50 Meters Carnival Wheel Installation

giant wheel carnival ride installation
Giant Ferris Wheel Installation

Are you have doubt about ferris wheel installation?

Customized Ferris Wheel for Sale Available in Beston

As a professional amusement rides manufacturer with independent design team, Beston can customize different types of amusement rides, including the theme (festival, country, etc.), appearance, capacity, seats, painting, logo, and so on. As for ferris wheel, we can supply not only customized mini ferris wheel for kids, but also giant ferris wheel, such as 20 meters, 30 meters, 49 meters and 104 meters ferris wheel. The followings are some examples of ferris wheel customization :

Customized small ferris wheel for sale
Customized Kiddie Ferris Wheel for Sale

Customized double ferris wheel ride
Customized Double Face Ferris Wheel in Beston

customized outdoor ferris wheel
Customized 20 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston

customized 30 meters ferris wheel manufacturers
Customized 30 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston

customized 49m ferris wheel manufacturers
49M Customized Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston

customized big wheel fairground ride for sale
104M Customized Giant Wheel in Beston

Are you insterested in the customized ferris wheel?

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As long as you contact us, We will provide you more details about the project in Mexico! In addition, we will constantly update more project information from investors around the world, such as Nigeria, Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc. Please bookmark my website and keep following us, and we will provide more knowledge you need.

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