Installation and Test Run of 36 Seats Chair Swing Ride in Russia

Our Customer felt fairly satisfied with the chair swing ride installed in his park in Russia in June 2022. The swing ride has opened for business for almost three months and now everything went well according to our customers’ feedback. You can check the video below and get to know the installation process of the amusement park swing ride. Whenever you have plans to buy chair swing ride, please do not hesitate to contact us here now!

carnival swing ride for sale
Beston Chair Swing Ride in Russian Park

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Project Introduction – Park in Russia

Our customer in Russia contacted us to add some new attractions for the park: Парк имени Плевен. The park has a long history and now the park investor decided to upgrade some new amusement equipment to make it more attractive. This is the first phase to buy a park ride as a trial order. Later, he will buy some more amusement rides for his park.

Search Amusement Rides Manufacturers Online:

Nowadays, more and more buyers try to look for buy something online on business website or some platforms. In the same way, after making a plan, our customer planned to start to investigate and collect information among thousands of manufacturer and suppliers online. At last, he selected several manufacturers what he think can be trusted, and sent us an inquiry about his demands. Of course, Beston received the inquiry and our sales manager replied to him immediately.

Customer’s Initial and Final Demand:

After communication, we found that our customers’ demand is very clear and definite. He was looking for a chair swing ride for his park with 36 seats. As an indispensable park rides, chair swing ride can be widely seen in amusement and theme parks. The swing ride can spin as well as go up and down, and some models also can shake the head, making it more thrilling. What’s more, with attractive appearance and large capacity, this flying chair ride can attract more passengers for the park. As a wise investor, it is profitable for him to choose this theme park rides.

swinging amusement park ride manufacturer
Popular Shaking-head Swing Ride in Beston Amusement

36 seat shaking head spinning swing carnival ride
36-seat Chair Swing Ride in Beston

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As we all know, actions speak louder than words. And we also know the importance of public praise. Therefore, we attached great importance to our product quality and after-sales services in the beginning. In the past ten years, we have gained a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Except for showing the advantages and details of our chair swing ride to our customers, we also sent some cases and feedback to him. Our sales managers and technicians tries their best to solve all issues or questions from our customer. At last, our customer selected our 36-seat shaking-head chair swing ride for his park.

Beston Swing Ride Transporting to Russia

All amusement rides are produced in our own factory with integrated workshops. We select raw materials carefully and control each production process strictly, which aims to guarantee the product quality and ensure riders’ safety. After production, the equipment will be delivered to our customer. As for all our customers, there is no need for them to worry about the delivery. We can arrange a most suitable transportation with competitive price for them, because we have built a long-term cooperation with some international freight forwarders and it can guarantee the safe and timely delivery.

Delivery Time In March 2022 Delivery Place Xingyang City, Henan Province
Arrival Time In March 2022 Arrival Place Russia

36 Seats Chair Swing Ride Installed in Russian Park

As for the installation, our technical engineers guided the installation online and it took about ten days to finish the installation. During the process, we sent the installation instruction, foundation drawings as well as the maintenance instruction for reference. They felt pleased with our service and ability. The below are photos of foundation drawings and the inner structure of the 36 seats flying chair ride.

foundation drawings of Beston swinger carnival ride
Foundation Drawings of Beston 36 Seats Chair Swing Ride

chair swing rides for sale
Structure of Beston Chair Swing Ride for Sale

Customer’s Feedback and Further Cooperation

This chair swing ride has brought quite a fer profits for him. At the same, the swing ride has attracted more passengers for the park. It is easy to operate and maintain and just spend little to maintain it. Most importantly, he was satisfied with product quality and would like to buy some VR equipment for the park soon. And perhaps he will buy many other amusement rides in the future.

carnival swing ride for sale
Beston 36 Seats Chair Swing Ride Installed in Russia

swing amusement park ride
Customer Feedback of Swing Ride in Russia

Other Types of Chair swing Ride for Sale in Beston

If you are not interested in the swing ride or want to buy a different chair swing ride, please check the following or contact us for details! Beston can supply mini swing ride and 24, 32, 36 seats chair swing ride (shaking head or not). If customers have special requirements, Beston can customize the amusement ride for you, including the appearance, themes (festival theme, country theme), colors, capacity, logo and so on. Feel free to contact us to get the most suitable amusement rides for your park!

24/32/36 Seats Chair Swing Ride for Sale

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Amusement Park Swing Ride for Sale

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Popular Chair Swing Ride for Sale

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Customized Chair Swing Ride for Sale

Customized theme park swing ride for sale
Customized Flying Chair Ride for Sale

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Customized swing amusement ride for sale
Customized Swing Carnival Ride for Sale

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