The answer is no. As for indoor soft playground, Beston can customize the indoor project solution according to our customers’ site situation. No matter what is the landing size, shape, height, etc., we can supply indoor soft playground for our customers. It can come in a variety of sizes and ideally require a suitable open space.
As for indoor playground equipment, the most important thing are the site and investment budget. In general, the site area is from 100 square meters to 5000 square meters. And we always suggest the investors to install the indoor playground equipment in the places with larger passenger flow. It is widely seen in the shopping malls, supermarkets, business zone, school, residential centers, plazas, indoor playground, and other indoor places and outdoor parks with ceilings.
As for the a indoor investment, the passenger flows are very important. The appropriate location are business districts, residential areas with dense population and other places with large passenger flow and complete facilities.

Generally speaking, it is appropriate to choose a place near the commercial center and residential area with dense population, large flow of people and complete facilities. In addition, competition is one of the factors you need to consider. What’s more, competition is another factor that may affect the site selection.

It will depend on the landing size, indoor playground positioning, site surroundings, local consumption level and competitor. So, we should learn more about the details of your project and we will offer you appropriate suggestions.
We will provide the return on investment (ROI) analysis according to our customers’ site location, passenger flow, ticket price, etc. We will calculate the expected return time according to the data you provide.

Generally, according to our experience, if you select the right location and install our indoor playground equipment, the cost will be returned in 5 to 8 months. In addition, you had better update the indoor playground equipment every three years to add some new projects or replace some upholstery decorations.

The indoor soft playground price is not fixed and Beston customizes the indoor soft pay equipment according to the actual site, drawings, and customers’ budget scope. Thus, the price of indoor soft playground is finally determined by the final indoor playground design. It is varied along with the different themes, indoor soft playground with different electric games, different indoor playground games, and so on.
In the past few years, we have exported the indoor playground to many countries and areas, such as Europe, America and the Middle East. And our indoor playground also sells well in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Phiippines, Qatar, Uzbekistan, and so on, and if you need, we can send you some feedback for reference. And we are glad to let you all know more about Beston!
The process of starting an indoor playground is not difficult and it mainly includes market research, prepare floor plan, indoor soft playground design, production, shipment, installation, opening and operation. Check here to contact Beston for the process in details!

The indoor soft playgrounds are created for kids and adults with various soft materials, which is a new and highly comprehensive children’s paradise. Children in the indoor playground can drill, climb, slide, roll, shake and swing freely and they can play, exercise, learn, and have fun at the same time.

It has the characteristics of randomness, unpowered, interactivity and safety. What’s more, it is not limited by the site location and shape, and the weather. Besides, the indoor soft playground is simple to install, manage, repair, maintain and operate.

In general, we can supply all types of indoor soft playground equipment in the market for our customers. For example, there are morandi themes, macaron themes, forest themes, ocean themes, space/technology themes, cosplay themes, candy themes, British themes, pirate ship themes, etc. Besides, do you have other preferred themes or colors? Please tell us your site situation and we will provide you the professional market survey to match you with the right park solution.
Yes, we have related certificates, such as CE. Meanwhile, our indoor playgrounds have corresponding test report and flame retardant report for all materials, such as packing tube, ocean ball, fiberglass, and so on. It proves that the indoor playground equipment is environmental friendly, flame resistant and food grade, which has harm to children. What’s more, the steels we adopt are purchased from famous brands and the environmental protection materials, and the soft materials can provide all-round protection for children.
We design different materials to protect the children, such as the floor mats with 2 cm to 4 cm thickness, soft bags for steel pipes, slides and ladders, and places that can be touched by hands have been packed for protection, which can provide the better protection for children.
We can not give you an accurate time and the product leading time is about 15 to 30 days depend on the design. Beston can supply various indoor playground equipment with different themes and sizes. Thus, we will give you the product leading time after we confirm the design. Besides, we will do trial installation before delivery to ensure our customers can install the equipment smoothly.
Except the indoor soft playground, we also can combine the electric games, VR machines, and other indoor rides for your indoor projects, such as indoor carousel rides, bumper cars, mini roller coasters, mini ferris wheel, kiddie swing rides, etc. Besides, Beston can manufacture and supply various mechanical rides, including thrill rides, kiddie rides, family rides, theme park rides, etc.. You can find different park rides in Beston, such as carousel rides, ferris wheel, roller coasters, swing rides, pirate ship rides, self-control kiddie plane rides, and so on.

Indoor playground equipment is composed of different sections, including the slide section, trampoline section, interactive section, climbing section, electric toys and so on. In different sections, there are various games for investors to choose from. As for so many games included in the indoor soft playground, investors can choose it according to different age groups of the passenger flow.

Generally, small children prefer the ocean ball pool, sand pool, sand pool, trampoline area, interactive projection, ball castle, slide, cosplay, etc.. But most elder children like the basket games, fiberglass/spiral slide, adventure development equipment, and so on.

As for the indoor playground games, customers can choose different games according to the photos on our site or the catalog. Of course, you can send the market trends in your country and we will suggest some games for you according to your market and project.
The indoor playground design is not free for our customers, and the design fee we charge will deduct from the order if you purchase from Beston. And the design fee includes the 2D park solutions, 3D effect design, and videos, what’s more, we will modify the park design again and again until we can satisfy their demands.
In the design of Beston indoor playgrounds, we will mark the entrance, wall, column, glass, toilet, stair, fire passage, etc.
This is very important which can determine the success of your business. Except for the attractive appearance, we should also attach the great importance of play ability. A good design should be planned reasonably, such as the themes, different games, rest area, reception, and so on, what’s more, it can be suitable for different age groups. Check here for different themes of Beston indoor soft playground equipment!
Beston has a group of excellent designer team, which can provide indoor playground design with reasonable space planning and multi-elements, which is interesting and innovative. Most importantly, with the 3D printing engraving machines, we can ensure the conformity between the real object and the design drawings is up to 99%.Therefore, there is no need to worry about it if you purchase from us.

Yes, of course. Product customization is one of the reasons why Beston is different from other amusement rides supplier or stand out among so many manufacturers. As for customization, we can customize the indoor playground according to our customers’ demands which is also combined with the popular trends and market survey.
It is not difficult for Beston and we can customize the indoor park solution. But, firstly, it is necessary to mark the height of each top.
We will provide the indoor playground design if you pay the design fee, and the design fee includes the product customization. And the design fee can be used in your order if you finally purchased our indoor soft playground. Contact us here to get more details from our sales managers!
As we know, it is more fun with more elements and popular designs for indoor playground. In Beston, according to our customers’ requirements and the passengers’ preferences, our professional design team can customize the themes, sizes, different indoor soft playground structures, colors, logos, and more. If you have any demands, please feel free to contact Beston here and we will customize and provide you a suitable and satisfying indoor soft play equipment!
No, it is based on investors’ willingness when starting an indoor business. If your demand is urgent, Beston can provide you various themes and designs for investors to choose from. Because we have customized thousands of indoor playground designs for our customers in the past few years, there must be some themes which can be suitable for you. And if you need product customization, Beston will also satisfy you according to your needs.

We will reasonably arrange the production and delivery date. In general, the production cycle of a 300-500 square meters indoor playgrounds is about 20-30 working days.
Beston is a professional amusement rides and indoor soft play equipment manufacturer.

  • We choose the materials which are safe, environment-friendly and odorless. And we strictly follow the production process of export standards.
  • In order to guarantee our customers can buy quality products, our QC department will strictly inspect it from all aspects such as materials, workmanship, details, quality and service before shipment.
  • We will also provide installation service, operation guidance and other services to teach you how to run the park to make profits.

After production, we will provide you with a full set of structural drawings and other installation data,such as installation munual, installation video, etc. At the same time, our engineers will also provide you with online installation guidance. What’s more, we can offer on-site installation if you need our engineers to guide the installation in the local area. But you should pay the air ticket and related fees and sign an installation agreement with our after-sales department.
The delivery fee is different for each order and it is affected by the country and the size of indoor playground. If you place an order, we will calculate the approximate freight for you as a reference.
Beston can ship the indoor soft playground internationally for our customers and of course we can deliver it to you wherever you are. After production, we will transport the indoor soft play area equipment to the nearest port in your city.
We can arrange the transportation by sea or by train according to the country. For example, it may take 30-40 days to arrive at Kazakhstan and Russia.
Please rest assured that Beston will provide related manual to support our customers and our indoor playground is easy to clean and maintain. Along with the goods we ship to our customers, there are cleaning and maintenance instruction for reference. Different parts should be cleaned in different methods. Investors should clean and maintain regularly with proper materials to prolong the service life. Besides, you should thoroughly sanitize or disinfect the indoor playground equipment before and after each use which can ensure the players’ health.

If you are a beginner, there is no need to worry about the project operation. Beston will guide our customers how to operate the project. Except for the attraction of site location and the project, investors can make a full preparation for the opening and operation of indoor playground.

In the process, they can constantly invest in the promotional activities which are suitable for local consumer groups, plan the appropriate promotions regularly, organize the interesting activities, and improve the service quality of service personnel. In addition, it is necessary to maintain the project updating cycle, which can ensure the better business.

As we know, there exists ricks for any investment or business. The main risk lies in the production customization. Once you change the site location, it will be not suitable for the new site and the operating effect may weaken. Therefore, in the beginning of starting the indoor project, investors should take all factors into consideration, such as the site location, passenger flow, preference, and so on. What’s more, you also can get in touch with our professional managers and we will provide you with professional supports and assistance.

  • Firstly, Beston can supply a full set of related certificates and documents to support the operation of indoor playgrounds.
  • We can offer one-year warranty to guarantee our customers’ legal rights. And each indoor soft play equipment element is marked clearly.
  • Extra materials for indoor soft playground equipment are packed and delivered to our customers for them to install and maintain the equipment.
  • The exclusive design for indoor playgrounds can make our customers stand out among other competitors. Besides, we can supply and customize various indoor playgrounds which are suitable for our customers’ demands and preference.
  • We can provide delivery and installation service for our customers. What’s more, we can offer maintenance, training and operation guidance to help our customers.

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