Beston Indoor Playground Supplier Delivers Unforgettable Indoor Comprehensive Park in Turkey

Congratulations on the successful delivery and on-site installation of the 780м² turkey amusement project! The comprehensive indoor project is carefully designed, installed and built by Beston indoor playground supplier and manufacturer, including soft indoor playground, electronic games, Virtual Reality Equipments and small indoor amusement equipments. If you want to buy indoor playground equipments for sale in Turkey, Beston Rides is always your best choice.

Indoor Park Design

As a professional indoor playground supplier, Beston Rides specializes in innovative indoor park designs, creating captivating environments for endless fun. With a diverse range of indoor amusement rides, their designs cater to all ages and especially for kids. Beston’s indoor parks provide park investors a good choice for unforgettable family entertainment and children thrilling adventures.

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Indoor Comprehensive Amusement Park Design

Indoor Playground Ideas

According to the customer’s needs, site, market research and other factors, we finally chose children’s excavators, mini Ferris wheel, merry-go-round ride, bumper cars, self-controlled aircraft ride, mini Miami ride and other mechanical rides for Turkey indoor project. In addition, Beston indoor playground supplier provides pirate theme indoor playground equipment and electronic game equipments. Make effective use of the site area, and arrange equipment and related amusement facilities according to the children’s play movement. Especially, in order to echo the theme, we adopted ocean-themed wallpapers and cartoon images of pirate elements, making the indoor comprehensive park more beautiful and interesting, attracting children to play.

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Indoor Playground Project in Turkey

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Turkey Indoor Park Project Design

Zoning and Equipment Placement

Children’s Indoor Track Rides: Place these in an area where kids could experience a different feeling of thrills which distinguished with indoor playground equipments and helps appeal visitors.

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Mini Roller Coaster For Sale

Mini Ferris Wheel: Set this up near the entrance or in a central location to create a visual focal point. Its gentle movement and height will attract attention and add to the park’s ambiance.

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Mini Ferris Wheel For Kids

Merry-Go-Round Ride: Position this in an area with a good flow of foot traffic. It’s a classic ride that appeals to younger children to play no matter in amusement parks or entainment center.

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Indoor Carousel Rides

Bumper Cars: Dedicate a space for bumper cars for sale where children can enjoy a fun and safe driving experience. Ensure there’s ample space for the cars for sale in Beston to move around without overcrowding.

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Bumper Cars For Sale in Turkey

Liberty Music Bar Ride: The Liberty Music Bar Ride offers a dynamic fusion of music and entertainment, creating an electrifying experience. Enjoy thrilling rides synchronized with pulsating beats and vibrant visuals.

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Liberty Music Bar Ride

Electronic Game Equipments: Set up a dedicated arcade or gaming zone. Keep this area separate from the other attractions, offering older kids and teenagers a space to enjoy electronic entertainment.

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Electronic Games

Thematic Design

Ocean-Themed Wallpapers: Use ocean-themed wallpapers with underwater scenes, marine life, and vibrant colors to create an immersive environment that matches the theme.
Pirate Elements: Incorporate pirate ship replicas, treasure chests, and other thematic decor throughout the park. This will enhance the overall atmosphere and make it more captivating for kids.
Cartoon Images: Decorate the walls with cartoon images of pirates, sea creatures, and other elements from the theme. These visuals will add to the fun and excitement.

Facilities and Services

Rest Area: Create a comfortable seating area for parents and caregivers to relax while watching their children play.
Ticket Counter: Set up a clear and organized ticket counter where visitors can purchase entry tickets or passes.
Safety Measures: Implement appropriate safety measures for each ride and play area. Staff should be trained to ensure children’s safety at all times.
By carefully organizing the equipment, designing the space with a thematic approach, and providing essential facilities, you’ll create an enjoyable and memorable experience for kids and families visiting your indoor comprehensive park. So if you want to invest indoor playground equipments or build indoor playground, you could believe Beston indoor playground supplier!

Indoor Park Project Process

Project Timeline

March to May 2022Requirement Discussion
June 2022Contract Signing
July to August 2022Production and Transportation
November 2022Engineers' Visit for Installation
December 2022Installation Completion

On-site Guidance Video

Beston Rides provides the best services for amsuement park projects and amsuement rides for sale. Conducting a test run for indoor playground equipments in an indoor play center is a crucial step to ensure the safety and functionality of the equipment. Here are some test video after installing the equipments.

Customer Feedbacks

I’m thrilled with Beston indoor playgrounds! They’re amazing fun zones for everyone. The designs are captivating, and the quality is good. Kids are in love with the indoor play centers. The service is excellent too. From purchase to setup, everything was smooth. Thanks Beston for making my project into reality!

How to Open an Indoor Playground

How to open indoor playground? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to proceed, along with considerations for working with an indoor playground supplier like Beton Rides. Working with an indoor playground supplier like Beston Rides can provide you with quality equipment and expertise in creating a safe and engaging environment. Be sure to communicate your vision, theme, and requirements clearly to ensure a successful collaboration.

  • 1. Market Research and Business Plan

    Conduct thorough market research to understand the demand for indoor playgrounds in your target location. Identify your target audience, such as age groups and preferences. Create a detailed business plan outlining your goals, financial projections, marketing strategies, and operational plans.

  • 2. Location and Space

    Choose a suitable location with high visibility and easy accessibility. Consider areas with high foot traffic, such as shopping malls or busy commercial areas. Assess the space requirements based on the equipment and facilities you plan to install.

  • 3. Regulations and Permits

    Research local regulations, safety standards, and licensing requirements for indoor playgrounds in your area. Obtain all necessary permits and licenses before opening.

  • 4. Theme and Design

    Decide on a theme that will appeal to your target audience. Consider working with the supplier, Beston Rides, to integrate their indoor playground equipment with your chosen theme. Plan the layout of the playground to maximize space utilization and ensure smooth traffic flow.

  • 5. Equipment Selection

    Collaborate with Beston Rides to select appropriate indoor playground equipment based on your theme and target audience. Beston will provide the best suiltable indoor playground design pan according to your needs and venue situation. Ensure the equipment meets safety standards and is durable for long-term use.

  • 6. Marketing and Promotion

    Develop a marketing strategy to promote your indoor playground. Utilize social media, local advertising, and partnerships with schools or community centers. Offer special promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs to attract customers.

Beston Rides – Top Indoor Playground Supplier

Beston Rides is a leading indoor playground supplier and manufacturer with a global reach, exporting high-quality indoor playgrounds to destinations worldwide. We offer comprehensive one-stop services, encompassing every aspect of creating a successful indoor playground venture.

Beston Rides offers a complete package for commercial indoor playgrounds. We handle everything, from market research and design to equipment selection, transportation, and installation. With their expertise, entrepreneurs can create exciting and safe playgrounds for diverse audiences. We could provide suitable and profitable indoor playgrounds for all audiance. How to find reliable indoor playground supplier? Choose Beston Rides!

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