Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale In Vietnam

1189 ㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Vietnam

In September 2022, a customer in Vietnam purchased an indoor soft playground from Beston Amusement. We customized the 1189 square meters indoor project solution and arranged the production, delivery and installation timely. Now, it is open for business and here is the feedback of the indoor project for reference:
MegaFun in Vietnam
Congratulations on the successful installation of the customized indoor playground in Vietnam! It’s great to hear that the indoor soft playground is now open for business, and it has caught the attention of many people, which is fantastic news. Now, many families and children enjoy the exciting and fun-filled play experience that our indoor playground offers. At the same time, it can help to boost the brand awareness and potentially increase investors’ revenue. Once again, congratulations on your successful opening and I wish you all the best in your business endeavors!

Indoor Project in Vietnam – Cooperation Process

Indoor Playgrounds in Vietnam – Brief Introduction
• On September 24, 2022, we received an inquiry from our customer in Vietnam about setting up an indoor playground. Then our professional project manager responded to them as quickly as possible. Here is the brief introduction for this indoor project:
Project Location: The site for the indoor project is located in a famous apartment building in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Project Size: The total area of the project is 1189 square meters.
Project objective: Our customer has a certain understanding of indoor naughty castles and intends to invest in them as a side business.
Final Demands: 1189 square meters indoor playground equipment and bumper cars
• On September 30th, we began to make the preliminary layout for our customers after communication.
3D Design for Indoor Playground in Vietnam
From October 1st to October 15th, 2022, Beston revised the 3D design of the indoor playground equipment for many times and eventually achieved customer satisfaction. In our company, we have a professional design team, and our interior designers will provide our customers with unique and profitable indoor soft playground solutions based on their requirements, site, and budget.
Some popular indoor playgrounds available for Sale in Vietnam:
If you’re looking for popular indoor playgrounds for sale in Vietnam, there are a variety of options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular ones, which are customized and provided by Beston: Morandi Theme, Macaron Theme, Ocean Theme, Space/Technology, Forest Theme, Cosplay Theme, and so on.
Customization Options: In order to support our customers’ park project and satisfy their demands, Beston will customize the project solutions according to the landing, budget, local tourists’ preference and so on. Moreover, the customized solutions have the potential to make investors distinguish themselves from their competitors.
Indoor Playground Production and Delivery
On October 24, 2022, we signed a contract with the customer and received the invoice. And the production was completed in December 2022, and then we arranged the shipment for our customers in time.
As for the production, Beston is able to provide customers with top-quality indoor playground equipment that is safe, durable, and fun. The materials we use to produce the indoor playgrounds are carefully selected and rigorously tested to ensure they meet international safety standards. In addition, we use advanced production technology to ensure the highest level of precision and consistency in the manufacturing process.
As for the delivery, Beston has developed a reliable and efficient delivery system to provide customers with flexible and cost-effective delivery options. Meanwhile, we take great care in packaging and handling. Therefore, Beston can ensure the indoor playground equipment arrives on time and in perfect condition.
Excellent Services – Online Installation Guidance
In addition to our standard delivery options, we also offer online and on-site installation guidance services for customers. If necessary, our experienced technicians are available to travel to your location and guide the installation, ensuring that it is installed correctly and safely.
And the online guidance of indoor playground installation in Vietnam began in January 2023. When it is completed, they felt very satisfied with our product quality and installation services.
Before shipping, we pre-assemble all steel pipes to ensure the quality and compatibility of all components. Moreover, pre-assembly also helps ensure correct and safe equipment installation.
Upon arrival, we remind the customer to inspect and receive the goods promptly to ensure the integrity of the goods.
With our installation guidance, halfway through the project timeline, the actual assembly has been completed to restore the design in a one-to-one ratio.
During the installation of the bumper car floor, a professional local installation team cooperates with our online guidance to complete the installation.
Open for Business – Beston Indoor Project in Vietnam
We are thrilled to announce that the indoor playground in Vietnam is open for business. As soon as the installation process is completed, our customer in Vietnam opened for business immediately. What’s more, they were amazed by the high volume of daily foot traffic they received after opening, which can generate high revenue for our customers.
Besides, the professional team from Beston Amusement understands the importance of attracting and retaining customers, and we utilize our expertise and knowledge to ensure that your business stands out in a crowded market.
Furthermore, Beston provides project operation to support our customers around the world and guarantee the long-term investment and profitability.
Start Indoor and Outdoor Park Projects in Vietnam
Are you planning to start a park project in Vietnam? Please feel free to tell us your demands and Beston will provide you with the most attractive and profitable park solutions to achieve the success of your investment.
In Vietnam, because of the growing tourism market, the favorable business environment, and the growing middle class with increasing levels of disposable income, the market for entertainment and leisure activities is continuously expanding, including indoor and outdoor parks.
As a professional amusement rides manufacturer, Beston provides various indoor and outdoor rides with premium quality and competitive price, which are the optimal selection for investors.
In addition, we provide comprehensive after-sales support for customers over 100 countries, which can ensure the smooth operation of your park project. With our experience and expertise, Beston can help you create a successful and profitable park project in Vietnam.

Why Choose Beston to Invest in Park Project?

“At Beston, our utmost priority is ensuring our customers receive exceptional service throughout every stage of the process, including design, production, delivery, installation, and project operation. In addition, except quality products and excellent service, we also provide product and solution customization to meet your unique needs and preferences. Choose Beston for your park project investment and see how we can help bring your park vision to life.”
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