Forest Theme Indoor Soft Playground in Uzbekistan

In April, our customer in Uzbekistan bought a new 1000 square meters forest theme indoor soft play equipment from our company for his investment in shopping mall. And the indoor soft play equipment was designed by our professional design team according to the landing situation, budget, customers’ requirements and so on. After many modifications and confirmations, the final effect drawing was confirmed. Until recently, we have manufactured, delivered and installed the indoor soft playground in our customer’s site. Here is the project solution of this indoor soft playground:

PARK SOLUTION OF Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
1000m2 Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
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Different Sections of Forest Indoor Soft Play for Sale in Uzbekistan

This is a comprehensive indoor soft playground, and it contains different kinds of indoor soft play structures. You can find sliding section, trampoline section, interactive section, ocean ball, climbing volcano, adventure development equipment, electric toy section and so on. Investors should choose the suitable games for the indoor soft play area. Check the solutions for our customer in Uzbekistan below:

Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan – Effect Drawing
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Delivery of Indoor Soft Playground to Uzbekistan

After production, the indoor soft playground was transported to our customer in Uzbekistan in time. We delivered the indoor playground in three trucks in one month from June to July in 2022. As for the delivery, we strictly implement rules of the packing, loading container and transportation, which can ensure that our goods can arrive at customers safely and on time. Below are some photos of the delivery:

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
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Forest Theme Indoor Soft Play Equipment Installed in Uzbekistan

In general, we can help our customers around the world install the equipment by online guidance or on-site installation. As for online guidance, we send installation instruction and installation videos to them. At the same time, we have professional engineers to support our customers online to install the equipment. Except for installation guidance, Beston also has localized installation team in many countries and areas. For example, we have office and engineers in Uzbekistan who can guide the installation on the spot. Here are some photos of installation drawings:

Forest Theme Indoor Soft Play Equipment Installed in Uzbekistan

Forest Theme Indoor Soft Play Equipment Installed in Uzbekistan

Forest Theme Indoor Soft Play Equipment Installed in Uzbekistan

Three Steps to Obtain an Indoor Project Solution

1. Confirm the Site Condition

After receiving customers’ demands, firstly, we should confirm the land condition with our customers, such as the permission, address, size, surrounding situation, and so on.

If the land is not ready, we can provide a similar solution to reference according to your budget or preference.

However, when you get the land permission, please tell us your land size (length, width and height), CAD drawings, and also budget scope. Our technical talents will provide the indoor park solution according to the site condition.

2. Confirm Customers’ Demands

In order to supply the most appropriate solutions for our customers, there are much information to confirm with the investors, such as theme preference, color preference, site details, etc..

As for indoor soft playground themes, we have Macaron, Morandi, ocean, forest, technology, cosplay, British, and other customized indoor playground.

We can customize the indoor soft play equipment to satisfy our customers’ demands and preference. Feel free to tell us your demands and Beston will satisfy your dreams!

3. Indoor Playground Solution

Beston can provide various indoor soft playgrounds with different themes and the solution should be started with the plan and confirmation of site zoning.

Next, we will send the first edition of indoor soft playground solution to our customers and then improve the design according to customers’ demands until our customers feel satisfied.

And we will constantly optimize the solution and finally confirm the solution which can meet our customers’ all requirements. And Beston will be your optimal selection!

Macaron Indoor Soft Play Equipment for Sale
Indoor Project Solution from Beston

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