Ferris Wheel for sale

The ferris wheel, sometimes, is also called the observation wheel, giant wheel, panoramic wheel, gondola wheel, or carousel wheel, which is one of the most popular amusement rides in many large amusement and theme parks. And the ferris wheel rides are a nonbuilding structure that consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple gondolas that can carry many passengers.

The gondolas of obeservation wheel is attached to the rim in such a way that as the wheel turns, they are kept upright, usually by gravity. Ferris wheel is vertical to ground. The total height of ferris wheel ride is 5m-120m from the ground, which is customized.

The main components of the carnival ferris wheel are made of FRP (Fiber Reinforce Plastic) and stainless steel, which makes the rides high quality, environmental friendly and low maintenance. The rotation of ferris wheel is driven by electric control system. Tourist on the big wheel goes higher with the wheel turns. In this way, tourists can enjoy the remote beautiful scene from high. Beston manufactures and supplies the quality ferris wheel of all sizes.

a ferris wheel is built such that the height
Ferris Wheel for sale

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Amusement Park Ferris Wheel for Sale

Beston amusement park  Ferris wheel can be the perfect centrepiece for your attraction, drawing guests from miles away, which represents the most classical and beautiful attraction for a park. Ferris wheels are suitable for all age groups and all family members can ride on Beston observation wheel for sale to see the nice landscape from its height. Each ferris wheel can be decorated with the special themes according to your requirements by Beston amusement equipment. Besides, the wheel also can be equipped with the special LED lights, which looks very beautiful in the night. What’s more, the wheel dimension and the gondolas of Beston giant wheel can be customized to meet the different demands of customers. You can choose the right ferris wheel from Beston no matter what you want.

a ferris wheel is built such that the height
BAR-FW1 Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston

Model: BAR-FW1
Total height: 30m
Rotation diameter: 26.4m
Rated power: 15KW
Area: 21*23m
Number of cabin: 18
Capacity of cabin: 4
Total:72 persons
Rated Voltage: 380v/220v
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backyard ferris wheel for sale
BAR-FW2 Beston Ferris Wheel with Top Quality

Model: BAR-FW2
Machine height: 20m
Wheel diameter: 15m
Cabin Number: 12
Each cabin: 4.per
Area: 20 m × 12m
Rotating week: 6 minutes
Power Total Power: 20 kW
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small ferris wheel for sale
BAR-FW3 Beston Quality Ferris Wheel Cheap

Model: BAR-FW3
Machine height: 25m
Wheel diameter: 20m
Cabin Number: 16
Each cabin: 4.per
Area: 25 m × 15m
Rotating week: 6 minutes
Power Total Power: 25 kW
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hot sale ferris wheel fairground rides cheap
BAR-FW4 Top Quality Ferris Wheel in Beston

Model: BAR-FW4
Machine height: 20m
Wheel diameter: 18m
Cabin Number: 12
Each cabin: 4.per
Area: 15 m × 12m
Rotating week: 5 minutes
Power Total Power: 5.5 kW
Mechanical friction wheel drive
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Carnival Ferris Wheel for Sale

Carnival ferris wheel, which is just similar to the amusement park ferris wheel, is popular in the carnivals. Carnival is a festival season which is typically composed of several elements, such as a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, masks, and a public street party. That is to say, there must be a large amount of people concentrating in a broad public areas to celebrate the carnival. So what is the best way or most welcomed methods to celebrate the carnival? Most people must say it is the different types of amusement equipment. And the carnival ferris wheel is a popular family rides and passengers can see the scenery far away from them and the grand occasion of whole carnivals.

Carnival ferris wheel ride is always decorated with gorgeous lighting, which can be shinning and beautiful in the night. Beston carnival ferris wheel for sale has different capacities according to the different height. Customers can choose the models of carnival ride ferris wheel according to the covering area or the passenger flow. Besides, the carnival ferris wheel height and the logo can be customized to meet all customers’ demands. For example, Beston Group manufactures the giant carnival wheel, such as 30m ferris wheel, 42m ferris wheel, 50m ferris wheel, 65m ferris wheel or higher. There is also the kidde ferris wheel in Beston, such as the mini ferris wheel and double ferris wheel. Welcome to visit our company and factory to purchase the ferris wheel ride from Beston! We will provide you the most satisfying observation wheel for you!

kids ferris wheel for sale
BAR-FW5 Buy Cheap Ferris Wheel in Beston Amusement

Model: BAR-FW5
Machine height: 30m
Wheel diameter: 25m
Cabin Number: 18
Each cabin: 4.per
Area: 28 m × 18m
Rotating week: 5 minutes
Power Total Power: 30 kW
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big ferris wheel to purchase from Beston
BAR-FW6 Quality Giant Ferris Wheel at Lower Prices in Beston

Model: BAR-FW6
Seat Capacity: 4*24=96
Cabin Number: 24pcs
Rated Power: 25kw
Driven Power: 16kw
Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Wheel Diameter: 38.4m
Total Height: 42m
Occupied Area: 31*28m
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42m ferris wheel fairground rides for sale
BAR-FW23 Beston 42M Ferris Wheel for sale

Total height:42m
Rotation diameter: 38.4m
Rated power: 25KW
Area: 28*31m
Number of cabin: 24
Capacity of cabin: 4
Total:96 persons
Rated Voltage: 380v/220v
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image of a ferris wheel
BAR-FW15 Beston 50M Giant Ferris Wheel at Lower Prices

Model: BAR-FW15
Machine height: 50m
Running Height: 50m
Rotation Diameter: 45.14m
Cabin Number: 32
Capacity: 126 persons
Area: 35 m × 32m
Driving Power: 18kw
Power Total Power:25kW
Voltage: 380V
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Where to Buy a Ferris Wheel?

You can choose the professional ferris wheel manufacturer in China – Beston Amusement! Many businessmen choose to buy their amusement park rides from China, because they obviously can get a cheaper prices. However, the quality of the ferris wheel in China is competitively better than many other countries. You may find the carousel wheel in China has a big difference and there is no idea how to choose the most suitable manufacturer among so many ferris wheel supplier. The best way is to come to China to visit their factory and company. Generally speaking, Seeing is believing and hearsay is undependable. Beston welcomes every customer to come to our factory and company to check the product quality. Beston factory has abundant experience of designing and producing various amusement park equipment, including various ferris wheel, such as giant or big panoramic wheel of different height for families, small or mini ferris wheel for kids, indoor ferris wheel, backyard ferris wheel for kids, double ferris wheel, portable ferris wheel and so on. Beston adopts the best quality raw materials which conforms to the national standard. Do not hesitate to drop us an email to contact for free quotation!

ferris wheel carnival ride manufacturer
BAR-FW7 Beston Giant Ferris Wheel to Buy Cheap

Model: BAR-FW7
Machine height: 50m
Running Height: 50m
Rotation Diameter: 45.14m
Cabin Number: 32
Capacity: 126 persons
Area: 35 m × 32m
Driving Power: 18kw
Power Total Power:25kW
Voltage: 380V
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65m quality ferris wheel to buy
BAR-FW16 Buy 65m Ferris Wheel from Beston Company

Model: BAR-FW16
Machine height: 65m
Running Height: 65m
Rotation Diameter: 59.85m
Cabin Number: 36 (6p/cabin)
Capacity: 216 persons ()
Area: 35 m × 32m
Driving Power: 26.4kw
Power Total Power: 100kW
Voltage: 380V
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height of a ferris wheel
BAR-FW17 Quality 72m Big Ferris Wheel Carnival Rides in Beston

Model: BAR-FW17
Machine height: 72m
Wheel diameter: 67m
Cabin Number: 48
Each cabin: 4.per
Area: 48 m × 44m
Speed: 15 min/r
Power Total Power: 16kW
Driving Mode: mechanical friction
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giant ferris wheel in Beston group - ferris wheel manufacturers china
BAR-FW12 Beston Carnival Ferris Wheel for Sale

Model: BAR-FW12
Height: 88m
Diameter: 83m
Running Speed: 15min/circle
Running Power: 37Kw
Loading Capacity: 294 persons
Full Power: 140Kw
Cabin Number: 49
Site: 45m*45m
Hydraulic friction rubber wheel drive
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How Much Does a Ferris Wheel Cost?

It is not easy to give an accurate answer. It is mainly decided by the country you buy the wheel ride from, the ferris wheel manufacturer, the height of the observation wheel, the quality of panoramic wheel, and so on. The cost of the ferris wheel in United States and China has a big difference. The ferris wheel prices in China are relatively lower. However, the product quality of this amusement rides is approximately the similar in China, especially in Beston company. Beston always is closely keeping in step with the world’s advanced techniques. The whole producing process is in our own factory, which can greatly reduce the business cost of middlemen. Besides, we are confident with our products and are never put too much money to advertising our products. Therefore, the ferris wheel cost is relatively lower than other companies. But, do not worry about the product quality. Our mission is to manufacture and provide innovative, safe and HIGH QUALITY amusement rides by using SUPERIOR QUALITY materials and superior advanced technologies as we always do. Quality and safety are our primary goal! If you contact us now, you can buy the BEST QUALITY ferris wheel at the reasonable prices! And your investment can get a higher return in a short time!

how much is a ferris wheel to buy
BAR-FW13 Quality Big Ferris Wheel in Beston Group

Model: BAR-FW13
Height: 88m
Diameter: 83.5m
Running Speed: 18min/circle
Running Power: 45Kw
Loading Capacity: 324 persons
Full Power: 150Kw
Cabin Number: 54
Site: 45m*45m
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buy 102m carnival wheel for sale
BAR-FW18 Top Quality Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston Group

Model: BAR-FW18
Height: 102m
Diameter: 97.06m
Running Speed: 0.22m/s
Running Power: 44Kw
Loading Capacity: 360 persons
Full Power: 140Kw
Cabin Number: 60
Site: 50m*45m
Hydraulic friction rubber wheel drive
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110m giant carnival wheels for sale
BAR-FW19 How Sale 110m Giant Carnival Wheel in Beston Group

Model: BAR-FW19
Machine height: 110m
Wheel diameter: 98m
Cabin Number: 64
Each cabin: 6.per
Area: 60 m × 60m
Speed: 20 min/r
Power Total Power: 37kW
Full Power: 140Kw
Hydraulic friction rubber wheel drive
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120m ferris wheel prices
BAR-FW20 Buy Quality 120m Giant Ferris Wheel from Beston Group

Model: BAR-FW20
Machine height: 120m
Wheel diameter: 107m
Cabin Number: 68
Each cabin: 6.per
Area: 60 m × 60m
Speed: 20 min/r
Power Total Power: 37kW
Full Power: 140Kw
Hydraulic friction rubber wheel drive
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small ferris wheel for sale
BAR-FW9 Best Selling Mini Ferris Wheel Cheap

Model: BAR-FW9
Machine height: 8m
Wheel diameter: 6.5m
Cabin Number: 6
Each cabin: 2.per
Area: 10 m × 8m
Rotating week: 3 minutes
Power Total Power: 6.5kW
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ferris wheel carnival ride
BAR-FW10 Quality Kiddie Ferris Wheel Cheap

Model: BAR-FW10
Machine height: 5m
Wheel diameter: 6m
Cabin Number: 5
Each cabin: 2.per
Area: 6 m × 6m
Rotating week: 3 minutes
Power Total Power: 6.5kW
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ferris wheel manufacturers
BAR-FW11 Hot Sale Double Face Ferris Wheel Cheap

Model: BAR-FW11
Machine height: 6m
Wheel diameter: 7m
Cabin Number: 10
Each cabin: 2.per
Area: 6 m × 6m
Rotating week: 3 minutes
Power Total Power: 4.5kW
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When you want to beautify your park and let your visitors appreciate the beautiful scenery and enjoy the serene life, you can choose Beston ferris wheel to make your visitors relax themselves. It is necessary to purchase the most suitable ferris wheel for your parka. Contact us for the prices and to get detailed information as soon as possible.

Technique Advantages of Beston Ferris Wheels:

1. Ferris wheel is a necessary equipment in outdoor and indoor playground, theme park, square, kindergarten, funfair, building area, etc..
2. Due to the continuous and slow rotation wheel, passengers can hop on or hop off, very safe and convenient
3. Passengers enjoy watching the surrounding scenery, beautiful scenery and landscapes of the earth, relaxed and satisfied.
4. This machine is very popular among the kids,lovers and staff.
5. Excellent after-sales service.

Technical Parameter of Different Ferris Wheels in Beston:

Height Capacity Structure Cabins Each Cabin Capacity
5M 24P Basket-type 6pcs 4
20M 48P Truss-type 12pcs 4
25M 56P Truss-type 14pcs 4
30M 72P Truss-type 18pcs 4
30M 80P Basket-type 20pcs 4
32M 80P Truss-type 20pcs 4
34M 80P Truss-type 20pcs 4
36M 80P Basket-type 20pcs 4
38M 88P Truss-type 22pcs 4
42M 112P Truss-type 28pcs 4
45M 112P Truss-type 28pcs 4
46M 112P Truss-type 28pcs 4
49M 128/136P Truss-type 32/34pcs 4
50M 144P Truss-type 36pcs 4
52M 144P Cablie arms type 36pcs 4
65M 168P Cablie arms type 42pcs 4
65M 216P Truss-type 36pcs 6
72M 192P Truss-type 36pcs 6
88M 288/294P Truss-type 48/49pcs 6
120M 360P Truss-type 60pcs 6

Parameter of Middle-Size Beston Ferris Wheel

Height Cabinet Seater Wheel Diameter Floor Area Power
20M 12 pcs 48 18M 17m*14m 12kw
25M 14 pcs  56 22M 20m*18m 13kw
30M 18 pcs 72 27.5M 23m*21m 15kw
42M 24 pcs 96 38M 31m*28m 20kw
50M 32 pcs 128 49.4M 35m*32m 32kw
65M 36 pcs 144 63M 58m*52m 39kw

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