Ferris Wheel for Sale in Saudi Arabia

Purchasing a ferris wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia is a great investment for anyone who is looking forward to creating a fun and memorable experience for their customers. And many investors in Saudi Arabia choose to buy giant ferris wheel or small ferris wheel for sale in the market for their amusement and theme parks to attract more tourists. Are you looking for some profitable amusement rides to invest in your park business? Please check here to contact Beston now! Beston provides quality ferris wheel rides for sale with different designs, heights and capacities, and there is must one type that can meet your demands.

ferris wheel carnival ride in Saudi Arabia
Compound Hotel Park Project with Observation Wheel

park design with carnival ferris wheel for sale
Park Design with Ferris Wheel in Saudi Arabia

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Why Choose to Invest in Ferris Wheel in Saudi Arabia?

Considering the rapid growing economy and tourism industry in Saudi Arabia, it is a profitable and sustainable business venture to invest in ferris wheel for investors. Here are some reasons why choose to invest in ferris wheel in Saudi Arabia.

  • Growing Tourism Industry

    The Saudi Arabian government has placed a strong emphasis on developing its tourism industry. A Ferris Wheel can be a valuable addition to tourist attractions, especially in major cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, and Mecca, attracting both locals and international visitors.

  • Attractive ROI

    Investing in a Ferris Wheel can offer a high return on investment, as it can generate significant revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, and event rentals.

  • Low operating costs

    Ferris Wheels are relatively low maintenance and require minimal staffing, making them a cost-effective investment compared to other amusement rides.

  • Year-round operation

    Ferris Wheels can operate year-round, with climate-controlled cabins offering comfortable rides in any weather conditions.

  • Unique and memorable attraction

    Ferris Wheels are iconic and visually stunning, making them a memorable and exciting attraction for visitors. A Ferris Wheel can attract a wide range of visitors, from families with young children to thrill-seekers.

  • Corporate and private events

    Ferris Wheels can be a unique and exciting attraction for corporate and private events, such as weddings, parties, and conferences.

  • Boost local economy

    A Ferris Wheel can create job opportunities and generate revenue for the local economy through increased tourism and event rentals.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Ferris Wheels are an environmentally friendly attraction, requiring less energy and generating less waste compared to other attractions.

Choose Suitable Ferris Wheel Rides in Saudi Arabia

If you’re looking to purchase a ferris wheel ride in Saudi Arabia, there are several options available to you in Beston factory! Because of the slow and gentle motion, our ferris wheel rides can be suitable for different age groups. It has a broad appeal and is widely installed in amusement pars, theme parks, city parks, scenic parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, leisure resort and scenic spot, outdoor and indoor playground, square, building areas, so on.

Therefore, investors in Saudi Arabia and also other countries can select the most suitable one from various ferris wheel rides for sale in Beston according to their demands and budgets.

Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale in Saudi Arabia

A giant ferris wheel, also known as a observation wheel, is a large-scale amusement ride that offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. It typically consists of a large wheel with passenger cabins that can rotate around a central axis. The big ferris wheel is often considered a landmark attraction in many cities around the world. Moreover, it is a popular attraction at amusement parks, theme parks, and tourist destinations around the world for investors.

customize giant ferris wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia
20 Meters Customized Ferris Wheel Rides in Saudi Arabia

customized carnival ferris wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia
Customized Ferris Wheel Rides In Saudi Arabia – 30 Meters

carnival ferris wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia
42 Meters Giant Ferris Wheel For Sale in Saudi Arabia

46 meters ferris wheel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia
46 Meters Giant Ferris Wheel in Saudi Arabia

ferris wheel carnival ride in Saudi Arabia
50 Meters Big Ferris Wheel in Saudi Arabia

giant ferris wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia
65 Meters Ferris Wheel in Saudi Arabia

Which type of ferris wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia do you plan to buy?

Small Ferris Wheel for Sale in Saudi Arabia

A small ferris wheel is a classic and popular park rides for kids that is suitable for indoor and outdoor locations, including amusement parks, shopping malls, and outdoor festivals. It is typically smaller in size than the Giant Ferris Wheel, which can bring a fun and exciting experience for younger children. In light of lower operating costs and easy maintenance, kiddie ferris wheel is a low-risk investment with high returns. Additionally, they can attract families and younger children to parks, enhancing the overall visitor experience. In Beston, there are single face and double face ferris wheel for kids for customers.

customized small ferris wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia
Small Ferris Wheel For Sale In Saudi Arabia – 12 Seats

customized double ferris wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia
Double Face Ferris Wheel in Saudi Arabia – 20 Seats

Are you interested in the customized small ferris wheel for kids?

Factors To Consider When Buying A Ferris Wheel In Saudi Arabia

There are several benefits of purchasing a ferris wheel, such as provide a unique and exciting experience for people, generate revenue for businesses, promote tourism, serve as a marketing tool, and promote community involvement. Therefore, when choosing to buy a ferris wheel for park projects in Saudi Arabia, it requires careful consideration for investors, which can ensure you make an informed decision. As a significant investment, there are several essential factors to consider:

  • Size and Capacity: Purchase a suitable one in Beston that fits your needs and landing space.
  • Safety: Beston Ferris Wheel meets all relevant safety regulations and has been inspected and certified.
  • Location: Consider a suitable location to install the ferris wheel, including the terrain, access, and power supply.
  • Purpose: choose a suitable ferris wheel according to the purpose, such as personal use, a business venture, or a public attraction.
  • Configuration: Based on intended use and audience, select ferris wheel configuration, such as lighting, sound systems, and special effects.
  • Reputation of the Manufacturer: Research the manufacturer’s reputation and ask for references from other buyers.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Beston offers online or on-site installation guidance, and training on maintenance.
  • Budgets: purchase price, installation fees, ongoing maintenance costs, power costs, insurance costs, and staffing costs.

Ferris Wheel Knowledge for Investors in Saudi Arabia

Ferris wheel also has other names, such as observation wheel, ferrous wheel, eye wheel, panoramic wheel, gondola wheel, carousel wheel, fairy wheel and so on. As one of the most popular amusement park rides, it has large capacity and lower operating cost, which can generate significant revenue for amusement parks, especially during peak season. As for wise investors, please check here for ferris wheel category or contact us to buy a suitable ferris wheel for your park investment!

ferris wheel seats in Saudi Arabia
Observation Wheel Cabin

 cabins of giant wheel for sale in Saudi Arabia
Ferris Wheel Cabin

  • According to the ferris wheel size or height, we supply giant ferris wheels from 20 meters to 120 meters. And the best selling ferris wheel rides are 20M, 30M, 42M, 46M, 50M and 65M. What’s more, investors can choose ferris wheel for children or adults according to the target audience and the available space. Beston has exported our giant ferris wheel and mini ferris wheel to many countries and areas.
  • As for the structure of ferris wheel rides, Beston ferris wheel can be classified into truss structure, arm spoke structure and full spoke structure. Different ferris wheel structures have their own advantages and if you are interested in and planning to purchase one for your park, feel free to contact us here!
  • According to the connection mode of ferris wheel cabin, there are hanging square cabin and bundled spherical cabin, which can fit for different customers’ preferences.
  • As for the material and size of a ferris wheel cabin, customers can choose from the following categories: 4-person FRP cabin, 4-person Aluminum Alloy Cabin, 6-person Aluminum Alloy Cabin, 8-person Spherical Luxury Cabin, and so on. Contact Beston to buy a ferris wheel with unique design!
  • According to the driving mode, there are motor tire friction driving mode and hydraulic friction driving mode for ferris wheel in Beston factory. As for the hydraulic friction driving uses the hydraulic system to control the speed and direction of the Ferris wheel. So, it is commonly used for larger Ferris wheels because it can handle heavier loads and provides greater control over the ride. On the other hand, the motor tire friction driving mode commonly used for smaller Ferris wheels because it is relatively simple and cost-effective.

Choose Professional Ferris Wheel Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

When you’re looking to add a Ferris wheel to your amusement park or entertainment center in Saudi Arabia, it’s important to choose a professional and reliable manufacturer who can provide you with a high-quality amusement rides that meets your specific needs. Then Beston will be here to help you, and we use high-quality materials and offer competitive pricing!

In addition, Beston has a wealth of experience designing, building, and installing Ferris wheels. Furthermore, customization is available in Beston and we can create a unique ferris wheel that fits your specific needs and requirements. What’s more, Beston is also committed to safety and has a strong track record of building safe and reliable rides. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Other Amusement Rides for Park Projects in Saudi Arabia

Except for profitable ferris wheel, there are many other amusement rides for sale in Saudi Arabia, which can provide excitement and entertainment for visitors. Among these park rides, some are widely welcomed by tourist in Saudi Arabia, for instance carousel rides, mini roller coasters, indoor playground, and so on. Please feel free to contact us to create a park project that is not only enjoyable for visitors but also a successful investment for your business!

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