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Ferris Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

There are various models of ferris wheel for sale in Indonesia from Beston amusement, a leading park rides manufacturer in China. Beston ferris wheel rides with attractive appearance and colorful lights are popular for investors and tourists in Indonesia, which means it can attract more passengers and bring much more profits. As we know, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic state and the 14th-largest country by area. Therefore, with the development of economy and tourism, the amusement industry in Indonesia is now in the leading position and many investors there select to invest in park projects with ferris wheels.

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As for different ferris wheel rides available in our factory (from 20 meters to 120 meters), the ferris wheels of 20M, 30M, 42M, 46M, 50M and 65M are selling well both in Indonesian market and in other countries and areas. What’s more, in order to satisfy our customers’ different requirements, Beston amusement also accepts product customization service, such as theme, festival, color, logo, appearance, lighting, seat, and so on. Please feel free to contact us and tell us your demands in details, we will do everything we can to support your park projects and make you succeed!

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Popular Ferris Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

Generally speaking, ferris wheel is necessary for amusement and theme park project, especially in the large parks. Most investors tend to invest in the ferris wheel rides for their parks when they can afford it. In Beston factory, we have giant wheel for sale and mini ferris wheel for sale. As for the ferris wheel price, it is affected by the equipment height and configuration level. Therefore, investors can choose the suitable ferris wheel according to their budgets, landing situation, passengers’ preference, etc. Contact us to get more product details about various ferris wheel rides for sale in Indonesia from Beston:

Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

giant ferris wheel for sale in Indonesia
65M Amusement Park Ferris Wheel in Indonesia

 46 meters giant observation wheels for sale in Indonesia
46 Meters Giant Ferris Wheel Rides in Indonesia

buy 42 Meters ferris wheel in Indonesia
42 Meters Sky Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

ferris wheel carnival ride in Indonesia
42M Carnival Ferris Wheel Rides in Indonesia

30 meters giant ferris wheel price in Indonesia
30 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

 in Indonesia
20M Ferris Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

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Kiddie Ferris Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

double ferris wheel for sale in Indonesia
Double Face Ferris Wheel Rides in Indonesia

mini ferris wheel for sale in Indonesia
Small Ferris Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

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Customized Ferris Wheel for Sale in Indonesia

Besides, if our customers in Indonesia have special demands, they can tell us in advance and Beston also can meet their different needs. In the past, we have customized the amusement rides for our customers, include the ferris wheels. For example, Beston has customized the shape, material and colors of the ferris wheel cabins for our clients. Under the premise of ensuring the product quality and safety, our design team can try our best to satisfy our customers’ demands! Here are some cases of the customized ferris wheel rides:

customized outdoor ferris wheel
Customized 20 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston

customized 30 meters ferris wheel manufacturers
Customized 30 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston

customized 49m ferris wheel manufacturers
49M Customized Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston

Customized double ferris wheel ride
Customized Double Face Ferris Wheel in Beston

Customized small ferris wheel for sale
Customized Kiddie Ferris Wheel for Sale

customized big wheel fairground ride for sale
104M Customized Giant Wheel in Beston

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The Popularity of Ferris Wheel for Investors in Indonesia

As a classic amusement rides with a long history, ferris wheel rides are commonly seen in amusement parks, theme parks, city parks, rural parks, mountain top parks, and even some indoor parks. And it is well-known that the combination of ferris wheel, carousel rides and roller coaster is important for a park and can attract tourists for the parks. So why it is so popular among investors and tourists? And the followings are some reasons of the popularity of ferris wheel, and you can contact us for more information here!

  • Ferris wheel can be a landmark for a park, a city even a country, such as Ain-Dubai (250 m+) in the UAE, London Eye, etc.
  • High ROI: Giant ferris wheel rides can hold more passengers, and have higher attendance rate, which means fast return and high income for investors.
  • Ferris wheel is suitable for families and tourists on it can rise to higher position and overlook the scenery of the park and the city, which are sweet memories for them.
  • With comfortable seats, and air conditioner in the cabins, passengers can relax and enjoy themselves on ferris wheel, bringing a comfortable experience.
  • The service life of a ferris wheel is 8 years (300 days per year, 8 hours per day). And the motor, tire, and other parts can last more than 3 years without replacement.
  • Aesthetics: gorgeous and beautiful appearance, customized spray-painting for the cabins, beautiful decoration, gorgeous lighting, beautiful music, etc.
  • It is convenient to operate the ferris wheel. Besides, the failure rate is relatively lower, and drive parts are at the bottom, which improves the ease of maintenance.
  • Quality materials can guarantee the product quality and safety. And the pod shaft has two safety devices, and the pod door has a safety lock, which also can ensure the safety of passengers.

Related Park Projects with Beston Ferris Wheel Rides

Beston have built more than 300 park projects in more than 80 countries and areas. And the positive feedback we have received have exceeded eighty percent. And most of these parks have installed the giant ferris wheel and small ferris wheel. Here are some park solutions for our customers in different locations from different countries:

amusement park ferris wheel suppliers
Comprehensive Park Project

amusement park ferris wheel manufacturers
City Park Project

big ferris wheel manufacturer
Amusement Park Project

giant wheel carnival ride
Outdoor Square or Playground

ferris wheel company
Park Project for Building Roof

customized amusement park ferris wheel
Park Project for Farm

Where are you planning to start your park project?

Beston Amusement – Your Reliable Partner to Start Park Project

Beston amusement is a reputable and reliable specialist in manufacturing various amusement park rides, as well as providing different types of park solutions for our customers. After so many years of development and improvement, Beston has occupied a leading position in the entertainment industry. What’s more, we are widely recognized by our quality amusement rides, excellent service and supports, suitable and profitable project solution, guidance on training and project operation, and so on. Here are some advantages why customers choose Beston when buying ferris wheel and starting their park project:

  • Excellent Design Team: 25+ technical engineers; and 90% of the engineers are with 5+ years of designing experience;
  • Complete Certificates: ISO Certificate for QMS, CE Certificate for Ferris Wheel, and so on.
  • Profitable Park Solutions: outdoor park design, indoor fun center design, product customization, lighting projects, etc.
  • Research & Development: Market Research, Design Discussion, Concept Design, Engineering Design, Engineering Prototype, Sample Testing, and Production.
  • Quality Service & Support: Project Layout and Consulting, Customized Solution, Construction Proposal and Planning, Installation and Debugging Guidance, Regular Inspection and Visit, Park Operation and Instruction.
  • Comprehensive Workshops with lean manufacturing process: cutting / welding / machining / assembly trial / sheet metal polishing / fiberglass / painting workshops, Strict Quality Control, etc.
  • Packing & Delivery: standard export packing and professional loading methods can protect the ferris wheel and avoid the damage during the delivery.

Contact Beston to Buy Quality Ferris Wheel in Indonesia

When you are planning to start your new park project, or upgrade the amusement equipment for your parks in Indonesia, Beston will be your ideal selection. You will never regret choosing Beston. Besides, when you decide to purchase ferris wheel rides from our company, you can get more than you expected. And we will be always here to support you and your park projects with Beston ferris wheels, chair swing rides, roller coaster, top spin rides, pirate ship rides, and other park rides, and our aim is to help our client more successful! After cooperation with Beston company, our customer will find that we are a reliable partner for the future business. Do not hesitate to contact us to start your project with ferris wheel to boom your park business!

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