Electric Animal Rides for Sale

Electric animal rides, as a kind of popular kiddie rides with a long history, sells well in Beston group, one of the leading and most professional amusement park equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. It is equipped with the rechargeable battery and has 4 wheels (luminous PU wheel). It can go forward, turn left and right with electric power along with cool music.

top quality plush electric animal scooters in Beston
BAR-PWA Battery Operated Plush Walking Animal Scooters in Beston

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plush walking animal rides
Beston Stuffed Animal Scooters for Malls

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Electronic walking animal ride has some other popular names in different countries and areas, such as motorized animal scooters, stuffed animal rides, battery operated animal rides, plush electric animal scooters, walking animal rides, motorized mall animal rides, coin operated animal rides, animals electric toys, zippy animal rides and so on. There are many choices for kiddie amusement rides for sale.

This is a battery operated kiddie amusement rides which are manufactured with the appearance of the real animals. It can play the cool and beautiful music when it is walking. And the animals are very cute and the games can attracts the attention of both kids and adults! In Beston, there are four sizes of the plush electric animal scooters: small size, medium size, big sizes and super sizes.

Motorized Walking Animal Rides
Beston Electric Animal Rides for Sale

Technical Parameters:

Size: 120*70*90cm
Color: Customized
Motor: 50W
Battery: 24Ah, 40W motor
Music: MP3
Capacity: 150KG

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This electric motorized animal scooter can be popular applied to shopping malls, parties, game centers, fairground rides amusement parks and kid’s indoor and outdoor playground and so on.

Product Models of Beston Stuffed Animal Scooters:

Beston supplies more than 60 models of plush walking animal rides according to the size, color, configuration, appearance and so on for our customers to choose from.in general, it can be composed of animal type and doll type.
1. According to the size, four sizes for customers to choose: small size for one child (100*50*55*80CM), medium size for two kids or one adult (115*50*55*80CM), big size for one kids and one adult (130*60*60*90CM) and super-size for parent and kids (135*60*55/90cm).

motorised animal scooters you can ride for sale
Small Size Plush Electric Animal Scooters in Beston Group

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walking animal size package size Product weight Loading weight Speed
100*50*55*80cm 75*50*70cm 17kg 50kg 50/75m/min
115*60*60*90cm 83*76*60cm 24kg 100kg 75/100m/min
130*60*60*90cm 101*86*62cm 27kg 120kg 75/100m/min

2. According to the animal appearance, Beston Rides plush electric animal scooters can be classified into the following types: panda, bird, dinosaur, elephant, rabbit, tiger, space cat, dog, lion, naughty monkey, Hello kitty, pig, angry bird, fox, pony,mickey mouse, cow, leopard, octopus, Hippo, bear, unicorn, etc. Different animals can designed as different types to meet different customers’ demands. There are many animals amusement rides in Beston Rides. Such as octopus rides and worm roller coaster.
3. According to the configuration, Beston offers the standard type and luxury type. Both the standard and grand types have three sizes.
4. According to the operating system, there are coin operated, non-coin operated, key start or remote control electric walking animal rides for you to choose from.

plush electric animal scooter for sale
Tiger Motorized Stuffed Walking Animal Rides

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Advantages of Beston Plush Animal Electric Scooters:

1. Easy to operate for staff: just press the button and it will move at the walking speed, which is safe and easy to keep up with.
2. It is easy to set up, maintain and repair.
3. Small investment and quick return.
4. The covering coat of the plush animal scooter can be taken off easily for washing and changing to different styles.
5. The head of the stuffed walking animal rides can be taken apart, which is convenient to package, transport.
6. The standard coat size guarantee that it is interchangeable.
7. Beston adopts the computer embroidery, which makes it more lifelike, appealing more kids and adults.
8. With CE, UL, FCC certifications.
9. Many different animal patterns, colors and sizes for option.

riding stuffed animals for sale
Beston Battery Operated Walking Animals Rides for Sale

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Features of Beston Plush Walking Animal Rides:

1. Materials: metal frame and fire-proof plush.
2. CPU coin acceptor: first of all, set a sample of coin or token (the diameter is 21mm~31mm and the thickness is 1.2mm~3mm) in the coin acceptor. The rides will work when it identifies the same     coin or token.
3. Battery: 12v, 20A; it should be charged at least 8hs for the first time. It can work constantly for 4 hours every time when it is charged 8 hours.
4. Main parts: control box, motor, coin acceptor, battery, footboard etc. Each one comes with a changers or 30 coins or tokens.
5. The coin of the family setting is 5 minutes and it can be set as customers’ requirement.
6. It is equipped with the timer and counter, which makes it easy to calculate the money for operators. But it is accumulative and can’t be clear off.
7. Application: shopping mall, park, game center or playground, rent a place; rent for party, meeting, advertising; resale and wholesale as kids toy rides. It can be used in any flat and smooth floor.
8. Music box: can be change. Dozens of songs (SD cards), English, Spanish for choosing from.
9. Decorated by 7-Colored LED Flashing Lights, more attractive.
10. Controller: Standard intelligent controller, which is easy to set up.
11. Control Switch: the handle can control direction and the Pedal will control switch.
12. Walking Speed: adjustable, 75m-110m /minutes.

Name: electric animal rides, motorized animal scooters, stuffed animal rides, battery operated animal rides, plush electric animal scooters, walking animal rides, motorized mall animal rides, coin operated animal rides, animals electric toys, zippy animal rides and so on
Place of origin: Zhengzhou, China
Different sizes are available: 90*50*55/75cm (mini size);


115*60*55/80cm (medium size);

135*60*55/90cm (large size);

135*60*55/90cm (super size)

Material: solid and durable steel frame, soft fire-proof plush
Covering coat can be taken off for washing and changing styles
Product Weight:  20kg (mini size);


23kg (medium size);

27kg (large size);

32kg (super size)

Bearing Capacity: 50kg (mini size, for one children);


100kg (medium size, for two kids or one adult );

120kg (large size, parent can play with children together);

120kg (super size, parent can play with children together)

Coin Counter: can not be cleared till 100000 (non-coin operated is available)
Speed: 50-75meter/minute (mini size);


75-100meter/minute  (medium size);

75-100meter/minute  (large size);

75-100meter/minute   (super size)

(accept customized)

Coin operated: 1-9 coins to play 1-19 minutes
Main spare parts: control box, motor, coin acceptor, battery, footboard etc.
Wheels: stable and durable PU wheels (flashing or no flashing PU wheels is available)
Battery: Durable battery. Chargeable, AC100-250V/12V 1.8A
Charger: 12V/20Ah charger, one charger for one machine
Charging time: Charge 4 to 6 hours for working 6-8 hours continuously
Control switch: Control direction and ON/OFF by handle (Foot switch is available)
Music: in SD cards and music can be changed
Decorated: LED Flashing Lights
Certificate: CE, UL, FCC
Package: Safe package: Carton or wooden. (With the battery, Only can be shipped by sea)
Available place: shopping center, amusement park, supermarket, indoor playground, game center, malls, or any other flat and smooth floor
Minimum age for player: kids over 3 years old and adults
MOQ 1pcs
Terms of payment: Western Union, Money Gram, T/T 30% initial deposit and 70% balance before delivery

Beston has various models of electric walking animal scooter for customers to choose from, which has superior quality, attractive appearance, and competitive price, unique and innovative design. Which kinds do you prefer to? How many do you want to buy? How many models do you manufacture? What’s the parameter of this products? Do you have stuffed animal scooters in stock in factory? How long should it be transported? How about the bearing capacity? How you can run your business? How about the quality and guarantee?
Moreover, Beston Rides provides overall park solution including indoor playground equipment for sale and trampoline park for sale. If you have any doubt about our motorized animal scooter or our other types of amusement park equipment (thrill rides or kiddie rides), welcome to contact us for more details!

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