Eagle Park Project In Nigeria

Our Beston Rides Eagle Park project in Nigeria has successfully concluded, and the park will begin operations in October 2022. In July 2021, we received customer inquiry information on the website. According to the customer’s time plan, the project opened on time. We designed a complete park for the customer based on the customer’s local customs and market. The customer has developed into a long-term cooperative customer and has also made repeat purchases in the future.

Eagle Park Project Introduction

outdoor park design
Eagle Park Design

Needs Communication with Customers

This project is located in Eagle Park, Nigeria, identified as a major leisure destination for residents of the suburb. Taking into account the rising trend of local economic development level, investment focus is placed on small and medium-sized amusement rides for sale to Nigeria. It is worth noting that the park design fully takes into account the potential increase in passenger flow. This is reflected in the design leaving some space for future upgrades. Eagle Park is expected to become a popular destination for suburban residents and visitors alike, providing them with laughter and enjoyable experiences.
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Eagle Park Project Design and Communication

July to November 2021, after communication, we design the park for the customer, including 2D, 3D, and hand-drawn drafts. The design of the park includes a variety of attractive amusement equipment, aiming to provide a rich and colorful entertainment experience. In terms of the selection of amusement facilities, the projects include carousel, teacup ride, self-control airplane ride, samba balloon ride and amusement trains, etc. The facilities are both child-friendly and adult-friendly, providing a variety of entertainment options for visitors of all ages.

Production, Packaging, and Delivery

In June 2022, the project entered a critical stage. All equipment has been produced and packaging and shipment has begun. During the amusement equipment packaging process, we need to ensure that the equipment is stored safely for transportation to its final destination in Nigeria, specifically Eagle Park. In addition, we mark the packaging and containers so that the corresponding equipment can be found faster.
Installation of Amusement Equipments
Installation of Amusement Equipments

Online Guidance for Installation

By August 2022, the equipment will arrive at its destination at Nigeria’s Eagle Park. We provide installation services, and the customer chooses to hire a local installation team to complete the project after comprehensive consideration. To ensure successful installation of the equipment, the Beston Rides installation engineer team provides online video guidance. This online guidance helps local teams follow instructions and ensure the correct assembly and installation of each ride. In addition, the equipment was finally safely installed and debugged.
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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

The project reached a major milestone in October 2022 with the start of operations and grand opening of Eagle Park Nigeria. After more than a month of installation, all equipment was put into trial operation to ensure that each component met the necessary safety and operational standards. This ensures a smooth, safe experience for park visitors.

The grand opening attracted many visitors from the surrounding area. Adults and children alike will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the newly installed amusement rides and facilities. From initial inquiries in July to completion of installation in August, this is an exciting time for visitors to enjoy the park’s entertainment and leisure offerings. Customers and tourists gave relevant feedback during and after the opening. Our amusement equipment was well received locally, and customers subsequently purchased small Ferris wheels and other equipment.

Beston Park Design Solution

Beston Rides provide outdoor park design and indoor playground design, and also offer tailored amusement park experiences. With a focus on customized designs and a diverse range of amusement rides for sale, Beston ensures a comprehensive and appealing environment. We prioritize quality and safety, providing rigorous testing for international standards. Additionally, profit analysis services contribute to the success of client projects. With industry experience and a global reputation, Beston Rides is a reliable partner for creating engaging and profitable amusement parks. Contact us to design your park!
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