Drop Tower Ride For Sale

Ideal Selection for Different Park Projects

Are you looking for a thrilling amusement park ride for your park investment? If so, a drop tower ride for sale in Beston Rides is available for you! As a staple of amusement and theme parks around the world, the free drop tower rides offer an adrenaline-pumping experience that’s hard to beat. Though it is a thrill ride which is relatively high, sky drop ride is built to the highest safety standards, with a sturdy and durable structure that can withstand years of heavy use. Contact us to buy giant drop ride now!

giant drop ride for sale in Beston Rides
Amusement park drop tower for sale

Purchase Drop Tower Ride For Sale

Amusement park drop tower is a popular choice for amusement park. Moreover, it is easy to operate and maintain, making it a great investment for any amusement park or entertainment center. From compact models designed for smaller parks to giant drop tower rides of 53 meters, there’s a drop tower ride out there to fit just about any need or budget. What’ s more, Beston can customize the drop tower thrill rides according to our customers’ demands. Currently, there are various types of free fall rides available for sale in the market:

10 Meter Mini Drop Tower
23 Meter Free Drop Tower
30 Meter Big Drop Ride
65 Meter Giant Drop Ride

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Customized Drop Tower Ride for Sale

10 Meter Mini Drop Tower

10 meter drop tower rides is a small exciting amusement attraction. Customized services can be provided, including lighting, appearance, etc. If you want to choose an exciting amusement park equipment for amusement parks but have a low budget, the 10 meter free-fall rides is a good choice. It is suitable for adult and kids at the same time.
  • Equipment height: 10m
  • Running height: 7.5m
  • Covering Area: 40 m2
  • Lifting Speed: 1.2m/s
  • Dropping Speed: 3m/s
  • Rotating Speed: 7rmp
  • Passengers: 8 persons
  • Running period: 180s
  • Power: 45Kw
  • Voltage: 380/220v 3N+PE 50Hz
  • Estimated Weight: Around 12t

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23 Meters Drop Tower Ride

23 Meter Free Drop Tower

The total height of the free drop ride is 23 meters, the operating height is 19.5 meters, and it can carry 16 passengers per time. This thrill amusement park ride has the characteristics of bright colors and smooth operation. The up and down movement of the equipment is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The seat is locked with a pawl rack. The seat belt is equipped with a safety detection function. The self-locking performance is stable and reliable, making tourists feel safe when riding. Comfortable. A gas-liquid buffer device is installed at the bottom of the main body to ensure reliable safety of the equipment.
  • Equipment height: 23m
  • Operating height: 19.5m
  • Covered area: 81m
  • Lifting speed: ≤1.2m/s
  • Descending speed: ≤4m/s
  • Rotation speed: 7rpm
  • Rotation diameter: 3.7m
  • Number of cabins: 1
  • Total number of passengers: 16 people
  • Running cycle: 180s
  • Drive power: 66kw
  • Installed capacity: no more than 75KW
  • Power supply: 3N+PE 380V/220V 50HZ

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30 Meters Drop Tower Thrill Rides

30 Meter Big Drop Ride

The 30 meter rotating tower is a kind of amusement park rides with the theme of rotating and lifting. The cockpit ascends, descends and moves continuously up and down along the column track, allowing passengers to experience thrills and excitement during the lifting process. If you want to add some extreme carnival rides for your park, 30 meter big drop ride is a good choice! Contact Beston Rides to buy now!

  • Area diameter: 9m
  • (Internal dimensions of hydraulic room: 4.8×4.8m)
  • Total height of equipment: 30m
  • Equipment operating height: 21.2m
  • Running speed: 4.2m/s
  • Lifting speed: 2.1m/s
  • Descending speed: 4m/s
  • Rotation diameter: φ4.1m
  • Capacity: 16 people
  • Equipment rotation speed: 6.1rpm
  • Decorative capacity: 100kw
  • Production cycle: 90 days
  • Installation period: 20 days
  • Design service life of the whole machine: 16 years
  • Theoretical passenger flow: 192 people/hour

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65 Meter Giant Drop Rides For Sale

65 Meter Giant Drop Ride

The 65 meter free fall drop tower rides for sale can be used as a landmark building in the park, attracting many tourists who like excitement. When the lights are on at night, it can create a great effect. The price of this sky drop ride is more expensive than the 10-meter, 15-meter, and 30-meter models, and of course the excitement is doubled. If you want to choose a safe and durable giant drop rides for sale, choose Beston Rides!

  • Installed Power: 330kw
  • Ride Height: 65m
  • Gyration Dia:7m
  • Max Speed: 22. 7m1s(82 km/h)
  • Load: 28 person
  • Area:12.2mx19.5m
  • Theory load:504person/h

Working Videos of Drop Tower Thrill Rides

Drop tower rides are a popular attraction in theme parks and amusement parks around the world. These towering rides lift passengers high into the air and then quickly drop them, creating an adrenaline rush and a thrilling experience. The rush of adrenaline and the feeling of weightlessness can be a truly exhilarating experience, which is preferred by many thrill-seekers. Are you interested in the vertical fall ride? Please check the videos below to learn more here:

30 Meters Spinning Drop Tower Ride for Sale in Beston

23 Meters Drop Tower Ride for Sale

Customized 10M Drop Tower Ride for Sale in Beston Rides

Popular Free Fall Ride – Beston Thrill Rides for Sale

55M Drop Tower Rides – Extreme Thrilling

Professional Drop Tower Rides Manufacturer

When it comes to choosing a professional drop tower rides manufacturer, Beston will be the optimal selection for many investors. With rich manufacturing experience, advanced technology, quality products, customer satisfaction, and excellent services, Beston Rides has won our customers’ trust and is widely recognized by investors around the world. Here are some reasons why Beston is the best choice for the drop tower ride purchase:

Beston Amusement Carousel Rides Welding Technology
Industry-Leading Technology

Beston creates drop tower rides that are leading the industry by utilizing the most advanced technology and innovation available. The rides are equipped with cutting-edge safety features and designed to deliver an exciting experience for riders.

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Excellent Customer Service

Beston boasts a group of committed and knowledgeable customer service representatives who are ready to aid you at every stage of the process. From the initial inquiry to the final installation, we strive to provide the best customer service possible.

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Competitive Pricing

Beston provides affordable prices on all their drop tower rides, while also maintaining high levels of quality and safety. We understand the importance of staying within a budget and will work with you to find a ride that fits your needs and your budget.

amusement park drop tower for sale in Beston
Customizable Designs

Beston attaches great importance to our customers’ demands and knows that every amusement park has unique needs, so we offer customizable service to create a ride that fits different customers’ vision.

vertical fall for sale delivery
Fast Delivery

Beston has an efficient and simplified production process that allows for speedy and effective delivery of your drop tower ride. We acknowledge the urgency of time and strive to deliver your ride as quickly as possible.

sky drop tower customer feedback
International Reputation

Beston has earned a robust global reputation for designing and manufacturing top-quality amusement park rides. We possess an extensive customer base worldwide and provide amusement rides that are both exciting and safe.

Drop Tower Ride Applications

As one of the most thrilling amusement park rides all over the world, some people think that the drop tower ride is even thriller than roller coaster. With its super thrilling characteristic and attractive appearance, free fall tower ride is extremely popular and many investors choose to buy for their park investment, such as large amusement parks, fairgrounds, carnival theme parks, city parks, leisure resorts, scenic spots, and so on.
What’s more, Beston Rides can customize the drop tower ride for sale for indoor project, such as family entertainment centers and shopping malls. If you want to invest in amusement park industry with free drop tower rides to make your park more attractive, Beston Rides supplies various drop tower rides for sale and will satisfy your needs.

Drop Tower Rides For Sale Exporting to Different Countries

It is extremely important to choose a trustworthy manufacturer when buying drop tower rides online. Please click to contact us and check Beston giant drop for sale, you will find Beston Rides is a reliable thrill rides manufacturer and supplier and will never let you down. Choose Beston Rides and choose the best service!

indoor drop tower ride for sale in Yemen
Customized Free Fall Amusement Ride for Indoor Project
Customized Drop Tower Rides Installed In Yemen

After in-depth understanding, the customer wanted to build an indoor amusement center and was interested in purchasing amusement rides for sale in Yemen to increase investment. Finally, we recommended the 10 meter drop tower ride, Carnival Laurie Rides, and Magical Battle Car from our company.

Customer Review

This is a very good result! These features are popular projects with great customer feedback and can bring more fun and return on investment to customers’ indoor play centres.

ROI Analysis of Beston Park Project With Drop Tower

The Return on Investment (ROI) analysis is based on customized drop tower for sale and the whole indoor park. This project is located in a shopping mall with many years of history in the center of the city. We set up exciting go-karts, jumping machines, video games and VR equipment suitable for young groups, as well as haunted houses, bowling and other projects suitable for locals on the central and top floors of the building. , and also modernized the interior decoration style of the overall playground, which also increased the passenger flow attraction of the entire mall. As the data will vary with the actual situations. Therefore, if you want to get more accurate data, please tell us your project details or leave your contact information here, we can help you calculate the results or send you the Calculation table, you can calculate it yourself. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt.

Yemen Indoor Park Analysis With Drop Tower Rides Yemen Indoor Park Analysis With Drop Tower Rides

Project NameYemen Indoor Park Budget AnalysisFee ModelOne-ticket system
Operating CostsTotal Project Investment (RMB)4000000
Overall FinancialsTotal Project Revenue10928571.4
Theoretical Maximum ValuesPeak Maximum Passenger Load (persons/day)8889
Electricity Cost (RMB/kWh)1.5Passenger Analysis
Average Playtime (hours/person)3Total Power Consumption (kW/h)100
Expected Payback Period (months)5.70First-Year Net Income4,968,571
Estimated Operation Lifespan8 yearsSite Details
Number of Employees (persons)15Average Salary (RMB/month)5000
Average Ticket Price (RMB/person)100Facility Details
Weekday Passenger Flow (persons/day)150Average Daily Passenger Flow (persons/day)364
Effective Operational Days/Year300Daily Operational Hours8
Monthly Net Income742,173Annual Net Income8,906,071
Rated Capacity (persons/simultaneous)1250Maximum Capacity (persons/simultaneous)3333.33
Site Area (㎡)5000Site Rent (RMB/month)Self-owned
Advertising Costs (RMB/year)200000Decoration Costs (RMB/year)500000
Maximum Daily Revenue (RMB)888889Revenue Analysis
Salary Expenditure (RMB/year)900000Electricity Expenditure (RMB/year)360000
Total Fixed Costs4500000Total Operating Costs1460000

Why Choose to Invest in Drop Tower Rides?

As a popular amusement park attraction that offers riders a thrilling freefall experience, it is a solid long-term investment to invest in a drop tower ride. It can be a great way to attract more visitors, increase revenue, stand out from competitors, expand your target audience, and provide a thrilling experience that visitors will remember for years to come. Therefore, do not hesitate to grasp this attractive investment opportunity to earn more money.

High Throughput
Drop tower rides can accommodate a large number of riders per hour, which can help to increase the revenue of your park or attraction.

High Investment Return
As a profitable business venture, it can attract many visitors to your park, which can generate significant revenue and recoup your investment quickly.

Low Maintenance
Drop tower rides are typically low maintenance and have a relatively long lifespan, which can help to minimize your operating costs over time.

Easy Installation
Drop tower rides can be installed quickly, which saves investors time and money. Beston Rides could provide installation guidance.

Long Lifespan
With proper maintenance, a drop tower ride can last for many years, providing a good long-term investment.

Year-round Attraction
Drop tower rides can operate year-round, providing consistent revenue throughout the year. Generally speaking, the operating life reaches more than 15 years.

Low Space Requirements
These sky drop rides do not require a lot of space, making them suitable for smaller parks and attractions.

High Visibility
The tall design of drop tower rides makes them highly visible, attracting visitors from a distance. Freefall can serve as playground landmark.

Drop Tower Ride Physics

These rides typically consist of a vertical tower, where passengers are lifted to the top and then dropped rapidly to the bottom, experiencing a brief moment of weightlessness and exhilaration. Furthermore, the physics of drop tower rides for sale are a delicate balance of potential and kinetic energy, gravity, and air resistance. These elements work together to create a thrilling ride that keeps riders coming back for more.

Working Principle
The drop tower ride works on the principles of potential and kinetic energy. When the gondola is raised to the top of the tower, it stores potential energy due to its height above the ground. This potential energy is converted into kinetic energy when the gondola is released, causing it to fall towards the ground at increasing speeds.

Ride Experience
The force of gravity accelerates the gondola as it falls, but air resistance plays a significant role in the physics of the ride. The shape and design of the gondola, as well as the surrounding air, affect the amount of air resistance that the ride experiences. At high speeds, air resistance can cause drag and turbulence that can impact the ride experience.

Ride Physics
The free drop ride’s physics also affect the length and intensity of the ride. Factors such as the height of the tower, the speed of the lift system, and the amount of air resistance all impact how long the ride lasts and how intense the sensation of free-falling feels.

Customized Services
Free falls have specific production specifications. We can generally customize the appearance, color, lighting, etc. However, if the cockpit, structure, height, etc. are changed, it will be specially customized and the cost will be higher. Common heights are 10 meters, 15 meters, 23 meters, 28 meters, 32 meters, 65 meters, etc.

Professional Services in Beston Rides

Beston Rides not only delivers high-quality amusement park rides but also provides exceptional pre-sales, on-sale and after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, when investors choose to buy products from Beston, we can not only receive quality amusement rides, but also more values than you can expect. For this reason, you will never regret to place an order from our company. Here are some examples of Beston services:

Beston professional work team of amusement park rides
Customization Services

Beston Rides provides customization options to satisfy different demands, which will allow customers to choose from a range of designs, colors, and features to fit their specific needs and preferences.

buy theme park rides in your park
Installation Services

Beston will offer the online or on-site installation guidance services to ensure that the ride is correctly installed and safely operational for riders to the highest standards.

Training Services

Training for ride operators and park staff on ride operations, maintenance, and safety procedures, which ensure that they understand how to operate the ride safely and efficiently.

Beston Professional Construction Team
Maintenance Services

This will guarantee the rides are well-maintained and functioning properly, which helps to extend the life of the ride and ensure that riders can enjoy it safely for years to come.

How to find a reliable carnival amusement rides manufacturer
24/7 Customer Support

Beston Rides provides assistance and answering any questions they may have. This ensures that their customers are satisfied with their products and services and can rely on them for any support they need.

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Project Operation Guidance

It is essential for achieving success in the amusement industry. Beston can develop a comprehensive strategy that ensures your project runs smoothly and efficiently, from start to finish.

Tips to Start A Park Project

Are you planning to invest in amusement industry? Beston Rides will be here to help you to start a new park project or upgrade your park business! With various amusement rides and exceptional services, Beston will make your park investment flourish. Here are some tips to start a park project:

Define your target market: Identify the visitors you want to attract to your park, which will help you choose suitable amusement rides and attractions that will be most popular and profitable.

Choose a suitable location: Look for areas with high foot traffic or in areas that are popular with tourists. Also, consider factors such as accessibility and parking options.

Research potential suppliers: choose suppliers with high-quality, safe, and reliable rides and consider factors such as the cost, maintenance requirements, and level of customer support.

Comprehensive park plan: Create a detailed plan that includes all aspects of the park, such as the layout, the types of rides and attractions, amenities, and facilities.

Obtain necessary permits and licenses: it may include permits from local government agencies, insurance coverage, and safety certifications.

Marketing and Promotion: Utilize social media, email marketing, online ads, and other marketing channels to create awareness of your park and the rides and attractions you offer.

FAQ —— Beston Free Fall Tower Ride

What is drop tower ride?
A drop tower ride or free drop ride is a type of amusement ride incorporating a central structure or tower. Drop towers vary in height, passenger capacity, lift type, and brake type according to different manufacturer. The equipment adopts permanent magnet braking. Experience weightlessness initially through free fall, followed by rapid deceleration before a magnetic braking system brings the ride to a halt. The entire experience usually lasts less than a minute.

What is the drop tower ride also called?
“Free fall”, “jumping tower”, “drop tower”, “sky drop tower”, “big drop”, “vertical fall”.

What are the safety devices for drop tower for sale?
Security measures of the free fall drop tower ride include the cockpit belt, safety bars, stroke limiting devices and so on.

How much does free fall tower ride cost?
The cost of a free fall tower ride for sale can vary significantly based on several factors like its height, manufacturer, features, and condition. Generally, prices for new free fall tower rides can range from $50,000 to over $200,000. Additional expenses like installation, transportation, and customization can also influence the overall cost. It’s crucial to consider maintenance, safety regulations, and operational costs when investing in amusement park rides to ensure a safe and profitable venture.

Main structure of drop tower rides for sale?
The main structure consists of electrical system, hydraulic system, mechanical system and lighting system. The mechanical system consists of a cockpit, a sliding frame, a column, a base, a pulley block, a safety lever, etc.

What material is the cockpit made of?
The cockpit is made of fiberglass and has a metal frame bracket, seat belt and safety bar. The cockpit is made of fiberglass and features a metal safety frame, seat belts and safety bars. When passengers are seated and fastened, service personnel can ensure the safety of passengers by checking that safety measures are closed.
What are the safety devices for drop tower for sale?
Security measures of the free fall drop tower ride include the cockpit belt, safety bars, stroke limiting devices and so on.

Other Amusement Rides Available in Beston

Except for drop tower rides, there are various other indoor and outdoor amusement rides for customers to choose from. As for the popular thrill rides, roller coasters, ferris wheel, swing rides, frisbee rides, pirate ship rides, disco rides, top spin rides, and so on. When it comes to kids amusement rides, Beston offers carousel rides, bumper cars, trackless trains, spinning teacup rides, small roller coasters, airplane kiddie rides, etc.

Beston Rides – Quality Thrill Amusement Rides Supplier

Beston Rides not only provides quality amusement attraction, but also conducts overall park design process. If you want to build a amusement park locally or buy amusement fairground rides, Beston can provide you with the most considerate service. Our customers’ success is our success. Feel free to contact us to create a fun and exciting park that will attract visitors from all over.

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