68 Seats Double Decker Carousel Project from Old Customers in Russia

On March 2023, we completed installation of the Russian double-decker carousel in Friendship Park in Baku, Volgograd. We received the inquiry of the customer who would like to buy grand merry go round rides in Russia. Finally, the customer chose to buy the large double decker carousel according to the future development of the park. The customer was very satisfied about the 68 seats double carousel, and repurchased the 360-degree pendulum ride last month.

Cooperation Process – Double Decker Carousel in Russia

After receiving the customer’s inquiry information on the website, we quickly contacted the customer to better understand the customer’s needs for the park merry go round, and then design and give the customer timely feedback. In the end, a cooperative relationship was reached, and the double carousel ride also reached the customer’s expectations.
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Project Introduction

Project Background: After receiving initial customer inquiries in June 2022, our work team engaged in further communication with the client company in Russia, the customer tries to buy amusement park merry-go-round to boom the Friendship Park situated in the heart of Volgograd City.
Customers’ needs: The customer aims to put the largest double-decker carousel in Russia and build it into a landmark building and a well-known attraction so that it could attract more visitors to visit Friendship Park.

Requirements Communication

Background Investigation: On 2022.6, after communication with customer, we make background check of the park including current amusement rides, park size, local culture and so on.
Contract Signing: To make more attractive design of merry go round ride, we communicated with the customer about the relevant design details. Customer was satisfied with the carousel rides. On July 2022, we signed a purchase contract with our customers.
Design Revisions: On August 2022, our designer team made some design changes of double decker carousel for sale to customers’ needs. We change the appearance color of carousel horse ride and also made configuration upgrade plan. After the plan is confirmed, the customer pays the advance payment in August, and the factory starts park merry go round production.
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Transportation & Installation

Transportation: 2022.8-2022.12, we completed production and arrange shipment of the 64 seats double decker carousel ride. During the process, our quality inspectors conduct a series of tests on the products to ensure that the quality of the equipment meets international standards before arranging delivery.
Installation: On March 2023, we completed the double decker carousel equipment installation and opened the park. With its unique design and good image, it has attracted foreign media reports.
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Customer Satisfaction

Media Report: After the successful installation and opening of the double-decker wedding carousel, it attracted local media reports in Russia. With its unique design and novel appearance, it has also brought a lot of popularity to the park.
Customer repurchase: After the installation, the carousel attracted many tourists and increased passenger flow. Customers are very satisfied with our products and services, and want to establish a good relationship with Beston Rides. Based on mutual trust, our customer repurchased the 360-degree pendulum ride last month.
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Carousel Manufacturer

BESTON is the professional merry go round manufacturer in China and has produced and imported various carousel rides all over the world. We have many international certificates and produce various park amusement equipments and children’s amusement rides in line with the international standards.

Beston Comprehensive Park Solution

If you want to buy double decker carousel ride for sale, you could pick Beston Rides! BESTON is the professional amusement park rides manufacturer in China and has successfully conducted many park projects in the world. We provide one-stop park solution and park design for investors who want to own a park. Contact us for free!
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