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Double Decker Carousel

Ideal Selection for Different Park Projects

Double decker carousels in Beston are an ideal selection for many investors who are planning to invest in amusement and theme parks, city parks, leisure resorts, and so on. Meanwhile, the operation of double-decker carousel is stable and smooth, which means it is suitable for most people. In Beston factory, we adopt advanced technology and select the raw material carefully to produce the carousel rides and other amusement rides. Such as Ferris wheel for sale. What’s more, in order to meet the actual needs of different customer venues, we have different specifications and series of double decker carousel for sale. If you want to know more information, you are welcome to communicate with us online.

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Beston Double-decker Carousel Rides for Sale

Buy Double-decker Carousel for Sale in Beston Rides

Double decker carousel ride is a kind of grand amusement park carousel rides which has two levels of handcraft figures. These figures can be painted jumping or standing horses, ocean themed animals, chariots, camel, lion, tiger, dragon, deer, pig, rabbit and so on. And these figures surely can be fairly attractive to draw the crowd, and attract their attentions for investors. This two story merry-go-round carousels can accommodate double passengers compared with the normal grand carousel rides for kids, which means bigger passenger flow and less area covering. Therefore, there will be more space to install other amusement park rides for our customers.

Themed Double Storey Carousels
Classic Decker Carousel Rides
Ocean Double-decker Carousels
Customized Double Decker Merry Go Round
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60 Seats Double Decker Carousel Rides

Themed Double Storey Carousels

As for the themes, we have different themes of double decker carousel rides, such as ocean theme, Lavender theme, etc. As the 2-story carousel rides are selling well around the world, Beston can customize the theme according to customers’ demands or the preference of the local residents, which can conform to the most of the passengers’ tastes. What’s more, as a professional manufacturer in China, we also make our efforts to fuse the kids’ favorite cartoon figures and the popular modern elements together naturally, which is more suitable for the whole family members to have a great fun there. Therefore, double deck carousel rides are an ideal investment for all investors who can afford it and can bring in much more benefits in a short time.

double decker park carousel for sale
68 Seats Double-decker Grand Carousels for Sale

Classic Decker Carousel Rides

As for the classic double deck carousel ride, the widely seen models of carousel fairground rides in Beston are composed of 34 seats, 38 seats, 48 seats, 60 seats and 68 seaters. Besides, we also can customize double decker carousels with a larger capacity to meet our customers’ different requirements. What’s more, the double decker grand carousel rides can hold more passengers in the parks, which is good for investors. What’s more, we have exported these carousel rides to many countries and areas, such as Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. Contact us for more about the client feedback of our two-story carousel rides, which can help you make a decision when purchasing from our company.
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BESTON Ocean theme merry go round for sale

Ocean Double-decker Carousels

Ocean Double-decker Carousels are among the exciting offerings from Beston Rides, designed to provide riders with a thrilling and memorable experience. These carousels feature a unique ocean theme, incorporating colorful marine-inspired decorations and elements to create an immersive and visually stunning attraction. The carousel is adorned with vibrant ocean-themed decorations, including aquatic animals, sea creatures, underwater plants, and nautical motifs. These decorative elements enhance the immersive experience and transport riders to an enchanting underwater world. What’s more, ocean Double-decker Carousels offer a variety of seating options to cater to different preferences and age groups. Riders can choose from traditional horse-shaped seats, whimsical sea creature seats, or other themed seating arrangements, adding to the carousel’s appeal.

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Customized Carousel Rides in Beston Rides

Customized Double Decker Merry Go Round

How to customize your carousel rides? It is important to find a reliable amusement rides manufacturer. Beston Rides is a professional double decker carousel manufacturer. Customizing a double-decker merry-go-round involves steps like consultation, design proposal, feedback, material selection, theming, safety consideration, and production. With Beston Rides, you can create a unique carousel that enhances your park’s appeal. Thus, you could choose seat design, painting design, color design, configuration design and so on. Contact Beston Rides to get double carousel price!

Attractive Double Carousel Rides Display

An attractive double carousel rides display can draw attention and captivate visitors with its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and captivating motion. With Beston Rides, you can showcase a stunning array of double carousel rides featuring diverse themes, vivid LED lighting, and mesmerizing music, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for guests of all ages. Here are some videos of double decker carousel for sale:

Installation Case of a 68-seat Double Decker Carousel in Russia
Double Decker Carousel for Sale – Beston Amusement
Grand Double Decker Carousel for Sale
68 Seater Double Decker Carousel Ride

Material Selection and Production Process

At Beston Rides, our double carousel rides for sale and other amusement attractions are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory, equipped with integrated workshops and a streamlined production process. We prioritize the use of high-quality raw materials and advanced technology to ensure the utmost product quality, passenger safety, and extended service life. Our factory adheres to strict quality control measures throughout the material selection and production process to deliver exceptional amusement rides that exceed customer expectations.

Carousel Ride Raw Material

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Our streamlined supply chain management ensures timely procurement of raw materials and components, minimizing production delays and ensuring smooth operations.

Carousel Motors and Bearings
Quality Assurance Testings

Before leaving the factory, each carousel ride undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing to verify functionality, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Certifications of Beston Amusement
Documentation and Certification

We provide comprehensive documentation and certification for our carousel rides, including inspection reports, test certificates, and compliance documentation, to ensure transparency and regulatory compliance.

Beston Amusement Carousel Rides Welding Technology
Skilled Workforce

Our factory boasts a team of skilled technicians and engineers who are experienced in carousel ride manufacturing, ensuring expertise and attention to detail in every aspect of production.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

At Beston, customer satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering high-quality carousel rides that meet their specific needs and requirements.

customized lighting effect of merry go round rides to buy
After-Sales Support

Our commitment to customer service extends beyond the sale, with dedicated after-sales support to address any inquiries, provide technical assistance, and offer maintenance services to ensure the long-term performance of our carousel rides.

Where Double Carousel Rides Can Be Used?

Passengers on these double decker carousel can go up and down along with the figures amounted atop the floor, which can bring happy and unforgettable memory for tourists. Besides, it is commonly seen in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls, etc. And Beston can manufacture and customize attractive double decker carousel rides with different themes and different capacities in the market. Please FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US if you have any plan to buy this welcomed and quality double-decker carousel rides at competitive prices.

Carousel Rides Exporting to Different Countries and Areas

Beston carousel rides have made mark globally, bringing joy and entertainment to people in various countries. The fact that customers have repurchased these rides multiple times speaks volumes about our quality and appeal. Whether installed in amusement parks, theme parks, or indoor fun centers, these fairground carousel rides seem to have been a hit among investors, yielding significant benefits in recent years.

Advantages of Beston Double Decker Grand Carousels for Sale

Beston factory manufactures various amusement park rides, including the Double Decker Grand Carousel. All production processes are in our factory with integrated workshops, which includes selecting the raw materials, assembling, welding, polishing, painting, test running, inspection etc. With decades of years’ design and production experience, we never stop exploring and improving our products to create a promising future for both our company and our customers. As a leading manufacturer, we not only sell amusement rides, but also deliver happiness to our customers! Here are some reasons why investors choose to buy Beston double decker carousels:


Quality Raw Materials

Beston manufactures this grand carousel rides with superior quality stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), which has the advantages of high quality, corrosion resistance (it means longer service life), safety, and no harm to environment.

Attractive LED Lights and Music

Beston carousel is equipped with vibrant LED lights that create colorful and dazzling lighting to catch the eye of every passerby. Music is necessary for amusement rides to increase fun for passengers and there is a variety of musical options to choose from.

Double Decker Design

Our double-decker carousel rides feature two levels of beautifully crafted carousel animals, allowing for twice the fun and capacity of a traditional carousel. And the figures can be traditional horses, and some other whimsical creatures like dragons and unicorns..

Upper-transmission Design

Our double decker carousels adopt the technology of upper transmission, which is more advanced, more interesting, more smooth and steady, and especially produce less noise.

Smooth and Reliable in Operation

Beston adopts the advanced automatic frequency control to start and stop the carousel rides, which makes it smoother as it is running. Besides, it is safer in case of the sudden power failure and breakdown.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Operators can operate the equipment just according to the carousel rides manual or the simple training of our engineers. Just maintain regularly to make the rides operate for a longer time.

Customization Options

Beston can provide product customization for our customers. According to our customers’ requirements and budget, our technical and design team can customize the capacity, carousel animals, color schemes, and music options, theme, configuration, and other features of carousels.

Wide Application

It is widely seen in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, playgrounds, squares, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, residential quarters and other types of indoor and outdoor venues.

Double Decker Carousel Rides for Indoor Project

Carousel rides, trackless trains, indoor playground equipment, and the amusement equipment for outward training are most popular and the symbol of mall rides. Among so many indoor amusement rides, a double decker carousel ride can be a great addition to an indoor project, such as an amusement park, mall, or entertainment center. Therefore, if you are a businessman or businesswoman who are planning to start a new project, and want to promote your business, please do not hesitate to choose this double decker carousel rides. In addition, there is more space for you to install other rides in your indoor fun centers. Contact Beston here to obtain a project solution to improve your business and succeed in a short time.


Space Efficiency and High Capacity

Double decker carousel rides offer a larger capacity while occupying smaller areas. This is particularly beneficial for indoor projects with limited space, allowing investors to accommodate more passengers and increase throughput, ultimately leading to higher revenue generation.

Attractive Design and Entertainment

Beston double decker carousels are known for their beautiful appearance, featuring splendid LED lights and various spinning seats. This aesthetic appeal, coupled with accompanying music, enhances the overall ambiance of the indoor entertainment venue, attracting more visitors and keeping them engaged.

Convenience for Parents and Families

These carousel rides provide a convenient and enjoyable experience for families visiting malls or indoor entertainment centers. Parents can allow their children to have fun on the carousel while they take a break or attend to other tasks, enhancing the overall customer satisfaction and experience.

Increased Revenue Potential

With larger passenger flow and more consumption, investing in double decker carousel rides can lead to higher revenue generation. The ability to accommodate more riders simultaneously translates to increased ticket sales and spending on complementary services or products within the venue, maximizing the return on investment for investors.

Leading Double Decker Carousel Ride Manufacturer – Beston Rides

As a leading manufacturer of double-decker carousels, Beston amusement is known for the high-quality amusement equipment and exceptional customer service. And the amusement rides including the thrill rides and kiddie amusement rides, theme park rides, carnival rides, fairground rides, mall rides, rides for indoor family entertainment center, and so on. These rides are popular in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, squares, malls, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, etc. Here are some details about Beston:

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Beston Team

We have a team with years of experience in the amusement park industry, such as highly skilled engineers and designers. They are dedicated to creating safe and thrilling rides for our customers, which can bring fun and happiness for investors.

Beston professional work team of amusement park rides

Strict Material Selection

During the construction of the double decker carousels, we choose only the best materials and components, which can ensure that each ride is durable, reliable, and able to withstand heavy use. In addition, our carousels have a long lifespan, reducing maintenance costs for the operator.

Product Customization Service - Double Decker Carousel

Product Customization Service

In order to satisfy different investors’ needs, we can customize the carousel rides and other amusement rides, which allows customers to choose from a variety of themes, colors, and ride elements. So, we create various rides to help our customers stand out in a crowded market.

Exceptional Customer Service

We provide excellent service and supports for our customers: pre-sales, on-sales and after-sales services. Besides, we always stay closely with our customer and clearly know their demands. Therefore, we are able to provide a positive guest experience.

sky drop tower customer feedback

Installation Guidance Service

In order to better serve our customers and support the installation for our customer, we provide online installation guidance as well as on-site installation guidance for our customers. And our experienced engineers will always be ready to help our customers.

Project Operation

Beston also provide training and guidance services on the operation of indoor and outdoor projects for our clients. The project solution includes the park investment, equipment selection, ROI analysis, etc. Feel free to contact us to get profitable project solutions.

Matters to Consider When Buying Double-decker Carousels

As a wise investors, there are some factors they should consider when they are planning to purchase a quality two story carousel rides with competitive price. Firstly, they should choose a carousel ride manufacturer with high reputation, rich production experience, portfolio of previous projects, excellent technical and service teams, and so on. What’s more, they should adhere to all safety standards and regulations, which is fairly important to manufacturers, investors and passengers. Then, during the purchase, here are six factors to consider:

Cost: The cost of purchasing a double decker carousel ride can vary widely depending on the size, capacity, configuration, etc. It’s important to have a clear understanding of your budget and what you can afford before making a purchase. And Beston offers various carousel rides to meet different customers’ demands.
Quality: as we know, The carousel rides quality can impact the customer experience, passengers’ safety and the ride’s longevity. Investors should choose reliable manufacturer with a good reputation to buy quality double decker carousels which are produced with quality materials and advanced technology.
Competition: Consider the level of competition in the area where you plan to operate the ride. And check the amusement rides types in your local city and which type is more popular. Then contact Beston to choose an attractive double-decker carousels which can stand out among so many competitors to earn more profits.
Market Demand: Before purchasing the two story carousel rides, make a survey of the demand for the selected venue and then choose a suitable carousel ride for invesors’ park business. Look at factors such as demographics, tourist attractions, and local events to gauge the potential demand for the ride.
Safety: Safety should always be a top consideration when investing in the amusement industry. Beston carousel rides and other amusement rides are always equipped with multiple safety measures to protect the riders. Besides, check the ride to make sure it can meets all safety standards and regulations, and undergo regular inspections and maintenance.
Maintenance and Operating Costs: it is also important to consider the this factor. Investors had better choose a ride which is easy to maintain and repair, which can reduce the cost of labor, insurance, and utilities. Our double decker carousel rides with unique design are not difficult to maintain and repair for investors, even a novice investor.

FAQ – Beston Double Carousel Ride

Where is the most beautiful double carousel in the world?
Brooklyn, New York
Since 2011, the 1922 carousel has been housed in a glass box designed by architect Jean Nouvel. Wedged on the Brooklyn waterfront between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, the New York City skyline looms up through the glass as the three rows of 48 carved horses and two chariots turn.

double decker merry go round carousel for sale
46-seat Indoor Carousel Rides with Two Story

double decker carnival carousel for sale
38 Seats Double Decker Carousel for Parks

What are the two types of carousels?

Classic carousels indeed feature animal-shaped seats on a rotating platform. They could provide a fun and nostalgic ride experience for visitors of all ages. On the other hand, roundabouts, often found in playgrounds, are simpler in design, lacking a mechanism for rotation and typically not equipped with seats. Both attractions offer enjoyment and entertainment in different ways, catering to various preferences and age groups.

double decker double-decker carousel supplier
46 Seats Double-decker Carousels in Beston

where to buy a carousel
Beston Carousel Light Effect

How much does double decker carousel cost?

On average, a double-decker carousel can range in price from $ 150,000 to $ 300,000. The cost of a double-decker carousel can vary depending on several factors. Such as its size, capacity, features, customization options, and the manufacturer. Generally, double-decker carousels tend to be larger and more complex than single-level carousels, which can affect their pricing.

double decker carousel ride manfuacturer
68 Seats Double Decker Grand Carousel Rides with Attractive Lights in Beston Factory

double-decker carousel rides for sale
Popular Double Decker Luxury Carousel Rides in Beston – 68 Seats

How much does a carousel ride cost?

Carousel ride is a kind of amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. And the seats are horses or cartoon animals mounted on the platform. Riders on the seats can move up and down as it moves, just like riding on a horse. It also can be called carrousel in French, carosello in Italian, galloper, merry go round, jumper, roundabout, horseabout and “flying horses”.

carousel ride for sale
Two Story Carousel Rides with LED Lights

carousels for sale
Carousel Rides Animal

How to choose double decker merry go round?

When choosing a double-decker merry-go-round, define your requirements, research reputable manufacturers, and prioritize quality and safety. Consider factors like seating capacity, theme options, available space, and budget constraints. Evaluate design options, customization possibilities, and after-sales support to ensure a satisfying purchase.

fairground carousel for sale
Beston Double-decker Carousel Details

grand carousel for sale
Carousel Rides Figures

How many seats are in a double carousel?

There are double decker carousel in 36 seats, 38 seats, 48 seats, 68 seats and so on. The double carousel is designed to seat up to 68 persons with an houly capacity of more than 1,000 persons.

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Double Decker Carousel For Sale

double decker carousel ride for sale in Congo
funfair carousel ride for sale

Buy Amusement Park Rides to Start Park Projects

When you’re considering starting a new park project, there are many types of rides and attractions. Based on the target audience and the overall theme for your park, investors can select a variety of amusement attractions for your business from our company. In addition, these rides can appeal to a wide range of visitors and create a memorable experience. Plese do not hesitate to contact us and buy amusement rides here!

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Fairground Design

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Playground Design

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Fairground Carousel Design

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