Double Decker Carousel for Sale

Double decker carousel ride is a kind of grand amusement park carousel rides which has two levels of handcraft figures. These figures can be painted jumping or standing horses, ocean themed animals, chariots, camel, lion, tiger, dragon, deer, pig, rabbit and so on, which surely can be fairly attractive, draw the crowd, and attract their attentions. Passengers on these double decker carousel can go up and down along with the figures amounted atop the floor.

This kind of merry go round carousel with two stories can accommodate double passengers compared with the normal fairground carousel rides for kids, which means bigger passenger flow and less area covering (more space to install other amusement park rides). It is commonly seen in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls, etc.. Please FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US if you have any plan to buy this welcomed and quality double-decker merry go round at competitive price.

quality double decker merry go round for sale
BAR-DC2 Beston 52 Seats Double Decker Carousel Ride Cheap

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Main Types of Double Decker Carousel for Sale in Beston:

Beston manufactures and supplies different types of double decker carousel amusement rides with different themes and different capacities.

merry go round ride for sale
BAR-DC1 Beston Double Decker Amusement Park Carousels
double decker carousel ride manufacturers
BAR-DC1 Beston Double Decker Carousel for Sale
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As for the themes, Beston amusement has different of double decker carousel rides, and ocean theme carousel rides, Lavender double deck carousel rides, and 2-story carousel ride in malls are selling well around the world. And we can customize the theme according to customers’ demand or the preference of the local residents, which can conform to the most of the passengers’ tastes. And what’s more, as a professional carousel ride manufacturer in China, Beston group also makes our efforts to fuse the kids’ favorite cartoon figures and the popular modern elements together naturally, which is more suitable for the whole family members to have a great fun there. Therefore, double deck carousel rides is an ideal investment for all investors who can afford it and can bring in much more benefits in a short time.

As for the capacities of the double deck carousel ride, the widely seen models of carousel carnival rides can hold 32, 36, 48, and 52 passengers. Customized double decker carousels can have a larger capacity to meet our customers’ requirements. Beston produces 32 seats, 36 seats, 48 seats and 52 seaters double decker and has exported them to many country and areas. More than 95% of these customers have given us positive feedback.

quality double decker carousel ride cheap
BAR-DC3 Beston Double Decker Carousel Rides for Sale
ocean themed double deck carousel for sale
BAR-DC6 Ocean Themed Double Decker Carousel for Sale

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Double Decker Amusement Park Rides Price:

Beston Company has our own factory in Xingyang City, Henan Province, China. All amusement park equipment, including this carousel kiddie rides, is manufactured in the factory. We manufactures this family rides during the whole process by ourselves, including selecting the raw materials, assembling, welding, polishing, painting, test running, inspection etc. We strictly control the amusement park equipment costs on the premise of guaranteeing product quality. According to the carousel ride costs in Beston factory, Beston double decker grand carousel rides have a competitive price.

What’s more, Beston has decades of years’ design and production experience and is always in the leading position in the amusement rides industry. We’re never stopping the exploration of improving our technique skills to ensure the quality products at a reasonable price. In this way, both our customers and our company can have a promising future. Therefore, we can realize a win-win and build the long-term business cooperation with more customers. Our company not only aims to promote our own business and make a great profits, but also want to make all our customers around the world can make a greater progress and climb to a new stage. Therefore, we set the carousel price at a reasonable level to make sure most of the customers can afford it and buy the most suitable amusement equipment for their business.

double decker carousel for sale
BAR-DC4 Cheap Double Decker Carousel Rides for Sale

double decker merry go round cost
BAR-DC7 Quality Double Decker Crousel Rides Cheap

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Standard Features of Beston Double Decker Merry Go Round:

  1. Quality raw materials. Beston manufactures this fairground carousel rides with superior quality stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), which has the advantages of high quality, corrosion resistance (it means longer service life), and no harm to environment.
  2. Attractive appearance. Colorful non-fading painting, different carousel figures and unique design make it more attract the attention of most passerby.
  3. The top-driven design. Our double decker carousels adopt the technology upper transmission, more advanced than bottom driven carousel rides. And this design makes the double decker carousel amusement rides more interesting, more balanced, and especially produce less noise.
  4.  Smooth and reliable in operation. Beston adopts the advanced automatic frequency control to start and stop the carousel rides, which makes it smoother as it is running. Besides, it is safer in the sudden power failure and breakdown.
  5. Easy to operate and maintain. Operators can operate the equipment just according to the carousel rides manual or the simple training of our engineers. Just maintain regularly to make it operate for a longer time.
  6. Variable speed drive. Beston make the speed of our carousel rides adjustable, more interesting and suitable for larger age group.
  7. Beston amusement park carousel is equipped with SHINNING LED lights and advanced MP3 player with beautiful music, varying in models and themes (more choices for customers), and produced in exquisite workmanship.
  8. Application: amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, playgrounds, squares, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, residential quarters and other types indoor and outdoor venues.

Double Decker Carousel Rides for Malls:

indoor double decker carousel for sale
BAR-DC5 Hot Sale Double Decker Carousel Rides

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Carousel rides, trackless trains, indoor playground equipment, and the amusement equipment for outward training are most popular and the symbol of mall rides. Among so many kinds of carousel rides, double decker carousel rides is always the top priority for shopping mall owners.

  • Firstly, it occupies smaller areas and hold more passengers. As the limit space of malls, it will be better choice to choose a small or medium sizes amusement park equipment with a larger capacity, such as double decker carousel rides.
  • Second, beautiful appearance and music. Beston double decker carousels always have attractive design and is equipped with splendid LED lights, different types of spinning seats, and so on. All these elements will be a spotlight of the whole malls.
  • Third, it is convenient for parents who is shopping in the malls with their kids. Their kids can have fun on the carousel rides, and their parents can go shopping freely. In this way, shopping mall can get more profits than ever.
  • At last, more benefits. Larger passenger flow means more consumption. More consumption will bring more revenue.

Therefore, if you are a businessman or businesswoman of a shopping mall, and want to promote your business, please do not hesitate to choose this double decker carousel mall. You will be to step forward to a new stage in a short time.

Double Decker Carousel Ride Manufacturer:

Beston amusement manufactures different types of amusement park rides for parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, squares, malls, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, etc.. And the amusement rides including the thrill rides and kiddie and family rides, mechanical rides, theme park rides, carnival rides, fairground rides, mall rides, rides for indoor family entertainment center, and mobile amusement rides.

We have built three overseas warehouses in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Russia. Our amusement park equipment has been exported to more than 100 countries in the world. And we have helped our customers in different countries build more than ten amusement parks and theme parks since 2017. Beston group has our own designers, 3D design department, VR design department and other departments. All departments cooperate with each other to offer the most professional design, the best amusement park equipment and excellent pre-sales and after-sales services.

If you have plan to build your own unique park, most welcomed amusement park equipment (such as double decker carousel rides, swing tower rides, kamikaze rides, bumper cars, amusement trains, giant roller coasters, amusement park ferris wheel, giant pendulum rides, and so on), just send us an email now! Beston amusement, the professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, are ready for help you here!

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