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Disco rides have become more and more popular for tourists in amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds, scenic spots and city parks, etc. With cool appearance, unique design, thrilling experience, safe and comfortable riding experience, Beston disco rides for sale can attract a large amount of tourists and bring much more profits for investors. If you are interested in this ride, please do not hesitate to contact us. Beston will provide you various types of disco ride for sale with excellent quality, a longer service life and competitive price.

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Purchase UFO Disco Rides for Sale in Beston

Disco ride is also called flying UFO ride and magic bowl ride, and it is one of the popular thrill rides which is popular in parks and welcomed by investors. It is mainly composed of a track, frame device, turntable, platform, control and transmission system, etc. And as for the track, there are U-type and W-type in our factory. In order to satisfy customers’ different requirements, we supply different models disco rides for sale in the market. Our flying disco rides can be classified by theme style and number of seats. The following are detailed introduction of Beston UFO disco rides.

Classified By Theme Style
The difference of theme styles mainly lies in the design of the turntable. At the center of the turntable, there usually have two different design, including phoenix and rider on a motorcycle. Moreover, the outlook and design of the two character also have many types. The following are some pictures of our disco rides. If you are interested in, please contact us and buy it now.

Classified By Number of Seats
According to the capacity, our disco thrill rides can be divided into three types: 20 seats, 22 seats and 24 seats. If there are plenty of customers in local place or you want to make a quicker payback, you can choose the 24 seats one, which is beneficial to disperse passenger flow. If you don’t want to invest too much fund, the 20 seats disco rides will be quite suitable for you.

Quality disco fairground rides for sale
Quality 20 Seats UFO Disco Rides for Sale

Purchase 20 seats disco fair ride for sale
20 Seats Disco Carnival Rides for Sale

Buy ufo disco fair ride
22-seat UFO Disco Rides in Beston

flying ufo amusement ride for sale
22 Seats Flying UFO Rides for Sale in Beston

disco carnival ride manufacturer
24 Seats Disco Rides for Sale in Beston

popular disco rides for sale
UFO Disco Carnival Rides in Beston Amusement

purchase ufo disco amusement rides for sale
New W-Type Flying Disco Rides for Sale in Beston

Technical Parameters:
Capacity: 40 Persons
Power: 125KW
Area: 83M*12M
Height: 15.7 Meters
Length: 92 Meters
Speed: 47kw/h
THRC: 800pph
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Which types of disco rides do you prefer for your park projects?

Customized Flying UFO Rides for Sale in Beston

What’s more, Beston is also able to customize the products according to different requirements of our customer. As for product customization, we aim to meeting all your demands and it can completely match your park projects. As for the UFO disco rides, according to our customers’ budget, project theme, landing situation, passengers’ preference, and so on, Beston will customize the theme, color, track length or shape, LED lights, descoration, and so on. Please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your demands in designing the appearance, theme, color, light, logo, etc., Beston will be always here to support you!

20 seats disco ride for sale
Quality UFO Disco Rides for Sale

customized ufo disco amusement rides for sale
Customized Flying UFO Fair Rides for Sale

Do you need a customized UFO disco rides for your investment?

Why Do Investors Choose to Invest in Disco Rides?

As a sliding amusement ride, tourists will sit in a turntable with motorcycle shape seats which are running on the meniscus-shaped track. During operation, the turntable will swing higher and higher along the arc track, and at the same time, it can rotate itself. The whole process makes riders feel like they are travelling in the space on a flying saucer, sometimes rushing into the space, and sometimes sliding to ground. Therefore, it is fairly thrilling and interesting, which is deeply loved by most passengers.

Is it profitable to invest in disco rides? The answer is Yes. With gorgeous appearance, novel experience, and light changes when the flying UFO ride is working, it can be the dazzling landscape in the amusement parks and attract passenger flow for investors, which means more benefits. Therefore, investing in Beston disco ride will be quite profitable. Here are some reasons of the high popularity of the UFO disco rides.

  • High Tourists Experience: with lifelike shape, attractive appearance and colorful lighting, it can attract adequate tourists. Because of the unique design, it can operate stably and passengers can feel comfortable when riding the rides.
  • Multiple Safety Measures: Safety: the disco rides are equipped with backrest pressure bar and safety belt to protect all passengers. In addition, there are self-locking device for the pressure bar, which can further protect the tourists and avoid accidents. So, riders will feel safe and comfortable on the disco rides.
  • High Return on Investment (ROI): disco rides has wide application and are commonly seen in amusement parks, theme parks, leisure parks, resort, scenic spot, and so on. Besides, it is suitable for people of different ages, has high attendance rate and high cost performance. Therefore, investors can get rich return on investment.
  • Large Capacity. In general, the disco rides that are manufactured in Beston factory have 20 seats, 22 seats and 24 seats, which means it can load more passengers at a time and bring quick payback from it. In this way, investors can return to capital and earn profits as soon as possible.
  • High Popularity. Disco amusement ride is a type of thrill rides, which is much favored by teenagers and adults. Moreover, it is not so thrill as roller coasters, swing tower rides and top spin rides. Therefore, more tourists can accept it and are willing too have a try.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost. We adopt high-quality material and advanced technology to produce our disco rides, which greatly improve the quality and prolong the service life. Therefore, the high-quality flying disco ride will help you save maintenance cost as well.
  • Longer Service Life: Beston disco rides are produced with high quality materials and exquisite production process, which are strictly controlled. Besides, with reasonable design, simple maintenance, durable and low failure rate, it will last longer.

Beston UFO Disco Rides – Your Ideal Selection

After comparision with other manufacturer or supplier, investors will find that Beston will be your ideal selection when buying disco rides in the market. When our clients place an order from Beston Amusement, they will not only obtain the high-quality amusement equipment with attractive design and longer lifespan, such as our disco thrill rides with different capacities. Besides, they also can experience the efficient, meticulous and considerate service and supports, which is additional value you will not obtain in the past. Here are some  brief summary for  your reference! Contact us for details and we will never let you down.

National Standard Q235B Steel

Beston purchases the steel from well-known domestic enterprises, which conforms to international quality standard. And each batch has a batch number. It has advantages of high strength, good compression resistance and high structural precision, which can not only guarantee the product quality, but also ensure the passengers’ safety. Moreover, quality steel will also help to save maintenance cost for you in the future.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

The turntable and shell of our disco ride applies FRP, which is not only corrosion resistant and deformation resistant, but also ageing resistant. Moreover, the FRP material is an insulating material, which can protect passengers if there is electric leakage. What’s more, we adopt the standard production process in the FRP production workshop. Therefore, it will prolong the lifespan and ensure the long-term and stable profits.

Attractive Design and Customization

In order to attract more passengers, our company has invested many fund to improve the Beston design and outlook of our disco rides. On the one hand, our design team keeps our equipment always at the forefront of fashion and designed many types of products. On the other hand, our equipment is also equipped with many colorful LED lights with seven colors. In this way, our disco amusement ride will be attractive during the day and night.

Long Lifespan

As mentioned above, we apply high quality raw material, including international standard steel and high-quality fiberglass reinforced plastic. Therefore, the application of high-quality material not only ensures the quality of our equipment, but also prolongs its lifespan.

Quality Seamless Steel Pipe

Beston strictly select the materials and the seamless steel pipe for our disco rides has features of high strength, durable, good toughness and compression resistance, and high structural accuracy. It can also prolong the service life of our disco rides.

Exquisite Painting Technique

The painting (5 coats) for Beston disco rides has features of good adhesion, heat resistance, weather resistance, bright, excellent color retention, environmental protection, etc. And we require experienced workers with certificates when painting, trustworthy.

Cost-effective UFO Disco Rides in Beston

Everyone wants to buy an amusement park rides with the lowest price. However, we should also take quality, outlook design and services into consideration. Therefore, what we should buy is not a cheap disco ride, but is a cost-effective disco thrill ride for your park projects. In that case, you can buy a profitable disco ride with reasonable prices and considerate services. Contact us to get disco rides price now.

Additional Services and Values

You will never regret to purchasing disco rides from Beston factory, we are able to provide you with ex-factory price of various, high-quality and attractive products and valuable services. For example, we will offer project design, profit analysis, equipment selection recommendation and after-sales services to you.

Package and Delivery

Standard export packing and professional loading methods to avoid the damage and protect the goods. Besides, Beston cooperates with professional freight forwarder with many years of cooperation experience, and we can select the most suitable shipment and guarantee the safe, timely and fast delivery.

On-site Installation Guidance

If necessary, we can assign technical engineers to fly to our customers’ country to guide the installation according to customers’ demands. In addition, we will provide installation videos and instruction, installation foundation, equipment drawing, products operation manual, online guidance to support our customers.

Comfortable And Considerate Services

In order to provide our customers with more comfortable purchasing experience, we offer you with various and considerate services and supports. Therefore, you needn’t to worry about the issues during purchasing. We will solve problems for you all the way.

1. Before purchasing, we will offer profit analysis, project design and equipment selection suggestions to you.

2. In addition, we will also offer in-time shipping services, customization services and one-to-one service to you.

3. After purchasing,we will try our best to protect our customers’ interest. For example, we will provide you with one year free warranty, installation guidance service, project operation suggestion and training service, regular return service, etc.

Choose Beston Amusement for Whole Park Solution

Except for the disco rides for different park projects, Beston can also supply many other park rides to satisfy our customers’ different requirements. And there are outdoor amusement rides and indoor soft playground for sale in Beston factory for outdoor parks, indoor parks, or comprehensive parks. Most importantly, we are specialized in providing the whole park solution for our customers. Whenever you have any demand to start a new park project, please feel free to leave your project demand information in detail, such as site condition, budget range, project status, time schedule, and so on. Then Beston will provide you an optimal project solution and help our customers succeed!

  • Beston Amusement is a company with more than 10 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, which will provide you with satisfactory products and services.
  • Beston has our own factory with integrated workshops and manufactures various amusement rides with exquisite workmanship and superior quality, and ex-factory prices.
  • We never stop to introduce newly-designed and attractive rides to the market and have attached great importance to innovation, which ensures to keep up the trends and attract more tourists.
  • Beston Amusement has spread our market worldwide and built many parks in different countries and areas. And we guarantee to provide you with a more comfortable purchasing experience.
  • Beston is a company who always puts customers at first. We value our customers’ demands and can customize amusement rides and project solutions to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Beston company can provide profitable project solution for investors to boom their park business, such as park planning, park design, training and guidance service, project operation, and so on.

Contact Beston to Buy Disco Rides

If you want to buy a disco ride, Beston Amusement will be the right choice for you. Beston Disco rides have a compact design and attractive appearance, which is the most welcomed by investors for their park investment. If you are interested in purchasing one, contact us freely to get more detailed information here. Then you will receive a profitable, attractive and high-quality UFO disco ride with reasonable price and attentive services.

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