Diesel Trackless Train for Leisure Resort in US

In September 2022, a customer from US sent us an inquiry to purchase a trackless train for his leisure resort in a desert in the United States. After communication, he finally ordered the 42 seats diesel trackless train, which is customized according to his demands. Now, Beston has finished the production of the diesel trackless train in our factory and the train is delivered to our customer by sea. After operation for a period of time in the leisure resort, he sent thanks to us to express this satisfaction about the trackless train and our excellent service! Contact us to buy trackless trains and various other amusement rides here!

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42 Seats Diesel Trackless Train For Leisure Resort In US

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Beston Diesel Trackless Trains – Product Customization

It is well-known that Beston can provide suitable project solution and product customization for our customers to start their new park projects or upgrade their parks. And we have assisted our customers build many park projects in different countries and areas.

As for this customer in US, in order to make the trackless train more popular in the leisure resort, our technical team customized the colors and some other details after communication and investigation. After customization, it will be more welcomed for the tourists in the resorts. Here is one of the photos for our customers:

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Beston Diesel Trackless Train – Product Customization

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Inspection of Beston Customized Trackless Train

Beston trackless trains are manufactured with high quality FRP, steel materials, five layers painting and advanced technology in our factory, and quality can be guaranteed. In addition, with unique design and attractive appearance, most tourists in the resort want to have a try and it can bring safe and comfortable experience.

In order to make our customer rest assured, customer can visit our factory or inspect the goods online. We can show you the production of the trackless train or other park rides, and different workshops. Check below to know the product details about the trackless trains:

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Trackless Train Locomotive

trackless train rides carriage
Trackless Train Wagons

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Trackless Train Inspection

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Trackless Train Seats

Want to get more product details of 42 seats diesel trackless trains?

Beston 42 Seats Trackless Train Shipping to US

As for delivery, all amusement equipment must be tested for several days after production. And the test running is composed of no load test, partial load test and full load test, which aims to ensure the amusement rides can work smoothly and safely when it arrives to our customers. After test running, we will arrange the shipment for our customers, and we must pack all parts, and components carefully to avoid it is damaged during delivery. What’s more, Beston promises the safe, quick, and timely delivery to our customers. Contact us to buy a suitable trackless train here!

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Trackless Train Packing

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Beston Trackless Train Delivery

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Diesel Trackless Train Shipment

Other Customized Trackless Trains Available in Beston

Are you planning to a distinctive trackless train for your indoor or outdoor projects? Please check out here and Beston will supply you various trackless trains which are specially customized for our customers. Except for the regular trackless trains with different themes and capacities, we have customized the theme, appearance, colors, logos, size, and so on. For example, as for the theme, there are customization for festival themes, country theme, ect. Therefore, if you have some demands, please feel free to contact and tell us your demands, Beston will provide you a suitable and profitable project solution to boom your park business!

Christmas theme trackless train for sale
Christmas Theme Trackless Train – 16 Seats

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16-seat Trackless Train Customization in Beston

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Tropical Rainforest Theme Trackless Train in Beston

Medium trackless train rides - product customization
27 Seats Electric/Diesel Trackless Trains- Customization

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Christmas Theme Trackless Train – 42 Seats

trackless mall train for sale
Customized Trackless Train – 42 Seats

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