Customized Trackless Train and Grand Carousel Ride in Guyana

Congratulations to our customers in Guyana! The 24-seat top-driven carousel ride has been installed successfully and opened for business in the parks for about two months. The carousel ride works well and customer felt very satisfied with our quality products and excellent services. Please check here to contact us for more details about the carousel ride!

How Did Customer Contact Us?

Our customer is from Trinidad and Tobago, and he owns a park in Guyana which has been in business for many years. He contacted us because he planned to upgrade some equipment, such as the carousel ride and trackless train.

customized electric trackless train from top supplier
Beston Customized Trackless Train in Guyana

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carousel merry go round for sale
Grand Carousel Ride for Sale

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He has purchased some equipment from another supplier in China, but the purchasing experience was not so good. In December 2021, the customer found our website when he was surfing online in 2021. He collected a good deal of information about Beston – a well-known brand in China which is high recognized by customers around the world. He sent us his demands and then the cooperation began.

Final Demands – Customized Trackless Trains and Carousel Ride:

After communication, we and our customer confirmed the final demands: a customized trackless train and the 24 seats top-driven carousel ride.

As for the trackless train, customer has special demands for appearance. So, according to our customer’s demands, we customized the appearance of the trackless train: Guyana Logo. The country theme customization makes the trackless train more popular in Guyana. The below are the photos:

customized trackless train price

customized amusement park train rides for sale

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As for the carousel ride, he chose the top-transmission grand carousel ride, which has an attractive appearance and beautiful music. And it can attract many passengers’ attention in the parks, including the kids and adults. The below is the video of the carousel ride, and it contains the production, test running, delivery, installation and operation. Check the videos for more details.

Product Customization Range in Beston:

Beston is specialized in park solutions, including park design, fun center design, product customization and lighting projects. As for the product customization, Beston has a group of professional designers and can customize the product according to customers’ requirements. Beston can customize the amusement ride in many aspects, such as different themes, colors, appearance and so on. The followings are some main categories Beston can offer for you:

  • Christmas Theme Customization
  • Snow Theme Customization
  • Country Theme Customization
  • Festival Theme Customization
  • Product Logo Customization
  • Product Color Customization
  • Product Appearance Customization
  • Other Product Customization
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Delivery and Installation to Guyana:

  • Delivery Time: in December 2021
  • Delivery Place: Xingyang City, Henan Province, China
  • Installation Cycle: two weeks
  • Installation Completion Time: May 14th, 2022

Customer Reviews – Beston Project in Guyana:

After the operation of the carousel ride for a period of time, our customers in Guyana highly complimented us on the quality and service, and sent us a running video of the carousel ride. Especially compared to the previous purchase experience, he is very satisfied with our company and brand – Beston. And he sent us many videos and photos of the installation and operation of the park rides.

And he especially praised our after sales department because they have participated in the whole process of installation. Thanks to the great support offered by Beston, the two park rides are installed successfully and work well now. What’s more, installation is only one part that our service team can provide. Beston can provide more than they expect, such as consulting, product selecting, profit analysis, park design, delivery, installation, maintenance, park operation and so on.

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Besides, Beston can also supply many other amusement park rides, such as ferris wheel. Roller coaster, carousel ride, pirate ship ride, giant pendulum ride, and so on. And all these thrill rides and kiddie rides are popular in amusement and theme parks, city parks, children’s parks, fairgrounds and carnivals, playgrounds, shopping malls, etc.. If you have any demands about these products or building a park, please do not hesitate to contact Beston here!

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