Customized Drop Tower Rides Installed in Yemen

Here is the latest news about Beston Amusement: a brand-new CUSTOMIZED drop tower ride has been installed in an indoor fun center in Yemen. What’s more, with the assistance of our technical engineers and service team, they have finished the installation and now the drop tower rides are already put into operation. This page will show more details about the case in Yemen for your reference when purchasing amusement rides from Beston! Check to contact us for more information:

customized drop tower ride for sale in Yemen
Customized 10 Meters Drop Tower Rides For Sale in Yemen

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Details of Indoor Project in Yemen

As soon as we received our customers’ inquiry, we respond them quickly and began to communicate about the project details. After communication, we have learned that the project is for an indoor fun center, and they planned to buy some amusement rides to improve their investment. For this reason, we recommended our popular park rides to them, and they finally ordered the 10-meter drop tower ride, Carnival Laurie Rides, and Magical Battle Car from our company.

Customization Service for 10 Meters Drop Tower Ride

In order to fit the indoor space with limited height, Beston customized the drop tower ride in 10 meters according to our customers’ requirements. In addition, we also customize the appearance of drop tower rides which can match the theme of indoor fun center and is more attractive. Moreover, it is designed with the latest safety measures to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability. Contact us to obtain a customized solution for your park projects!

indoor drop tower ride for sale in Yemen
Customized Free Fall Amusement Ride for Indoor Project

drop zone fair ride for sale in Yemen
Customized Drop Tower Attraction in Yemen

Do you need customization services for amusement rides?

Factory Inspection of Beston Drop Tower Ride

In order to win our customers’ trust, we accept factory inspection online or on-site. As for this customer in Yemen, they inspected our drop tower ride online in September 2022 and felt fairly satisfied with the product quality. The photos below show the careful selection of raw materials, exquisite workmanship, and the advanced production process. If you are interested in our thrill rides or kiddie rides, welcome to visit our company and factory!

amusement park ride drop tower ride for sale in Yemen
Free Fall Amusement Park Ride in Factory

drop tower amusement park ride in Yemen
Drop Tower Ride Part

drop zone amusement ride for sale in Yemen
Freefall Drop Tower Ride Steel

 drop zone carnival ridemanufacturer in Yemen
Drop Tower Ride Seats for Yemen

 drop zone ride for sale in Yemen
Support for Drop Zone Fair Rides

Delivery of Drop Tower Rides to Yemen

After production, the delivery was arranged as agreed in the contract to our customers. Before leaving our factory, there is a testing running to guarantee that the drop tower ride can install and work smoothly when it arrived to our customers. The following are the pictures of the customized drop tower ride to Yemen. What’s more, all the goods are checked again before the shipment, to ensure that there is nothing wrong to delay the customer’s plan.

amusement park drop towers ride in Yemen
Drop Tower Ride Delivery to Yemen

drop tower ride manufacturers in Yemen
Shipment of Drop Tower Ride to Yemen

free fall rides in Yemen
Delivery of Drop Tower Ride to Yemen

amusement park drop ride in Yemen
Free Fall Ride Delivery to Yemen

free fall tower amusement rides in Yemen
Drop Tower Ride Delivery to Yemen

freefall drop tower ride in Yemen
Drop Tower Ride Shipment to Yemen

Why Choose to Invest in Drop Tower Rides in Yemen?

Drop tower rides are becoming increasingly popular around the world, attracting thrill-seekers and families alike. Moreover, it can offer a unique and exhilarating experience that encourages repeat business from customers. With flexible design, high capacity, high revenue potential, low maintenance and advanced safety measures, it can be a great choice for amusement parks and other entertainment venues.

Planning to invest in amusement park industry? Looking to add an exciting and attractive park ride to your amusement park or other park business? Consider investing in a drop tower ride for sale in Beston. It can be a great way to attract new customers, generate revenue, and provide an unforgettable experience for tourists!

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