Successful Operation of Customized 40 Seats Trackless Train in USA🚂

Congratulations to the completion of the American Big Trackless Train delivery produced by Beston Rides! We received an inquiry from a customer on our website on July 29, 2022. The customer in USA runs a desert resort and wants to purchase a trackless train ride sale USA as one of the attractions. It is mainly used to transport passengers and take tourists to enjoy the scenery of the resort. In May this year, the customer’s trackless train officially started operation. The customer was very satisfied with our products and services and gave us a feedback video about the resort train.

Timelines of Buying Trackless Train Rides

Time Activities
Jul-22 Customer inquires about trackless train.
Aug-22 Detailed communication, confirmation, and payment.
Aug-22 Technical discussions on design preferences.
Oct-22 Trackless train production completed.
Dec-22 Delivery of the trackless train.
May-23 Official start of trackless train operations.

Inquiry and Demand Understanding

In July 2022, we received a customer inquiry of trackless train sale usa. The customer, who is the owner of a desert resort, expressed the need for a train to be used on hard gravel roads. The client emphasized a particular concern for the slope. Operating various activities at the resort, including desert self-guided tours, mini golf courses, and camping sites, the train was intended as one of the recreational projects. Its primary purpose was to transport passengers and provide them with the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views of the resort.
After understanding the customer’s needs and uses, we make specific product recommendations based on the needs to ensure that we can meet the customer’s needs. Customers express recognition of our professionalism and seriousness at Beston Rides.

Trackless Train Application in Resort in USA
Trackless Train Application in Resort in USA

Requirements Communication and Solution Design

In August of the same year, we engaged in detailed discussions with the customer regarding their specific requirements. This included the addition of wheelchair access, slope requirements, load capacity, battery operating time, and more. The client, being the owner of the resort, took the initiative to contact our cooperating clients to gain insights into our company’s strength, product quality, and the smoothness of our collaboration. Following this, the customer proceeded to pay a prepayment based on the Proforma Invoice (PI).

buy trackless train for sale in USA
Advanced Payment

Additionally, in mid-August, technical discussions took place concerning the exterior design. The customer updated their requirements, expressing a desire for a retro-looking train. They recommended a 40-seater vintage train. After detailed communication on technical parameters and customization requirements, the customer agreed to switch to the 40-seater retro train. Subsequently, we engaged in the design process, producing four versions of exterior paint schemes, ultimately reaching a consensus.

Customized 40 Seats Trackless Train For Sale USA
Customized 40 Seats Trackless Train Sale USA

Production and Delivery

In October 2022, the production of trackless trains was successfully completed. During the production process, we strictly control product quality and safety requirements. After production is completed, careful coordination is carried out with the customer to develop a shipping schedule. To ensure a smooth logistics process, the trackless trains were shipped to the customer’s site in the United States in December. We plan and execute carefully to ensure timely and safe transportation of trains to their destinations.

Train Rides Production in Beston Factory
Train Rides Production in Beston Factory

trackless train rides cost in usa
Buy Trackless Train Rides For Sale

new train rides for sale to usa
Train Rides Debugging Process

How much does trackless train ride cost
Quality Check Process

Customer Feedback in USA

The trackless train was officially launched in May of the following year, and we worked within a tight schedule to ensure that the customer’s schedule was met and the equipment was put into operation on time. Customers are very satisfied with our overall service. We have many cases of amusement equipment in the United States, especially trackless trains and indoor playgrounds.

Customer Website Feedbacks
Customer Website Feedbacks

Choose Reliable Trackless Train Manufacturer and Park Designer

Are you in search of a reliable trackless train manufacturer and park designer? Look no further! Beston Rides, as a professional kiddie amusement rides manufacturer, takes immense pride in not only delivering high-quality products but also providing expertise in appearance and comprehensive park project design. Whether you are planning to purchase a new trackless train or embarking on a business venture involving amusement rides, Beston Rides welcomes you to explore a seamless and exciting partnership. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your amusement offerings stand out, providing an unforgettable experience for your visitors.
Moreover, our services go beyond manufacturing trackless trains. We specialize in overall park design and equipment sales. By collaborating with Beston Rides, you can benefit from our ability to create reasonable and effective plans for your farms and resorts, ensuring not only the enjoyment of your visitors but also maximizing your profits. Choose Beston Rides for a partnership that goes beyond delivering rides – it’s about creating exceptional experiences and successful ventures for your amusement park, farm, or resort. Contact us today to start your journey towards a thriving and captivating entertainment destination.

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